Beauty salon to warts outcry over hospital several times lawyer: service is a violation

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& other; JianYing beauty private clubs & throughout; Remove 795 star warts charge 67000 yuan

beauty salon to warts outcry over hospital several times

lives in fengtai Lin ms (a pseudonym) reported to the Beijing youth daily press, has her & other; JianYing beauty private clubs & throughout; , in addition to the paid 67000 yuan for 795 flat warts and filamentous warts, then go to the hospital, in the case of out-of-pocket costs only 600 yuan.

north green news reporter investigating several cosmetic hospitals and common beauty salon, these institutions will remove the filamentous warts are available, and the price difference, from 86 yuan to 238 yuan, while in normal hospital dermatologist to wart surgery, only 6 yuan each at one’s own expenses.

in addition to the price confusion, north green news reporter survey also found that some ordinary life lack of qualifications of practicing medicine cosmetology organization & other Crossover & throughout; Provide medical hairdressing service content, already constitute a violation.

illegal behavior is difficult to identify, in violation of low cost and high cost of consumer rights, rights of factor, to let that no qualification of non-medical beauty salon brazenly illegal provide medical beauty services.


remove 795 warts cost 67000 yuan

Lin told the newspaper reporter, she often in & other; JianYing beauty private clubs & throughout; Do beauty. A few days ago, she came to the shop to do as usual care, a man named & other; Small shavings & throughout; Female technician for its services. In the process of care, and other Small shavings & throughout; Lin found the neck with a few small grains, & other; She said at the time, this is a filamentous warts and flat wart, is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), can lead to cervical cancer, said the child’s clothes can’t wash with my. I was out, let her to help me to point out. Throughout the &;

Lin memories, & other; Small shavings & throughout; Got a call & other; Decomposition apparatus & throughout; Beauty instrument, began to Lin to remove her flat warts and filamentous warts. & other; Like a small needle pointed pen, point at the root of the wart, soon. She was still looking for a man to help me, neck and body of a total of 795, it took about two hours or so. Throughout the &; Lin said that the whole process & other; Small shavings & throughout; Also did not give their disinfection, point out a with dry cotton swab to wipe.

after the removal, & other; Small shavings & throughout; Called Lin a discount, the final price is 67000 yuan. Lin will cost three times respectively to small bourgeois individual account and the JianYing beauty private clubs WeChat account. & other; Small shavings & throughout; Tell Lin, the big star is not removed, you can do it again.

although most have been removed, but Lin still not trust, the next afternoon went to the Chinese people’s liberation army general hospital dermatology clinics. According to the present in the outpatient records Lin, history shows for & other; Systemic multiple papules, millet grain size have laser treatment & throughout; , the diagnosis of filamentous warts and flat warts. & other; The doctor said the virus is very common, 80% of women are infected, poor immunity when the President, need not too seriously. The warts are not malignant and me, will not cause cancer, point… it doesn’t matter. Throughout the &; Disposal methods of column on medical records, doctors prescribe the horse moder dispersible tablet, used to enhance immunity and health did not go, only spent 614 yuan Lin.

one plastic hairdressing hospital SanLiHe east road, remove a wart 100 yuan


single star beauty salon to wart charges 86 yuan to 238 yuan

according to Lin, north green news reporter to the identity of the customer to fengtai horse home fort west road no. 15 times building, 19th floor the sails. In the corridor to the corner, a small door on the wall next to a glass plate, bearing & other; JianYing beauty private clubs & throughout; Logo. In-store decorate a style with the ordinary beauty salon, there are five or six preparation, placed several beauty bed. North green news reporter went in, after a woman behind the desk staff warmly greets, ask what kind of service.

north green newspaper reporter to generation friend consulting, ask the staff to remove filamentous warts service and price, then, she and a name in the mobile phone micro letter labeling for & other; Small shavings & throughout; Contact the technician.

in the process of two people, north green press on the table found a single service, read & other; Beijing’s first professional to wart body & throughout; , here is the store provide beauty services, including hair removal, facial care, remove age spots, remove blood nevus, etc.

the staff from their own circle of friends also dug out a few pictures of patients show north green newspaper reporters. & other; Long this stuff is lymphatic drainage system is bad, may also be related to air pollution, if cut will spread, the whole face is, affect beautiful. Throughout the &; The staff has been trying to persuade north green press let friends to the store to remove filamentous warts, less than two minutes, her youth newspaper reporters tell north & other; Small shavings & throughout; , get rid of single filaments warts needs 100 yuan.

north green newspaper reporters found a same chan, with filamentous warts on her neck, trunk is about 21 filamentous warts, after taking pictures, north green newspaper reporter asked several beauty institutions removal service and charge of the filamentous warts.

north green news reporter on a website linked to a ChaoYangMenWai street in cosmetic surgery hospital web site can see the hospital information such as the business license. North green press will chan filamentous warts photos had been sent to the hospital a WeChat called & other; Thank the doctor & throughout; The consultant, & other; Thank the doctor & throughout; Said, remove the 21st filamentous warts in about 3000 to 5000 yuan, the price of using laser purify. So calculate down, the price of a single star in the 142-238 yuan between.

another cosmetic surgery hospital in SanLiHe east road, north green news reporter also send photo of Ms. Chen to the hospital consultants. The consultant said, the lowest price is 100 yuan to wart, and painless to remove with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) technology, 21 after about 20 minutes to remove, after the discount price is 1800 yuan, an average of 86 yuan each. If the quantity is more, according to the site to collect fees, the price of every part is in 6800 yuan to 9800 yuan between, the price of the specific requires patients to the hospital in detail.

each hospital at his own expense to wart just 6 yuan

on September 22, north green news reporter accompanied by xuanwu hospital dermatology clinic, Ms. Chen came to the capital medical university. A female doctor with a magnifying glass observation of filamentous warts chan, neck and body, said it’s just ordinary filamentous warts, commonly known as & other; Little monkey & throughout; , is lurking in the skin surface of a virus, need not worry too much, will not cause cancer, also won’t cause cervical cancer, can remove the points in time, and told Ms. Chen immunity more at ordinary times.

the doctor said that one of the most 20 more. Later, the doctor gave ms Chen dermatology microwave treatment, frozen two events, and remove the reimbursement of RMB 10 the registration fee and costs only 120 yuan, an average of only 6 yuan each. From the hospital, clinic, capture expends, remove, it took only 40 minutes.


lawyer: beauty institutions providing medical beauty services belong to the illegal

in the enterprise credit information online in Beijing, north green press queries the & other; JianYing beauty private clubs & throughout; The industrial and commercial registration of basic information, its full name is Beijing right gates JianYing beauty co., LTD., the business scope for & other; Beauty (non-medical beauty) limited & throughout; . In 2004, according to commerce ministry make no. 19 “interim measures for the hairdressing industry management”, among them, the term “beauty is refers to the use of technology, instrument equipment and with the help of the makeup, beauty skin care products, provide consumers with the human body surface is traumatic, non-invasive skin clean, skin care, makeup and other services of business behavior.

the beauty of the service content and medical hairdressing is put in bigger difference. In 2009, according to the general office of the ministry of health, the printing of the catalog of medical hairdressing project classification management regulations, cosmetic dermatologist in invasive treatment program of the project, physical therapy (high frequency electric therapy, electric bright, etc.), laser and other light (electromagnetic waves) therapy methods belong to the scope of medical hairdressing. Which also make clear a regulation, & other; Laser treatment: including anti-wrinkle, eliminate skin flabby, hair removal, grinding, go scar, tattoo and tattoo eyeline & hellip; & hellip; Treatment of skin increased throughout biological &; The content such as also belong to the category of medical hairdressing.

this, Beijing arbuthnot Ren Wei lawyer law firm, said & other; JianYing beauty private clubs & throughout; Business scope is limited to the medical hairdressing, providing medical beauty services have violations. This kind of situation is common, many current beauty salon is to drill a loophole in the law, illegal beyond services using a loophole in the system.

& other; Relative to normal hospital, when the common beauty salon offer invasive treatment, health conditions and operation process cannot be compared to the hospital, operators also lack the corresponding qualifications, rarely has a record of operation, risk disclosure, rarely to sign the contract, invoice, consumers without evidence, one thousand problems, human rights will be difficult. Together with the late rights cost is high, many consumers choose to go away. The illegal cost is low, also prompted some beauty salon standing on red line violations. Throughout the &; Ren Wei said.

to the problem of beauty institutions charge Ren Wei said that beauty institutions prices vary, although beauty institutions have the independent pricing power to its own service, but the lack of unified standards and strict regulation, make a lot of beauty parlour unscrupulously wild speculations, damage the interests of consumers.


filamentous wart is a common virus should be in the hospital for removing

about the cause of filamentous warts, said one industry expert of department of gynaecology, filamentous wart commonly known as & other; Little monkey & throughout; , for a single filamentous bulge, anodyne, is caused by HPV infection is a common virus. Generally happens in middle-aged and old people and women over the age of 30, it’s easy to have a low immunity. But most people for HPV6 and HPV11, benign. Although there are certain infectious, but will not cause cervical cancer, but may affect the appearance, you can remove it by physical method. Some beauty salons, make use of the characteristics of consumers lack of medical knowledge, exaggerated, break the consumer psychological line of defense, for consumers to pay to accept the service.

on the market is filled with all kinds of all kinds of removing filamentous warts, flat warts project, some with a laser, some with dot mole pen, all kinds of minimally invasive treatment technologies such as if disinfection is not strict there will be a risk of infection. To this, the experts advise patients, should choose to normal hospital, also can make HPV screening to the corresponding institutions.

this version text and photo/our reporter Jiang Rejing

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