Behind the kindergarten problem, is the plight of teachers are unanswered

kindergarten teacher as the children in the life the first teacher in the true sense, the education quality is directly related to children’s growth and behind each family happiness. At the same time, as a foundation for the cause of education link, the overall level of preschool education industry is also about the development of the society. Preschool teacher industry condition directly affects the quality of early childhood education, teachers in our country faces three big problems worthy of attention.

shortage, gap still to be fill

in 2016, the national center for health development planning commission entrusted China population and development research in 10 cities across the country are infants and young children under the age of 3 nursery service carried out special investigation. Results show that the family has a child but I don’t intend to have two children of women, with 60.7% of people are considering the child unattended; Nearly a third of the job to take care of the children full-time mother was forced to interrupt. And with the second child policy to promote comprehensive and the general improvement of living standards, parenting concept, people’s quality and quantity of childcare double expectation are also rising.

but the reality is that the care of infants and young children in all kinds of nursery institution of China rate is low, especially compared with some developed countries, the gap is still very obvious. Concerned expert points out, is now nearly 80% of infants and young children with grandparents in daycare, and would much rather have your children to professional nursery institution.

in 2013 issued by the ministry of education of the kindergarten teachers equipped with standard (provisional), a full-time kindergarten teachers and the proportion of children of 1:5 to 1:7. However, according to data from 2016 kindergarten teachers in our country of 3.818 million people, about 1:12 student-faculty ratios, to achieve the purpose of the 1:7, new preschool education staff 2.488 million people, China’s kindergarten teachers equipped with standard is still far away from the requirement.

from kindergarten teachers in various areas equipped with situation in our country, almost two-thirds of the kindergarten student-faculty ratios did not reach & other; Equipped with standard & throughout; Request, but the situation is still better than in eastern Midwest. DetailPic


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