Bei and pharmaceutical two product compliance was fined about 150000 yuan


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Beijing commercial daily news (reporter Qian Yu intern reporter Yao Qian) on February 28th, bei and pharmaceutical industry, according to the announcement the company issued by the food and drug administration recently received wuhan” administrative penalty “, because the two products is not compliance, wuhan food drug administration of fines.

announcement, according to Mr And pharmaceutical production and sales of the batch number 20170305 and 20170306 respectively in the young child to cough and gasp the spirit pellet, the batch number of 20160909 noon tea particles on the load difference project does not meet the prescribed standards, violated the pharmaceutical administration law of the People’s Republic of China article 49 (1), (6) in the third paragraph of rule. According to the relevant laws and regulations, wuhan food drug administration confiscate the illegal income of more than 70000 yuan, fines of more than 70000 yuan, the above FaMeiKuan totaling about 150000 yuan.

for the product is not the cause of the compliance, Mr Pharmaceutical said, after receipt of the decision on administrative punishment, the company immediately convened by our quality control department to find problems, after check this batch of products as a result of absorption of moisture in the process of storage charge is on the high side.

it is understood that this is not the first time that Mr Pharmaceutical refs in violation of the pharmaceutical administration law of the People’s Republic of China.

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