Beijing bus near “happy,” said to “anti-wrinkle thin face” for cancer, but not the cure of his “bald”…

& other; Can cure cancer, prolong life, thin face, can go to knit & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Cure-all & other; Offering & throughout; Near Beijing bus?

a netizen has, in Beijing on March 3, 34 bus, a body rich uncle claim & other; Offering & throughout; 50 years, claiming that qigong & ndash; & ndash; & other; (I) specializes in treatment of advanced cancer, early I died. Throughout the &;

reported net friend tells a reporter, the & other; Offering & throughout; Claim & other; Was he once a year, can live to 4000 – year – old & throughout; .

when sitting & other; Offering & throughout; Opposite of a yellow coat woman who have cervical spondylosis, she listened to the & other; Offering & throughout; To boast, immediately took off his down jacket, please & other; Offering & throughout; Clap for yourself.

video capture

on the side of the male passenger interjected, & other; Both of which I’ll & throughout; , & other; Offering & throughout; Immediately answer back: & other; Can you cure? You don’t spray! This copy, I’m 50 years qigong oh! Throughout the &; He said, pointing to ms yellow dress of cervical vertebra of male passengers: & other; You are a dozen of this place has been broken off. Throughout the &;

video capture

then, & other; Offering & throughout; Began his governance (biao) therapy (yan).

he absorbed with sufficient strength, in the yellow dress ms cervical fierce clap: & other; One, two, three & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Pa, pa, pa & hellip; & hellip;

video capture

after fierce clap under 18 & other; Offering & throughout; Only after stopping, the yellow dress blurt out: ms & other; Oh my god & throughout; .

& other; Offering & throughout; Ask, & other; Is it hot? Throughout the &; Yellow dress lady replied, & other; A warm feel. Throughout the &;

& other; Offering & throughout; Tell passengers, he beat a fee is 3000 yuan, but he did not charge at the scene.

small strategy of video photographer told Beijing time, the voice of the flap is particularly big, the whole car can hear you.

& other; The old man (& lsquo; Offering & rsquo;) Well, is a woman for him. Then he asked the old man, do you have cervical spondylosis, can help you to cure it. The woman said, let her beside began to beat. Throughout the &;

then, & other; Offering & throughout; Took out his certificates, and began to flap for the second woman, and then began to send business CARDS in the car.

video capture

video photographer small policy report, when & other; Everyone to tube he card, anyway, I don’t know there was a childcare. Even a fool to security card (administrator) of flight. Throughout the &;

video capture

see their popular, & other; Offering & throughout; To drive. Qigong, he claimed to have 50 years as long as he beat once a year, can live to 4000 years old, and even treatment of advanced cancer and dementia.

video capture

& other; (want to treat these) as long as let him & lsquo; Beat & rsquo; , medicine wine, every 13000 yuan & throughout; , video photographer tells a reporter, & other; (he said) he can thin thin face, wrinkles can also be in addition to, is omnipotent. Throughout the &;

& other; When the car sit are almost in the elderly. Throughout the &; Most let video photographer small policy in distress situation, many of the bus passengers had seemed to believe the & other Offering & throughout; , have said & other; How so god & throughout; , & other Master in civil & throughout; .

~ netizens said & other; Is the right throughout the &; ~

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