Beijing chaoyang district education commission staff respond to infants suspected by needle: 3 involved teacher suspended

according to the number of red, yellow, blue (xintiandi garden) parents, children legs, butt, axillary in eye of a needle.

@ Beijing youth daily, the official weibo on November 23, that day afternoon, the chaoyang district education commission a staff responded that the surveillance video in the classroom has been transferred by the police, temporarily suspended three involved in the class teachers, other teachers to replace.

(on November 22) last night, more than ten parents reflect, Beijing chaoyang district red, yellow, blue, kindergarten GuanZhuang (xintiandi garden) international small class two children by the teacher with a needle, feed composition of unknown white tablets, and provide the picture of the kids more eye of a needle. It is understood that at present, the chaoyang police has involved in the investigation.

after the parents say, want to see denied surveillance video in the classroom.

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