Beijing children’s hospital ErYanSuo “lead” 18 will share pediatric hospital resources

on September 18, the Beijing children’s hospital, an endless stream of parents children to go to a doctor. Figure/visual China

children’s hospital & other; Lead & throughout; , promote the development of 16 big hospital of pediatrics; City hospital will be built the critical children pre-hospital hospital first aid network

for the convenience of children for medical treatment, improve the level of more large hospital pediatric medical, yesterday, Beijing pediatric discipline coordinated development center was established. By the Beijing children’s hospital, children’s hospital affiliated to the capital institute of pediatrics, lead, joint 16 pediatric hospital of Beijing city, by establishing the critical treatment network, experts led to cultivate talents, software intelligent methods such as support, sharing quality resources pediatrics.

equal hope in the next five years to realize son of internal

children go to a doctor is difficult, the difficulties faced by many parents. Children, as well as specialized subject hospital but & other; Not enough & throughout; That one is hard to find; Has opened a pediatric specialist hospital of pediatrics, but solvable conditions is limited, and the medical service level is uneven, it is hard to trust. Pediatric shortage and uneven distribution of medical resources, makes it difficult for children go to a doctor.

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Beijing hospital authority that relying on the existing Beijing children’s hospital & other; National children’s medical center & throughout; , & other The respiratory system disease throughout the national center for clinical medical research &; , & other Beijing children’s hospital group & throughout; Such as the foundation, combination of children’s hospital affiliated to the capital institute of pediatrics, and 16 pediatric hospital of Beijing city, Beijing, the Beijing hospital authority pediatric discipline coordinated development center, achieved the integration of medicine, teaching and research, with the collaboration.

the children’s hospital dean NiXin introduction, development center after startup, high quality resources will and members of the pediatric hospital hospital linkage, enhance the level of pediatric hospital services. In the future, the members of the children at home can enjoy the high quality of pediatric hospital services, more convenient. Members are limited by equipment and so on reasons, the specificity of the hospital to check, the hospital will send samples to conditional hospital, let the patient less running errands.

NiXin, said after the construction of the center, general hospital medical first will get the development, and hopes to achieve equal son of internal within five years. Later, the conditional hospital surgical intensive development.

to ensure that every critically ill neonates receive timely treatment

the reporter understands, the center will build specialist children’s clinical business collaboration platform, relying on information technology such as remote medical service, realize the referral, consultation, as well as the combination of inside and outside hospital health management and other business management process.

in particular, to solve the problem of Beijing children first aid network is not sound, pre-hospital treatment ability, strong ability in hospital treatment and pre-hospital nosocomial situation, poor coordination center will build a Beijing hospital children critical patients in pre-hospital first aid network, implement in pre-hospital emergency information exchange and effective cohesion, and establish the city hospital children’s treatment and transport the technical specification of critical patients, improve the success rate of rescue.

in addition, will also set up critical neonatal transport platform for treatment, to explore a Beijing hospital treatment critical neonatal transport network operation mode, promote the process is simple, practical and effective diagnosis and treatment technology, based on city hospital, establish of Beijing critical neonatal transport treatment technology specification and referral process, improve the success rate of the transshipment treatment in the future to ensure any a midwife institutions had been born in Beijing in newborns, when in need can receive timely treatment, reduce the neonatal mortality.

to members of the hospital of pediatrics are used to improving medical quality management, the existing Beijing pediatric quality control platform is also the upgrade quality control center, established from the children go to a doctor to the departure from the hospital, including outpatient service medical treatment, medical ward and part of the courtyard outside the medical activities of the entire quality control process and the whole quality management system, strengthen the related control system of medical treatment, inside the center to promote quality control standards.

s ask

1 different categories hospital how dislocation development?

the joined members of the center hospital, both the children’s hospital, the first son what kind of children’s hospital, general hospital, hospital. Three kinds of different hospital, have their own development goals.

Beijing children’s hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, and the capital institute of pediatrics as children’s hospital, will focus on the construction of mysterious illness diagnosis and treatment center, high-level talents training center, high level scientific research innovation, major transformation and application of new technology center four the integration of collaborative innovation, driven mainly by municipal hospital clinical to clinical scientific research and transformation.

the general hospital of pediatrics, establish a difficult critically ill disease consultation green channel, forming a city pediatric hospital seeing a doctor leading examining distribution mechanism. For their respective advantages professional direction, from the clinical diagnosis and treatment technology, scientific research, teaching to cultivate cultivate a group of professional technical backbone, in the field of pediatric advantage majors have certain academic level talent echelon formation, construction and other professional basic forming, improve the proportion of senior professional titles, increase the number of doctor, master tutor, strive for each hospital pediatric discipline leaders 1-2 people, the specialized professional technical backbone 2-3 people, graduate student 3-5 people echelon team, to form a new subject areas of growth.

in addition, formed in Beijing stomatological hospital of children’s oral, Beijing huilongguan hospital and Beijing anding hospital children’s mental health, Beijing ditan hospital, Beijing youan hospital and children’s infectious diseases as the professional guide, realize specialized subject characteristic disease consultation connectivity, strive for the first phase of construction project in the center of the collaborative at least 1-2 tackle key item in this professional cutting-edge technology projects, build a stable characteristic specialized professional team, leading the city pediatric hospital characteristics professional diagnosis and treatment with cutting-edge research.

2 pediatric talent shortage problem how to solve?

center after the establishment, the pediatric specialist training personnel more than 2000 people, using the advantage of the capital university of medical sciences academy of pediatrics, the implementation of the city’s pediatrician standardized training and continuing education training, homogeneity raising the level of business in a Beijing hospital pediatricians and comprehensive quality.

in order to assist members of the hospital doctors better diagnosis, the center has developed a artificial intelligence tools, auxiliary diagnosis and treatment based on clinical data of Beijing children’s hospital, implementation of main disease intelligent diagnosis. NiXin is introduced, the doctor as long as the patient complained of in the software and the results of the inspection system will give a general direction of diagnosis. Tool will select five to ten kinds of typical disease in all the subjects to establish clinical data center, the popularization and application between the city hospital, overall ascension city pediatric hospital diagnosis recognition level, make the accuracy above 85%. Service in the future, the diagnostic tool will also provincial hospital in remote areas, the database will also further expand, add blood diseases, diseases of the nervous system, and more discipline.

NiXin introduction, the center will also be called advantage disciplines experts from the hospital, chief expert team. They will take to complete each unit of difficult critically ill disease consultation, multicenter studies, cultivate the leader and the responsibility of the professional technical backbone, to complete the major task in the field of pediatrics research study, a breakthrough in key technologies and applications, the ultimate goal is to improve the overall level of pediatric echelon in the center.

s news background

pediatric patients with potential population continues to increase

the Beijing hospital authority is introduced, with the two-child policy open, may be there is a fourth baby boom in our country, on the basis of the original birth population of Beijing, is expected to an annual increase of 330000-340000 newborns, pediatric patients with potential population continues to increase. However, Beijing children’s medical institutions and pediatricians face a serious shortage, according to incomplete statistics, at present in addition to the children’s hospital, Beijing hospital pediatrician number accounts for only 22.5% of the total, pediatric beds accounted for 26.1% of the total beds, children’s hospital focused on children’s hospital.

in fact, apart from the Beijing children’s hospital and children’s hospital affiliated to the capital institute of pediatrics, the two children’s hospital, Beijing hospital and xuanwu hospital, Beijing friendship hospital, a 16 hospital pediatric or characteristic discipline of pediatric diagnosis and treatment and appropriate technology. However, municipal general hospital has in many of pediatrics, internal medicine is given priority to, generally only covers children’s common disease, frequently-occurring disease, staffing, insufficient research dimension. City hospital of pediatrics clinical and scientific research and teaching, there is a strong bias, often only advantage disciplines development, unable to focus on pediatric comprehensive and balanced development. As a result, the contradiction between supply and demand of Beijing existing pediatric medical resources and development imbalance problem, pediatrician work burden, children go to a doctor. Titled

/Beijing news reporter Dai Xuan

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