Beijing health development planning commission, influenza can prevent controllable slow for the next two weeks intensity

on January 15, 2018 in the afternoon, the Beijing health planning commission held a recent flu briefing news conference. The Beijing center for disease control and prevention released influenza surveillance, according to the results of November 2017, the flu activity appeared rising trend in Beijing, especially since December presents the fast growth momentum.

Beijing currently influenza virus activity is still in the high level, the recent influenza b virus and influenza a H1N1 influenza virus proportion is higher, at 0 to 4 years age groups accounted for the highest. So far, Beijing reported flu concentrated fever outbreak currently has fallen dramatically, influenza viruses antigenic gene characteristics and no obvious variation happens.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

Beijing flu has now reached epidemic peak , the strength will slow over the next two weeks.

according to the world, our country and the Beijing influenza surveillance data showed that the various don’t are not obvious variation a flu virus, does not have appeared, the biological basis of pandemic influenza virus infectious unchanged, the propagation force and virulent form, the clinical manifestations of this popular flu season still accord with the basic characteristics of the typical seasonal and cyclical flu.

at present Beijing influenza activity intensity increase has slowed present situation, according to the calendar year influenza surveillance data analysis in Beijing, in this popular season influenza activity before and after the peak appeared in the New Year’s day, disease is a higher level in recent years, is in the flu epidemic peak, in the next two weeks of this city flu activity will slow.

school childcare facilities concentrated fever flu epidemic report for the previous has obvious drop, predicts that as schools and childcare facilities, on holiday and the coming of the lunar New Year holiday, a crowd gathers to reduce, Beijing will further reduce the influenza activity intensity.

established influenza prevention and control of work leading group, to take measures to do a good job of prevention and control.

Beijing municipal party committee municipal government attaches great importance to the city’s flu epidemic prevention and control work, comrade CAI qi, Beijing communist party secretary, acting mayor comrade ji-ning Chen and vice mayor wang ning, Lu Yan, vice mayor of the city leaders make instructions or the medical and health institutions to visit patients and medical staff, successively put forward the work requirements.

Beijing health and family planning commission set up by comrade LeiHaiChao coalesced, appoint other leading to deputy leader of the Beijing municipal health influenza prevention and control of family planning work leading group. LeiHaiChao successively to dongcheng, xicheng, daxing district, director of the field survey and china-japan friendship hospital medical institutions, to visit, breath, fever outpatient pediatrics medical staff, to encourage and warmth. Beijing health and family planning commission and the municipal education committee and other related departments also actively strengthen overall coordination, take measures to earnestly influenza prevention and control of each work. Attention to flu epidemic situation at home and abroad, the timely revision of influenza surveillance and outbreak in the city management work plan, based on the analysis of data from multiple sources to carry out the early warning and outbreak, warning information in a timely manner.

influenza vaccination work , prevention of primary and middle school students and over 60 of the flu outbreak.

against the popular season predict flu epidemic may be high, in the city’s primary and middle school students, the city’s census register old people aged over 60 carry on the concentration of influenza vaccine immunization, and primary and middle school students set free flu vaccine immunization time is past nearly one month ahead of time, efforts to build a population immunity barrier. A number of ways completes the flu and other infectious diseases prevention and control knowledge propaganda, improve the public’s awareness of prevention and control.

as of November 30, the Beijing municipal accumulated 1.3 million influenza vaccination. The influenza vaccination for the prevention of primary and secondary schools, students and the elderly over 60 flu epidemic has played a role.

and medical institutions should also be appropriate to extend the time of visit, retirement experts and on-the-job personnel full service power, carry out period of time the booking diagnosis and treatment, alleviate the pressure of the clinic, peak peel. published 147 pediatric service list of medical institutions, for citizens to choose medical reference, pressure shunt tertiary hospitals.

by grading diagnosis and treatment, based on the principle of safe, effective, convenient and, efforts to meet the demand of patients, especially young children go to a doctor. At the same time, strictly implement the nosocomial infection prevention and control measures to reduce the cross infection and guarantee medical safety. and downtown two levels of professional and technical training actively, continued ascension for disease control and prevention, medical treatment and health care workers school influenza prevention and control of infectious diseases such as ability level.

master influenza virus epidemic dynamics, flu completely preventable and controllable. & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent

many for seasonal flu infectious diseases, vaccination is the most effective preventive measures, as long as we enhance personal health literacy, develop good health habits, and reasonable treatment, symptomatic treatment, adhere to combine, is entirely preventable and treatable controllable.

continue to continue to carry out the influenza surveillance and outbreak, to master an influenza virus activity levels and dynamic, timely warning information.

to further strengthen prevention and control measures to carry out the situation of primary schools and child-care institutions supervision inspection, fight the spread of influenza in schools and childcare facilities.

to further strengthen medical institutions flu health guidance and medical professional and technical strength, with Beijing food drug administration, increase drug purchase supply security. In addition, but also play to the role of the treated influenza with TCM, establish expert technical team, in the community influenza with TCM, the guidance work.

to further strengthen the propaganda and mobilization, using a variety of media platforms, increase the density of propaganda, improve communication effect, extensive series of influenza prevention and control knowledge propaganda, guide people wash their hands, more ventilation, reduce accumulation, right protection, the prevention, treatment and cure for the masses to provide professional guidance advice.

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