Beijing health reform implementation has medical costs less than 2% in six months a minimum 17 years


health reform (for figure/visual China)

health medical expenses growth at 17 years minimum

has save medical costs 4.4 billion yuan, director of the physician to register people reduce twenty percent

report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Xiaomei) Beijing health reform implementation of the New Deal for half a year, city health development planning commission issued a health data for half a year to run. Tertiary and secondary hospital door er visits decreased by 11.5% and 3.9% respectively, and basic level hospital medical institutions increased by 14.7%, chief physician registered visitors reduced by twenty percent. Costs, to medical costs less than 2% in six months, as the lowest cost growth period since 2000, has accumulated saving medical expenses 4.4 billion yuan.

chief physician registered people lose twenty percent

on April 8, the implementation of medical reform separately. Reform of six months, has completed the door er visits more than 100 million people, more than 190 inpatient treatment and orderly, at the beginning of the reform effect.

monitoring shows that compared with the same period last year, level 3, level 2 hospital door er visits decreased by 11.5% and 3.9% respectively, level of hospital and primary care and health institutions increased by 14.7%, part of city community health service institutions ZhenLiaoLiang increased by more than 20%. Some gradually diverting to the grass-roots institutions attended common diseases, reversing a decline of more than a decade grassroots ZhenLiaoLiang accounted, large hospitals & other Overcrowded & throughout; Be effectively alleviated.

this number, chief physician, deputy director of the clinic visits decreased by 8.5% and 21.7%, respectively, see, the difficulty of experts with ease, to extend the doctor-patient communication time, limited expert medical resources to better serve the patients with severe distress.

save medical costs 4.4 billion yuan over

Beijing youth daily reporter learned that, for six months, the deduction of the CPI, medical costs less than 2%, for a minimum of the cost increase since 2000, has accumulated save medical costs 4.4 billion yuan. Drug totaled 29.8 billion yuan for the sunshine purchase amount, saves the drug cost 2.44 billion yuan, medicine procurement sunshine bring prices fell by an average of up to 8.2%, that alone, expected this year could save drug costs 3.5 billion yuan.

secondary and tertiary hospital medicine proportion fell to 42.6% from 42.6% during the same period last year. This time all medicines with the same period last year compared with a 8.4% reduction in tertiary hospital, secondary hospital decreased by 9.6%, and grass-roots level hospital medical institutions increased by 6.9%; Hospitalized patients medicines tertiary hospitals decreased by 18.1%, a 15% reduction in the secondary hospital, and grass-roots level hospital medical institutions fell by 17%.

at the same time, Beijing medical comprehensive reform separately by removing medicine medical mechanism, set up the medical service charge 435 items and standardize the medical service price, to establish a new compensation mechanism, public welfare was strengthened. Monitoring shows that the medical service can replace the original of the registration fee, the fee, and drug addition income, total income of medical institutions in the basic stability of the cases, the structure to optimize, gold content increased.

compared with the same period last year, the disposable income of medical institutions in general trend is good, the new compensation mechanism for effective support for the smooth running of medical institutions, medical institutions dependence on the drug income mechanism no longer exists.

two months drawn a strengths 14000

since the reform, social assistance object outpatient, hospital, and major disease burden of aid per capita are reduced by about 30%, low-income groups to effectively protect the interests of the social relief objects, such as social security system plays an important supporting role.

in addition, the city’s 16 area 180 community health service center has implemented & other After the first treatment and settlement & throughout; The way of service, welcomed by the masses generally. To the city more than 60 years of age to the old medical service personal burden relief, relief of accumulative total of six months more than 1200 people. High blood pressure, chronic diseases such as 105 kinds of commonly used drug distribution in place, to prescribe medicine strengths party two months more than 14000 copies, key crowd family doctor signing rate more than 80%.

NBS survey office in Beijing in the secondary and tertiary hospitals in Beijing recently for the patient to carry out independent survey, 91.7% of the patients with support for reform, 82.2% of the patients to think reform grading diagnosis and treatment, 83.8% of patients for medical charge a positive attitude, more than 90% of the patients satisfaction for medical treatment.

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