Beijing hospital authority to start medical discipline coordinated development center

on October 23, 2017, the Beijing hospital authority official in pediatrics, medical discipline coordinated development center construction start of digestive diseases. It is reported, the coordinated development of the medical center is the discipline construction and medical quality improvement as the main line, resource integration and horizontal integration path to establish the medical discipline collaborative development system, aimed at improving all kinds of serious impact on people’s health at the centre of the major disease clinical diagnosis and treatment ability, for the people to provide better and more quality medical and health services.

Pan Suyan, deputy director of the Beijing hospital authority party committee standing committee, comrade, collaborative development center since March 2016, experienced research, discussion and argument for many times, always to enhance the level of city hospital development, improve people’s feeling as a fundamental to follow, adhere to establish a discipline construction as the main line, coordinated development as the goal, the horizontal cooperation as the means of development system, the comprehensive promotion city pediatric hospital and research joint research, personnel training, diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases ability and achievements transformation of innovation ability and level of development.

start ceremony, director of the Beijing hospital authority in luming to Beijing children’s hospital, children’s hospital, Beijing friendship hospital affiliated to the capital institute of pediatrics, dean gave nameboards (executive director), marking the unit, led by Beijing children’s hospital as a children’s hospital affiliated to the capital institute of pediatrics, as joint lead unit of pediatric discipline coordinated development center, and led by Beijing friendship hospital as the unit of digestive internal medicine discipline coordinated development center started running.

NiXin, director of the center for pediatric digestive internal medicine shu-tian zhang, director of the center as well as representatives of member units, respectively, for the speech. NiXin dean pediatric coordination center will be based on the existing & other; National children’s medical center & throughout; , & other The respiratory system disease throughout the national center for clinical medical research &; , & other Beijing children’s hospital group & throughout; And city hospital of pediatrics existing resources, based on the experience of the existing and mechanism, through the pediatric center project, quality of pediatrics resource integration, demand for children multiple diseases diagnosis and treatment, based on interdisciplinary, medicine, teaching and research, with the integration of collaborations, provide support for city pediatric hospital construction.

shu-tian zhang dean digestive internal coordination center will ascend in whole city hospital of medical diagnosis and treatment level as the goal, to strengthen the discipline construction and improving the quality of medical treatment as the main line, by means of transverse joint, resources integration, to ensure the fairness of resource sharing, timeliness and consistency, promote city hospital digestive internal medicine overall development by leaps and bounds. Members on behalf of the millennium monument Xu Jianli hospital dean, ditan hospital agreed to director Leon willing to actively participate in the resource sharing, mutual promotion of the construction project, to realize the balanced development of city hospital system.

the Beijing hospital authority in luming, stressed that the establishment of the center will inject new vitality for city hospital system of sustainable development, will certainly to speed up the pace of scientific and technological innovation in the city hospital, will boost YiJiaoYan common development, collaborative work center early is given priority to with city hospital, future will face the whole city and the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, led the international and domestic competition, so as to better for the majority of people’s health.

the Beijing hospital authority in luming director and deputy director Pan Suyan, 22, and tongzhou city hospital river hospital, secretary of the party committee, the dean (executive director), research director of the dean, medical director of the dean, and technology, medical department and other related functional departments coordination center construction, such as clinical departments responsible comrades attended the opening ceremony, witnessed the journey of a city hospital system innovation and development the important moment. Meeting presided over by the municipal hospital authority KeJiaoChu department chief Pan Junhua comrade.

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