Beijing hundred years old of above old man is expected to receive more $600 a month

yesterday, & other; New as the new era, new atmosphere throughout the &; The study and implement the party’s nineteenth spirit of series conference & ndash; & ndash; Centered on the people to do a good job of capital, civil affairs press conference held in Beijing. Beijing youth daily, the reporter understands, civil affairs bureau has issued “Beijing elderly home endowment service subsidies subsidies management measures (draft)” (hereinafter referred to as the “measures”), is proposed to establish a comprehensive system of old age allowance, including difficulties family senior living subsidies, disability subsidy, elderly care – the elderly allowance three categories, the amount of subsidies from 100 yuan to 800 yuan, all the city’s household register and conform to the requirements as prescribed in the elderly can apply for.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

according to the measures for the implementation of the, conform to the conditions of the elderly can also apply for three kinds of subsidies. Among them, the difficulties the elderly family life service subsidies will be distributed to eligible low income, low income family difficulties such as the elderly, used for daily care of the old age of subsidies, such as service life of spending. For example, enjoy low treatment of the elderly (including receiving the Beijing urban life difficult subsidy) in the elderly, subsidies standards for 300 yuan per month; Not enjoy low treatment of the elderly in low-income families, subsidies standards for 200 yuan per month; Belong to the low-income families and enjoy the benefits of low, personal income under standard of this city low-income seniors, subsidies standards for 150 yuan per person, per month. Belong to the city’s family planning special families and do not meet the three conditions of the elderly, subsidies standards for 100 yuan per person, per month.

disability elderly care subsidies are handed out to severe disability or severely disabled elderly, for lack of subsidy from the function of long-term care spending that occupy the home, including but not limited to, purchase care support, care services, nursing care and long-term care insurance, such as commercial endowment insurance care services. The subsidies take & other; To enjoy services, subsidies after payment & throughout; Credit management mode, does not support long-term used to buy daily necessities, such as commercial consumer spending. According to the different types of disability and disability level, minimum standards of subsidies were 200 yuan, 400 yuan, 600 yuan per person, per month three gears.

80 – year – old old allowance will be distributed to the registered permanent residence of this municipality years old and above old people, different age groups of elderly subsidy standard is expected to get corresponding improvement. The age of 80 to 89 with the elderly, subsidiary standard is 100 yuan per person, per month, adjusted allowance standards will not less than 200 yuan per month; The age of 90 to 99 with the elderly, subsidies standards will be changed from the current 100 yuan per person, per month to not less than 500 yuan per month; 100 years of age and older elderly, subsidiary standard is from the current 200 yuan per person, per month, is expected to be adjusted to not less than 800 yuan per person, per month.

in addition, at the end of last year, the city has issued for permanent the old Beijing – pension assistive card 2.53 million copies. At present, 60 to 64 years old in Beijing – pension assistive card fabrication work has begun, involving about 1.3 million old people. Next, the city will be a district-level countryside old-age pension service guidance center, street care centers and community endowment service station construction and construction planning.

this city will also establish a system of home endowment tour visit, the service object mainly consists of more than 80 years old and the elderly who live alone, and severely disabled children live together, without children or children in the elderly is not alone in the city the elderly, poor physical condition and mental health of the elderly who live alone. This year plans to visit the number of elderly people in the city of not less than 50000 people. (reporter Jiang Rejing)

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