Beijing infectious disease monitoring system for the greatest number

on February 25, 2014, the Beijing municipal health and family planning commission and jointly organized by Beijing municipal center for disease control and prevention of acute infectious disease control and prevention health emergency skills competition. Figure/visual China

to cover all the time, total population, total area; Build for disease control and prevention & other; Tight dragnet & throughout; , covering the epidemic monitoring, testing and subsequent disposal of the three major links

2013 H7N9 avian influenza, ebola outbreak in 2014, 2015, in the Middle East respiratory syndrome & hellip; & hellip; Almost every year, the popularity of major communicable diseases have get a tight. Crowded, as an international metropolis, Beijing international exchanges, and foreign emerging infectious diseases often separated only an aircraft door, once the outbreak, consequence is unimaginable.

however, avian influenza, ebola and yellow fever, rift valley fever never spread in Beijing 5 years. Will be the major infectious diseases kill in one, thanks to the Beijing public health system built for disease control and prevention & other; Tight dragnet & throughout; The net covers the epidemic monitoring, testing and subsequent disposal of the three links.

【 surveillance 】

suspected cases to report does not exceed 24 hours

since this year, Beijing has found that infected H7N9 27 cases. Want H7N9 such prevention and control of infectious diseases, and put out the source of evaluator is the key to early detection and recognition is the cornerstone.

H7N9, for example, when patients with pneumonia, symptoms such as fever, go to hospital, the doctor in the diagnosis of at the same time, according to the corresponding criterion of bird flu, ask whether it has a live poultry exposure history and so on, such as the suspect may be infected with bird flu patients, reported to the centers for disease control and prevention through information platform, and under the instructions of center segregation, disinfection, virus sample testing and a series of measures.

in order to ensure that medical staff to see the doctor, screening two not mistake, every year, the centers for disease control and prevention for all levels of medical institutions for disease control department, infection and other related departments personnel to conduct regular training, to a certain period of infectious diseases, training more frequently. In many medical staff’s desk, with prompt card, the centers for disease control and prevention issued by the above lines pointed out its corresponding criterion of high incidence of infectious diseases.

& other monitoring system; Tentacles throughout the &; Not only extends to the level of all medical institutions in Beijing, Beijing is more than 1000 primary and secondary schools kindergartens, more than 300 parks and tourist attractions, as well as swimming venues, hotels and other places are included. As long as a suspected outbreak, these places will be the first time through the network, telephone and other methods reported to the centers for disease control and prevention.

at present, Beijing according to the disease, the symptoms (only symptoms early, there is no corresponding diagnosis), such as infectious disease reporting system is established, symptom monitoring system 78 infectious disease and health hazard factors such as monitoring system, which is the largest number, coverage and the reaction is the most sensitive surveillance system timely, covering the whole period of time, the whole people, the whole region. Always efficient operation of the system, from suspected cases to report, not more than 24 hours.


big hospitals & other; Throughout the partnership &; Build the infectious disease testing network

found suspected cases are only the first step to the epidemic prevention and control, laboratory virus detection ability, have the effect of final.

virus lab, molecular biological laboratory, the pure, sample library & hellip; & hellip; Entered the Beijing CDC infectious disease endemic disease control, as if into the physics and chemistry in the university teaching building, a dozen laboratories each rank in the corners of the floor.

& other; For patients after samples, we will first extraction of nucleic acid, it contains biological gene & lsquo; Password & rsquo; . Because the nucleic acid is the micro, so let’s put it in the PCR instrument, with 2 NTH power amplification, for growth that even if only one virus nucleic acid, we can find out. Throughout the &; Preach to the director of Beijing CDC technicians Shi Weixian a case open on the computer, pointing to the curve on the screen to tell reporter: & other; This is the final analysis, curve at the end of the exception raise, prove that it is positive. Throughout the &;

PCR, automation workstation, the second generation of gene sequencing machine & hellip; & hellip; The filled & other; On the tall & throughout; Equipment in the laboratory, 3-4 hours to complete a sample testing. More advanced laboratory, however, cannot bear all flu samples test.

to transfer the head doctor shuang-sheng wu, Beijing area is large, large population, and the centers for disease control and prevention equipment manpower is limited, in order to reduce the time cost of sample transport, preventing further outbreaks, city CDC launched the union medical college hospital, founding, chaoyang hospital 38 has the research and test ability and through the corresponding examination of 3 armour hospital and put them into the network laboratory. These points can be in hospital after hospital sampling detection, uploading the results, and then by the centers for disease control and prevention to review samples.

at present, Beijing established 55 network laboratory and 23 measles network laboratory, 191 HIV/AIDS testing laboratory network, formed the infectious disease laboratory network in Beijing, in 56 infectious pathogens detection ability.

is unknown, in addition to the detection of infectious diseases, the city CDC also has food contaminants, toxic and harmful substances in the environment, and toxicology test detection ability, among them, the specific chemical pollutants such as hormone in food detection at the leading level.

nimbus, director of the center laboratory, in view of chemical food poisoning factor screening a worldwide difficult problem, central laboratory to build our country current common poisons & other; Toxicology mass spectrum library & throughout; , cooperate with relevant hospital developed based on the poisoning symptom database query, and implements of non-target screening of chemical food poisoning, the traditional single food poisoning samples from a few days or even months to shorten the time to a few hours. The technology in & other; Beijing huairou mountain poisoning & throughout; Unexplained poisoning, such as survey, played an important role.

【 epidemic disposal 】

confirm source & other; As Interpol investigation & throughout;

Shi Weixian for human infection H7N9 case in April this year when Beijing was impressed.

this year on April 5, a living in huairou male patients diagnosed H7N9 virus infection, CDC researchers then carries on the epidemiological survey found that the patients have contact with live poultry, tomb-sweeping day back to my hometown yanqing reunite with his brother, bought QiBaShiZhi chicken. Based on the diagnosis to his brother, found the same infected H7N9. Subsequently, yanqing in surrounding to strengthen the monitoring, a week or so and found H7N9 case of human infection cases.

shuang-sheng wu is introduced, the early monitoring, detection, diagnosis of infection patients, is not the most heavy work, and the subsequent outbreak of disposal is the most hard. According to the national request, cases occurred area to carry out a 10-day intensified surveillance, zone 2 levels of all medical institution accepts all flu and severe acute respiratory tract infections, are H7N9 virus detection, the hundreds of cases less, many thousands of cases. This year, well in strengthening monitoring period, screening out the infection.

at the same time, the CDC staff and a large number of flow adjustment (& other; Epidemiological investigation & throughout;) Confirm the source of infection, and prevent the epidemic is widening. H7N9 outbreak of subsequent treatment, for example, if infected for residents in the city, there are live poultry exposure history, staff need to investigate the source of live poultry, swaps, the capitalists, the purchase of live poultry market stalls, close contacts are sampling test. Sometimes, a case will also be involved in multiple regions, a variety of sources of live poultry.

& other; The whole process as Interpol investigation, to find the culprit and accomplice, then qualitative case. Throughout the &; Simple, he says, the along while can & other; Investigation & throughout; , time will be extended to a week in the complex.


Beijing CDC that 5 years


Beijing seven comprehensive monitoring system, successfully found within 48 hours, treated and control traceability H7N9 case of human infection with avian influenza confirmed cases.


the ebola outbreak in west Africa, the centers for disease control and prevention to develop and organize the implementation of the Beijing ebola haemorrhagic fever prevention and control plan and the prevention and control measures to detect report and rapid disposal of the 43 cases under observation, on 5633 epidemic area returnees in tracking and community health monitoring. At the same time according to the national health development planning commission, has sent six batches of seven public health experts, aid ebola epidemic prevention and control.

May 2015

South Korea respiratory syndrome cases in the input in the Middle East guangdong. City CDC pointed citywide technical training, start the 55 network laboratory, and outbreak simulation drill, respiratory syndrome prevention and control knowledge propaganda in the Middle East.


found and effective disposal of the nation’s first yellow fever and rift valley fever cases; To deal with & other; Shandong vaccine events & throughout; Effects, realize the polio vaccine immunization strategy adjustment, the implementation type of vaccine insurance compensation mechanism, to complete the first to the third party assessment method for the coverage of investigation, realize real-time monitoring for the whole scope of Beijing’s cold chain.

Beijing news reporter Dai Xuan

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