Beijing more than 2.93 million urban and rural citizens to complete insurance payment

& other; Later any further need not to submit an expense account to medical expenses and tossed back and forth! Throughout the &; Yesterday, in his own home to get the social security card’s daxing district panggezhuang town farmers RuanShuFen made a happy face. It is understood that since January 1, 2018, the city’s urban and rural residents will implement the card, real-time settlement, no personal to advance payment of medical expenses, insurance reimbursement treatment improved at the same time, further reduce the economic burden of the people to see the doctor. At present, the existing more than 2.93 million urban and rural residents has been successfully protect capture.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

it is understood that this city from next year, the implementation of a unified urban and rural residents medical insurance system. So, farmers ginseng protect, can also be a social security card, real-time settlement. Daxing district panggezhuang town difficult personnel has received in the home of human social security CARDS from social security branch. RuanShuFen home is one of them. 54, RuanShuFen is a genuine farmers, because of suffering from cancer, she need to regularly visit to the hospital, prescribing. & other; Before, every time a doctor have to bring their own a lot of money, the home is not rich, although you can submit an expense account is part of the reimbursement of money after at least a month to play to the bank account, so every time to see a doctor about this doctor have to how to make money! Throughout the &; RuanShuFen said. And in the photos to have their own social security card, RuanShuFen made a smile face, & other; Don’t need the first payment of medical expenses is not, it is really convenient! Throughout the &;

yu-jie bai, director of the human social security bureau new farming and management center, said so far, the city has a new system of social security card nearly 1.2 million copies, and has set up a whole issue to district rural social security, will issue to all rural residents hands by the end of the year. January 1 next year in an effort to go to a doctor, real-time settlement. At the same time, according to the banking system, there are more than 2.93 million urban and rural residents medical insurance ginseng protect personnel through bank deductions form completed the individual pay cost.

it is understood that after the introduction of new health care system, urban and rural residents health care treatment and improved, the outpatient reimbursement ratio reached 55%, the highest was 5% higher than that of the original, the outpatient service unified annual top line is 3000 yuan. Top hospital reimbursement ratio 80%, than the original increased by 5 to 10%, the annual top line increase to 200000 yuan in hospital. Urban and rural residents health care can be reimbursed the types of drugs to extend from the current 2510 to more than 3000, in line with the worker health. New farmers and the medical establishment that decide a dot at the same time, 833 has fully into Beijing basic medical insurance management, the medical establishment that decide a dot agreement alternative medical establishment that decide a dot in the city of more than 3000.

in human social security bureau to remind, from December to February 2018 at the end of the medical insurance for urban and rural residents protect capture phase. The city’s urban and rural residents to the domicile or residence by ginseng protect capture to expend formalities of social security, shall be the responsibility of the school students to deal with coverage; Students of the children and the elderly individual pay cost 180 yuan per person per year, working age residents within individual capture to expend 300 yuan per person per year. Low, trapped in urban and rural residents, low-income farmers, disability and other 13 class difficult personnel individual capture to expend give full compensation by the government.

to remain uninsured pay cost of personnel, will be able to online self-help pay cost, & other; On January 5, our website also will launch online self-help pay cost function. In this way, the day to complete the payment, the next day in an effort to go to a doctor. Throughout the &; Yu-jie bai said. (reporter XieLi)

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