Beijing more than 30 ten thousand people have the flu vaccine

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as qiu dong season, this city is about to enter a seasonal flu epidemic. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Beijing center for disease control and prevention that at present, the city influenza vaccination work is orderly, the latest statistics show that has accumulated 308337 influenza vaccination.

according to the statistics, this year, on October 9 to October 15, the city, a total of 17 kinds of legal infectious diseases reported 1768 cases, 2 cases died. The Beijing center for disease control and prevention said, at present the city’s 429 has a comprehensive influenza vaccination clinics provide vaccination services for citizens, please positive influenza vaccination, especially for the elderly with basic diseases and the relatively weak resistance of children, is the key of the vaccination.

the city CDC warns a citizen, late autumn season in the morning and evening temperature difference is bigger, we should pay attention to the prevention of influenza, timely add clothes keep warm; Maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, especially should wash their hands; Note that a window ventilated; Recommend not missing work; Advice to the hospital while wearing masks; The elderly, children, such as physique weaker people, try to not more crowded, air pollution. (reporter liu huan)

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