Beijing municipal hospital several improving medical service for patients with good reputation

on October 16, 2017, Beijing municipal party committee propaganda department and the Beijing hospital authority held joint & other; Celebrate the 19th big & middot; A Beijing hospital to improve the medical service project media communication and media in Beijing throughout the business training & medical tube; . Beijing municipal party committee of the standing committee of the hospital authority, deputy director, spokesman Pan Suyan whole city hospital is introduced to improve the medical service initiatives, Beijing friendship hospital, vice secretary of party committee, the board of directors, news, zhang jian, a spokesman for jeannin, vice President of the Beijing tongren hospital, Beijing tiantan hospital, deputy secretary of the discipline inspection commission secretary XiaoShuPing, stay a xing, vice President of the Beijing cancer hospital, Beijing youan hospital spokesman, rong-hua jin, vice President of the Beijing children’s hospital dean assistant Zhao Chengsong, respectively is introduced in combination with the hospital practice & other; Area for city tube & throughout; , & other Well-known experts team & throughout; , & other Non-emergency full booking & throughout; , & other The pain clinic & throughout; , & other Slow disease management & throughout; , & other Telemedicine & throughout; Huimin measures such as effective.

according to Pan Suyan, the Beijing hospital authority since its establishment, led the city hospital, adhere to the direction of public welfare, the implementation of the government for the people, always revolve around the center, of the patient from solve the difficulties and the pain points of hospital patients, by deepening reform, promoting development, strengthen management, innovative services, to continuously explore convenient masses go to a doctor. Especially in March of this year, the city hospital authority issued the 2017 city hospital to improve medical services plan of action, the system introduced 18 to improve medical service measures, 35 service projects, these measures of ground to make patients more convenient, more accurate, more comfortable, more nearby, welcomed by patients and high praise.

improve service measures for patients with little errand or, more convenient to see the doctor

in order to effectively solve the patients encountered & other; Three long & throughout; Problem, class city hospital authority to promote city hospital, optimization of process innovation service.

& other; Beijing medical communication & throughout; Make patients less running errands, and information more run. Beijing medical is informationization for the convenience of the hospital authority to explore and build & other; The wisdom of the fingertips hospital & throughout; Features of the project, including & other; Beijing medical communication & throughout; Micro letter field self-service machine and many public, hospital doctor workstation terminals, etc. Patients can focus on & other; Beijing medical communication & throughout; A micro letter, public can make an appointment to hang 21 city hospital; Also can go to the hospital by many & other; Beijing medical communication & throughout; The self-service machine make an appointment. In addition to make an appointment, Beijing medical can also capture to expend. In the first half of this year, Beijing medical pay cost function are all online through self-service machine end, the temple of heaven, tumor, millennium monument, ji shui tan, huilongguan, anzhen, xiaotangshan hospital also implements the mobile end WeChat self-help pay cost functions. So far, Beijing medical links, make an appointment launch platform, a total new Beijing tong & bull; Beijing medical card 7.31 million, through a unified platform to complete registered 16 million people (including micro letter (40.16%), self-service machine (47.15%), multi-channel take number (12.69%), the platform, the highest amount of registered 68000, 114 registered platform and clinic and reservation of self-help machine number. Patient satisfaction survey shows that 80% of patients were satisfied with the change of the registered service, think self-service machine and WeChat registered traditional window registered convenient than ever before.

& other; Outpatient assay blood full time and large check period of time the booking & throughout; Make patients less crowded, management more follow up. Morning session peak venous blood line for ever crowded phenomenon, 22, the hospital authority to promote city hospital according to the patient condition dynamically adjust the pursuance of manpower, increase or decrease in the window, timely relief, guiding the queuing, reduce patient waiting and round trip. Don’t need hollow outpatient testing projects for venous blood full time service, the public informed patient in on.this significant position. In terms of large check, 22 city hospital have all realized the ultrasound, CT and mri to make an appointment to check different time periods. Hospitals by analyzing the booking process, information system, on the checklist increase inspection time, time is accurate to within one hour. Patients in accordance with the appointment time in order to go to a doctor, don’t have to be in the hospital waiting for long time.

& other; Chinese herbal medicine distribution & throughout; Make patients wait less, express delivery to your door. To solve the decoction of Chinese medicine yinpian and generation take drug long waiting time, patients from hospital take medicine inconvenience, since August 2016, the city hospital authority in traditional Chinese medicine, friendship, my colleagues, ji shui tan, the temple of heaven, anzhen, millennium monument, xuanwu, bless, ditan hospital 10 pilot launch decoction of Chinese medicine yinpian and generation and distribution services. The work shall be formulated by the municipal hospital authority unified plan, set the standard, distribution process, quality control, unified standards, Chinese medicine yinpian agent 7, 14 15 yuan RMB 25), ensure patients are reasonable, safe and convenient to use Chinese medicine yinpian and generation of decoction. The service before the launch, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in patients with taking medicine waiting for a long time, especially in traditional Chinese medicine decoction, on average wait for 4 to 6 hours, after now launched after the home delivery service, patient morning/drug delivery in the afternoon, in the afternoon on the next day./not only promoted was hospitalized after feeling and satisfaction, congestion and reduce the hospital outpatient service hall. In addition, the distribution when the pharmacist will attach guidelines list at the same time, introduces methods for taking precautions, etc., will use exclusive packaging distribution process, the use of cold chain transport in hot weather, the use of reasonable herbal medicinal broth to protect the safety of patients. Now, more and more patients who choose this service, average monthly distribution of more than 7000 cases of municipal hospital.

improve service measures for patients with less, more accurate to see the doctor

in order to let the patients in the treatment of each link little detours, needs of patients, the hospital authority to promote city hospital intensify accurate service.

& other; ZhuanBing and symptom outpatient service & throughout; To register patient more accurate. In the face of the hospital more and more thin, more and more tedious department division, some patients scratching their heads, not only registered hung in a fog, and often ran several departments to see their own disease carefully. In order to reduce & other; Patients around department & throughout; Blind and disorderly behavior, realize patients & other; Have what symptom see what disease & throughout; City of precision medical orderly, the hospital authority to further optimize the structure of city hospital medical service supply side resource and provide way, carry out & other ZhuanBing specialized disease outpatient & throughout; Service, promote the orderly precision medical attention. Mainly is the hospital according to patients’ medical demand, combined with the department, physician expertise and development direction, according to the symptoms of disease diagnosis or name Settings, just according to their own illness or disease, patients with through the make an appointment platform & other; According to the disease rope throughout the medical &; & other; According to the disease of rope throughout the medical &; Which is convenient for patients, you can easily finish, make an appointment, the waste of medical resources, also reduced the implements & other; Demand & throughout; And & other Supply & throughout; A more accurate matching. The city hospital, so far has been rolled out more than 300 ZhuanBing specialized disease outpatient service, the number is growing, is expected to reach 400 by the end of the year; ZhuanBing specialized disease outpatient amount of monthly total registered sustained growth, this part was hospitalized experience obviously improved. Medical staff common disease in patients with the departments of more in line with the subject characteristics, improve the quality of medical resource utilization efficiency, make really need specialized expert diagnosis and treatment of knotty disorder patients receive timely diagnosis and treatment, patients with maximum limit satisfy reasonable requirements, make patients get better health care. Statistics show that the city hospital to develop ZhuanBing specialized disease outpatient service since the beginning of April, more than 320000 person-times patients through & other; Beijing medical communication & throughout; Make an appointment platform on ZhuanBing specialized disease outpatient number. The next step, the municipal hospital authority will organization city hospital according to the patient needs to expand ZhuanBing the amount and type of specialized disease outpatient service, strengthen the cooperation between professional service.

& other; Medical consulting services & throughout; Make patients more accurate. In 2014, the hospital authority building in the center of the city hospital USES the unified standard, unified consulting pharmacist qualification logo, unified center set up medication counseling center, in a separate medication consultation indoor medication consultation service for the patients. Such as patients in different hospital departments issued a variety of drugs, repeated drug use, drug, adverse reactions and drug interaction between problems, such as some kind of special device of inhaled drugs, asthma by using error can lead to poor curative effect, but in a busy doctor there too late, can be answered in the center of the medication consultation. Run since highly evaluated by the various aspects of 206000 patients with service, consulting professional problem rate rose from 30% to 83%, can make patients not only before out of the hospital in medical problems are professional solutions, at the same time in the hospital built in collaboration with health care medicine communication platform, effectively alleviate the doctor-patient dispute, improve patient satisfaction. This year, the city hospital authority to carry out the drug therapy management (MTM) training program, launched slow disease, ZhuanBing medication consultation, individualized accurate drug use, such as slow disease ZhuanBing, precise pilot hospital drug use open a pharmacist counseling outpatient service areas such as exploration, such as the accuracy of chaoyang hospital medicine outpatient service, tongren hospital slow disease medicine outpatient service, the temple of heaven hospital joint anticoagulation clinics, jishuitan hospital outpatient diabetes management, etc., aims to provide patients with more specialization, continuous traceable, specialized subject characteristic obvious accurate medication management, such as the accuracy of chaoyang hospital medicine expert outpatient service according to the patients medical records history, genotyping and test index, provide individualized medication for patients with advice, make more reasonable effective, safe and economic for treating patients is now provides more than 1000 patients with individualized precise guidelines.

& other; Nurse service & throughout; Let the patient care more accurate. Diabetic foot long don’t heal the wound dressing? Colon surgery abdominal wall colostomy care? Children how to reasonable increase nutrition after discharge? For many patients urgently need to master the specialized disease or chronic diseases that occupy the home self-care skills, city hospital authority organization 22 city hospital in outpatient promoting specialist nursing care. Mainly adopts the medical integration in the form of cooperation, mutual visits by professional physicians and health nurses, and doctors on the diagnosis and treatment of primary nurses nursing treatment, evaluation of risk factors, the management of chronic health education consulting and guidance, etc., different emphasis, referral to each other when necessary, not only meet the diversified demand of patients, and to ensure the quality of medical care, at the same time expanded from hospital to the clinic and hospital to the home of continuous service, to enhance the quality of home care in patients with long-term treatment. Up to now, 22 city hospital are combined with professional expertise and the patient needs, provide a distinctive nurse in the clinic treatment and nurse consulting services, a total of 55 items, the former including wound nursing colostomy, venipuncture, peritoneal dialysis maintenance services such as maintenance, which includes perinatal, diabetes, and mental aspects of service.

& other; Ambulatory surgery & throughout; Let patients hospitalized more accurate. Ambulatory surgery is to point to in one to two working days to arrange in the hospital, surgery, surgery in patients with a brief observation, recovery and go through the discharge, is a kind of safe and reliable operation mode, not only can improve the utilization of high quality medical resources, make more patients access to quality health care, and better process, shorter length of hospital stay, less cross infection also give patients a better treatment experience. Since this year, & have spent City, the hospital authority to promote extension part of the city hospital ambulatory surgery service ability. Currently, anzhen, chaoyang, ditan, children, ji shui tan, oral cavity, the elderly, tsinghua chang gung, millennium monument, the first son, my colleagues, xuanwu, friendship, TCM, tumors, 16 hospitals, such as an in ophthalmic, otolaryngology head and neck surgery, general surgery, urology, orthopedics, gynecology, dental and other appropriate departments, choose the lower part of the operation risk, technology has been mature gradually introduce ambulatory surgery elective surgical procedures, improve the quality of hospital service efficiency and safety level, shortening the time of this kind of surgery patients in hospital, reduce the financial burden on patients expenses. Colleagues friendship, millennium monument, xuanwu, chaoyang, ji shui tan, and so hospitals become state health and family planning commission, the ministry of human resources and social security of ambulatory surgery pilot hospital. Several municipal hospital ambulatory surgery in increasingly mature, such as tongren hospital has 43 diseases can implement ambulatory surgery, each year more than 20000 cases, accounting for 40% of the model for.

& other; Well-known experts team & throughout; Let patients hospitalized more accurate. In order to solve the current quality medical resources waste supply tension and the problem of sharp contradictions, make full use of high quality medical resources, meet the demand of the masses go to a doctor, the hospital authority in exploring the city hospital established the well-known expert team in the classification diagnosis and treatment work mode, in team level referral way, that really need renowned expert diagnosis and treatment of patients receive timely diagnosis and treatment of knotty disorder, improve the utilization efficiency of expert resources. Since last march, xuanwu hospital 15 well-known city hospital expert team has amounted to 70. From the results, a famous city hospital expert team, work smooth operation, ease the contradiction between supply and demand of high quality medical resources. Can be seen from the team the referral rate, the vast majority of patients can be obtained by expert team members diagnosis and treatment of disease, only less than 10% of the patients of knotty referral to the well-known experts to solve, enhanced team as a whole, famous experts accepts mysterious illness rate have improved significantly. Such as the temple of heaven in Beijing hospital established a team of experts, led by professor I accepts the difficulty of severe cases accounted by 40% to 90%.

improve service measures let patients suffer less, and more comfortable to see a doctor

in order to improve the treatment experience of patients in the hospital during the city, the hospital authority to promote city hospital strengthening humanistic care.

& other; Hospital toilet revolution & throughout; Make patients more comfortable toilet. Toilet environment, to improve the patients in August 2016, the hospital authority set issued a “toilet city hospital management norms”, from the perspective of more convenient service for the patients, the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, humanized service facilities reconstruction, clean environment specific requirements are put forward. In 2017, focusing on this area, public area and office area of more than 2000 toilet has carried out reform, with a clapboard, hooks, put aside, railings and other facilities and physical ventilation and remove taste delicious and device, to carry out the toilet cleaning person regular time, equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer and added in a timely manner. In the complete set at the same time, the hospital according to their own characteristics, building & other; Elegant, neat, humanities & throughout; Toilet culture. Friendship hospital, for example, is set up in pediatric ZhenQu single diaper and nursing room, solve a rainy day. null

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