Beijing part of the kindergarten monitoring network installation with the police night vision camera

report from our correspondent (reporter wen-juan wu) in the city will strengthen the admittance of preschool teachers’ qualification examination, ethics strengthen construction. The municipal education commission recently organized the city kindergarten security screening work, set up at various levels and the dynamic behavior of kindergarten kindergarten regulatory file database. Beijing youth daily reporter yesterday learned from municipal education commission that kindergarten does not reach the designated position, the use of non-standard equipment and facilities, will be immediately corrected.

kindergarten behavior of kindergarten at all levels will be built in the city archives database

recently, according to the requirements of the municipal party committee, the municipal education commission organized the city kindergarten security screening work, and further strengthen the kindergarten management of all types and at all levels to make work deployment, guarantee in the garden children safe and healthy growth.

municipal education commission request, district to the region at all levels of all kinds of big screen work safety in the kindergarten, the kindergarten at various levels and of the conditions, health and safety, conservation of kindergarten education, faculty team and internal management, and other aspects of the behavior of kindergarten to conduct a comprehensive inspection, set up at various levels and the dynamic behavior of kindergarten kindergarten supervision archives database, form a system. Districts in the process of on-site inspections to fire dimension is monitoring, canteens, and other areas of the security check. Problems and hidden trouble, do the correction, especially not in place, the use of non-standard equipment and facilities, and immediate rectification.

every kindergarten will match the superintendent responsibility

municipal education commission said the district immediately negotiate arrangements, each kindergarten for area is equipped with a superintendent responsibility. The superintendent responsibility are responsible for the kindergarten listed as soon as possible to carry out supervision, conduct to regulate the behavior of kindergarten kindergarten regulation, promote the kindergarten, etc.

in addition, each area to guide home kindergarten in accordance with the relevant provisions of all types and at all levels to establish communication mechanism, orderly guide the parents and the community participation in garden construction and management, and guide each as soon as possible to establish a garden kindergartens in the area of the mechanism of emergency handling.

strengthening early childhood teachers access qualification review

north green to the reporter understands, district to strict teaching management, strengthening the admittance of preschool teachers’ qualification examination, ethics strengthen construction. Strengthen the employee training of all kinds of kindergarten at all levels, adopting stratified, classification and combination of key projects, completes the organizers, managers and teachers’ in-service continuing education training, strengthening the organizers and managers in accordance with the law consciousness and ability of kindergarten, ascend at various levels and of the kindergarten teachers professional level.

district to instruct the collaborators in accordance with the law to fulfill the responsibility of kindergarten, further defined director management responsibilities, and guide the kindergarten take various measures to increase staff thought stable work. On the one hand to guide teachers speak feelings, ethics, on the other hand to timely guidance teachers’ physical and mental pressure, wang activities orderly, ensure the smooth and normal operation of the kindergarten. At the same time, the district is a responsibility, we need to pressure in the area under its jurisdiction all garden, strict management, to strengthen guidance and inspect the implementation.

at present, each area, in accordance with requirements of the municipal education commission, is rapidly carry out hidden perils in the kindergarten safety and governance, strengthen conscientiously the work of the kindergarten regulation, promote the standardize the behavior of kindergarten kindergarten, to create a good environment for children grow up healthy and happy.


this city kindergarten camera make no dead Angle

part of the kindergarten monitoring start networking 24-hour video with the police set up artificial monitoring room

yesterday, Beijing youth daily reporter learned from the city’s many kindergarten that at present district of kindergarten camera and monitor the condition of illness, and deployment related to strengthen security work. District kindergarten was also asked to add camera, increase density, and realizing a complete coverage of monitoring, no dead Angle. Dongcheng part kindergarten monitoring achieved even connected with the district public security bureau.

part of the kindergarten monitoring start networking with the police

according to the haidian district a kindergarten, kindergarten is in accordance with the requirements for education, realize the full cover, no dead Angle, digital surveillance camera. As requested, monitoring requirements and public security bureau to realize network. & other; Our kindergartens have cameras, according to the requirements, no keep out of the classroom, the classroom must have a camera, if you have a suite, some classroom is two. Then each layer corridor also have to install cameras, each a side, all the camera is 360 degree Angle. Throughout the &;

at a the kindergarten in the dongcheng district north green newspaper reporters, the site had been in the field are fitted with except toilet surveillance cameras, including: corridor, the playground, the classroom, the place such as the kitchen. These two days the zoo is no dead Angle camera encryption of all erection work. & other; We want the camera to realize the correlation of the classroom, we have a, now a classroom to install two cameras. Throughout the &; The director also said that the kindergarten of the monitor connected to the district public security bureau.

a public kindergarten, haidian district, while the zoo has Ann has a camera, but according to the latest working plan and arrangement, the kindergarten will also increase the intensity of the installation of cameras and monitors, & other; Children activities places, nooks and also to increase the camera. Like our garden is an Angle of 360 degrees can sweep to, some kindergartens are directional cameras, requires that increase the density of the installation of cameras. Throughout the &;

& other; Some activity room no, before this all add, function room 2, room 2 sleep, bathroom also want to install, complete coverage of the do. Throughout the &; Fengtai, said at a the kindergarten in the park the park has a surveillance camera. Mount cameras at present is also the original foundation, increase the density of cameras, do a complete coverage of monitoring.

shijingshan a kindergarten teacher also revealed that the site monitoring equipment and the education network, accept education of real-time monitoring.

part of the kindergarten set up artificial monitoring room

can realize no dead Angle monitoring camera? Parents can real-time view park at home? For these two topics of concern, many kindergarten has taken some effective measures. & other; In order to try to be no dead Angle, our kindergarten camera is manual control, have a special teacher is responsible for monitoring, to change along with the crowd, manual monitoring follow children. Throughout the &; Haidian district, a private, according to the kindergarten in order to achieve better monitoring, let parents more rest assured, kindergarten specially equipped with a manual monitoring room, by full-time personnel responsible for monitoring.

the director also said that in the control room and strict regulations, all teachers have no right to into the control room, only cadres layer shall have the right to enter into view, and must be strictly in accordance with relevant provisions of the monitor, for approval, before entering. & other; Any objection to parents children knock against or what is the situation, for example, is entitled to apply for adjust the control situation. Together we will be accompanied by parents to draw on surveillance video. Throughout the &; The director said, kindergarten ever obtain video monitoring room, & other; This video is cutting, so parents will not be afraid to do. Throughout the &;

a public kindergarten teacher, xicheng district green newspaper reporters, north campus monitoring is all-around no dead Angle, uninterrupted video camera is 24 hours, the school with their children’s daily education and cultivate is completely transparent, never exclude children parents to supervise.

shijingshan a kindergarten teacher also told north green press, monitor of the school are always was on. Most parents are concerned about their children’s food safety problems, so the school called & other; Sunshine throughout dining room &; Kitchen monitoring content, is open to parents for a long time, if parents need to, can at any time to check, parents can be seen after monitoring, puts forward some opinions to the school food, schools will be improved according to the opinion of most parents, the resulting and parents good interaction. About other content monitoring, if the police there is need to solve, also can draw on at any time.

accommodation kindergarten asks to install & other; Throughout the night vision camera &;

north green newspaper reporter also learned that at present the kindergarten to install cameras clear degree is different. According to haidian a the kindergarten, the requirement for kindergarten check install high-definition cameras, residential garden also asks to install cameras, night & other; As we have kids kindergarten night accommodation, also asked Ann throughout the night vision camera &; IfengLogo.

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