Beijing pilot first property endowment room average 45000 per square metre

Beijing pilot first co-ownership endowment room

will occupy the home, community and institutional pension fusion; An average of 45000/square meters; Limit over 60, need to pay 3000 yuan a month for the service

yesterday, purge and pension center (Beijing first pilot pension service facilities of property rights), inside the bedroom decorate very warm. Image: Beijing

& other; Good day, today I have to go out to walk the walk after lunch. To the canteen to eat some, cheap and easy. Throughout the &; At noon yesterday, the reporter in the chaoyang district double ready and interview, and pension center of southwest lane is met grandma li come here to eat. She tells a reporter, & other; If it weren’t for good day, today is cooking at home to eat & throughout; .

65 – year – old grandma li in the purge and pension center is the first pilot to co-ownership endowment facilities in Beijing, this is also the first in the country. This is a genuine nursing home, but each housed in the old man has belongs to own a house, as well as community old-age service facilities. & other; A total of property endowment facilities throughout the pilot &; Will occupy the home endowment and community endowment and institution endowment fuses in together, for & other; Have a house & throughout; The old man to provide old-age service 24 hours a day.

yesterday, the Beijing municipal civil affairs bureau officially released the pilot. At present, a total of 365 sets of pilot property endowment housing has entered 143 households, property rights holders will have 50 years & other; Throughout the real estate registration certificate &; . Pilot in the future, such as the city acceptance, achieve & other; D raise throughout, a total of property rights &; Later, will be pushed to the city.


apartment 365 sets of average price 45448 yuan

the objects and pension center project is located in chaoyang district double southwest lane no. 6, a total construction area of 49120 square meters, construction area of 36770 square meters, including the ground construction area of 12350 square meters underground. Project construction content including endowment facilities in the bedroom, the infirmary, pension institutions (medical/maintenance center), activity room, restaurant, etc.

according to the Beijing municipal civil affairs bureau, the bureau and the Beijing urban commission jointly issued by the co-ownership pension service facilities pilot program, support the enterprise use of chaoyang district build purge and home endowment facilities construction land, explore the co-ownership pension services model. This pattern is & other; Bedroom split directional sale, hold management, public service space limit of age population living & throughout; , provide for the aged, house home into institutions endowment and community endowment.

according to this model, endowment bedroom by endowment service enterprises and qualified buyers respectively by 5% and 95% share of the jointly owned, qualified elderly people over 60. After buying a house, stay in the elderly can enjoy provided by the enterprise form a complete set of medical, nursing, restaurants and other public services.

pilot business unit controller introduces, project in April 7, 2016, open to booking licence, can sell pension apartment 365 sets, selling price of every square metre 45448 yuan; Parking space in 84, sales of average price of 3842.39 yuan per square meter. Project to start on June 10, 2017, formally signed, on July 14, 2017 to September 23, 2017 the total signed 143 sets.


buyers have property enterprise focus endowment service

why introduce co-ownership endowment facilities pilot? The hong-bing li, deputy director of the Beijing civil affairs bureau is introduced, a total of property rights is reduced into pension services market enterprise & other; Heavy capital & throughout; Pressure, and stay in the old man to have an own property, implementation & other; Throughout a heritage & living property, departure; .

& other; Pension service facilities land and ground facilities need a lot of capital investment, in the course of the pension services, we found that the pressure of heavy capital makes many enterprises in the process of marketization of pension services in a wait state, also restrict the development of pension services. Throughout the &; Hong-bing li said.

hong-bing li introduces, at present the objects and pension center completely by the enterprise to hold 40% of the public area, for each bedroom, buyer holds 95% of the property, enterprises hold 5% of the property. This will reduce the burden of the pension business, enabling them to focus more on subsequent pension services.

& other; Our pension center, catering, entertainment, health care and other public service areas, pass through the corridors of connected to each of the old man’s bedroom again. There is a mix of private space and activities, and at the same time in the center of the listed medical institutions still can make the old man get medical service. Throughout the &; Hong-bing li said, here are building a kindergarten, can let housed in the old people enjoy & other; Multiple generation coexistence & throughout; The family happiness.

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