Beijing police close # 6 hospital dealer groups more than 50 people have been detained

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Sept. 25, Peking University stomatological hospital, civilian police to dealers leader with a police car. The Beijing news reporter road taken

Sept. 25, Beijing police arrests, increasingly entrenched in stomatological hospital of Peking University, Peking University third hospital 5 hospitals of 6 # dealer gangs, 50 gang members were arrested, 17 people criminal detention according to law, administrative detention 37 people.

at 11 PM on June 8, in the haidian district of Beijing university stomatological hospital, nearly hundred people lined up at the gate of the hospital, there are more than 20 people traffickers guo wei (a pseudonym) through QQ group number is release, part-time information to earn 100 yuan & ndash; The price of 200 yuan to recruit. Dealer success hang on June 9, early in the morning, visit, and will be & other; Customers throughout the &; Id card number and visit to dealers leader, in exchange for $120 in cash.

on June 26, the Beijing news published the number dealers earn one hundred yuan to hire & other part-time & throughout; rob visit “. After that, the organization of the Beijing municipal public security bureau police set up project team, nearly two months, a thorough investigation into dealer gangs.

groups organised hire people queue to register

stomatological hospital of Peking University was guo wei and others as a profitable & other; Site & throughout; , according to the gang members, they do no dealer near the hospital for more than two years, guo wei is only a small dealer’s leader, above and & other; The eldest brother & throughout; . Guo wei is responsible for the release hiring part-time information in QQ group, solicit for part-time workers, dealer groups lined up to register. From 4 PM every day or evening at around 7 began queuing, part-time workers have come earlier, relatively, the more commission commission interval in 100 yuan to 200 yuan.

Peking University stomatological hospital at around 7 am every day to register, this is the guo wei equals dealer gang members and other Start work & throughout; Time, guo wei call the registration at the gate of the hospital lobby queuing dealer’s phone number, told that they register with the identity of the customer information into the hall queue to register. After successful registration, with a number from the number dealer gang leader in return for commissions. Through the investigation, police found that the crime patterns not only exists in stomatological hospital of Peking University, also have this kind of case in Peking University third hospital.

at the end of June this year, the Beijing municipal public security bureau ambusher corps was astonished, in conjunction with the dongcheng bureau haidian bureau, find out the Peking University third hospital outpatient service building in a XXX (male, 29 years old, Inner Mongolia), pay XXX (male, 27 years old, in Inner Mongolia) two groups, respectively, were waiting in the queue number accounts for part of the window.

according to the astonished description, no dealer gangs organization division of labor is clear, is responsible for on-site convened, instigating, responsible for in line, and in the hospital and the surrounding USES. Members responsible for USES 5 when 30 points to 8 PM every day in the hospital around solicit & other Customers throughout the &; And will bring to the scene of the number of patient information and feedback to & other; Commander & throughout; ; & other; Commander & throughout; Again to inform the person hired queue overnight in the window line; Before the second day 7 hospital number allocation, & other; Commander & throughout; To go to the hospital patient identification to the already registered line at the location of the staff, every hang a success, to & other; Commander & throughout; In return for 100 yuan to 120 & other; Labor & throughout; . & other; Commander & throughout; With 200 yuan to 2000 yuan prices & other; The service fee & throughout; To patients in the source number shall be to earn high price, profit is great.

after investigation, police found gang by vendor number record personnel organization command for many years, and it has been by a few years ago & other One-to-one & throughout; By queuing, vendor number, development for a more rigorous organization division of labor.

the dealer from time to time in place to avoid monitoring

on September 25th morning, astonished grouping of stomatological hospital of Peking University, Peking University third hospital in the city a number 3 armour hospital waiting, waiting for dealer gang leader appeared to carry out the arrests.

according to astonished, Peking University stomatological hospital will from time to time the number of dealers gangs in place with & other; Part-time dealers throughout the &; Trading, will replace the vehicle to avoid police surveillance.

6 PM, astonished to arrange cop waiting at Peking University stomatological hospital near the mouth. 7 PM, & other; Part-time dealers throughout the &; Walked out of the hospital registration hall for dealers leader, astonished to wait for a good time to take advantage of the & other; Part-time dealers throughout the &; And the leader & other; With no money & throughout; Is issued when the operation instructions, astonished action immediately, will be traded to capture the number of dealers.

according to the relevant person in charge of Beijing police described, on September 25, on the same day, astonished, increasingly entrenched in places such as Peking University stomatological hospital of 6 # dealer gangs, catch more than 50 suspects, including 17 people criminal detention according to law, administrative detention 37 people.

the relevant person in charge of Beijing police said in a crackdown on the dealers’ illegal crime at the same time, the police have jointly with the department of health, in the hospital setting chamber of police, security department jointly with the hospital staff into the registration window to carry out patrols, real-time check registration order, and maintain a high pressure crackdown, insist on & other Along with it, outcrop dozen & throughout; , dealers at high incidence of illegal and criminal activities is used in hospitals, to further organize targeted special crackdown, the comprehensive improvement of the comprehensive cleaning, dealers illegal crime problem, to ensure public order in the hospital for good.

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