Beijing public hospital drug procurement push “two votes”

report from our correspondent (reporter Lin Yan) yesterday, the city health department, the city planning commission and other 10 departments jointly issued the public medical institutions of Beijing drug purchase push & other two votes & throughout; implementation plan “. In the future, the Beijing municipal public medical institutions purchasing of drugs will implement & other; Two votes & throughout; Again, from the pharmaceutical production enterprise to the circulation enterprises to go to the hospital, drug purchase only two formal invoice. & other; Two votes & throughout; Will effectively reduce circulation costs, compress circulation, security prices.

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pushing drugs in Shanghai public medical institutions & other; Two votes & throughout;

what & other; Two votes & throughout; ? From the pharmaceutical production enterprise to the circulation enterprises issued a special invoices for value-added tax or VAT invoice, from circulation enterprises to medical institutions to issue an invoice, from production to the process of hospital drug for this & other; Two tickets & throughout; System. In January, the reform of the state council office and so on eight ministries jointly issued “on drug procurement in the public medical institutions in promoting & other two votes & throughout; the implementation of the views (try out)”, for comprehensive reform pilot provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the reform of public hospitals pilot cities to take the lead in pushing & other; Two votes & throughout; .

this city implementation scheme of clear, & other; Two votes & throughout; Implementation scope of the government and institutions within the administrative jurisdiction of this municipality and the public medical institutions at various levels and of state-owned enterprises. At the same time, also encourage the people’s liberation army, armed police force medical institutions in Beijing and social in drug purchase of medical institutions to actively promote & other; Two votes & throughout; .

for drug purchase & other; Two votes & throughout; Implementation, there are some special circumstances, there are three kinds of situations will be special treatment. The anesthesia, spirit, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and other special drugs circulation management, will be implemented according to the existing provisions of the state; The second is to deal with special circumstances, such as natural disasters, major epidemic emergency purchasing drugs or national pharmaceutical reserve drugs, can special treatment; The third is to ensure the timely supply of clinical need drugs, these drugs can be special treatment. But for shortage of drugs also implements the dynamic management, request the city drug sunlight procurement platform of the public, accept social supervision.

all drug procurement paper will strictly regulate management

in the future the city’s drug from production to distribution, then reach the whole process of hospital, will strictly regulate drug procurement instrument management. Plan request, pharmaceutical production and circulation enterprises, when selling drugs, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the invoice management issue special VAT invoice or VAT invoice (hereinafter generally referred to as & other; Throughout the invoice &;) , and complete the project to fill in, sell drugs also calls for the enclosed list, along with the goods of counterparts on the invoice of purchase, annul name, just required with along with the cargo payment, flow direction, the amount is consistent.

drug manufacturers to sell drugs circulation enterprise, offer the first ticket and responsible for its authenticity; Drug distribution enterprises sell drugs to the public medical institutions, offer the second ticket and responsible for its authenticity. For not according to regulations & other; Two votes & throughout; Pharmaceutical production enterprises, circulation enterprises, will be questioning and rectification within a time limit, and listed in the drug purchase bad record; For if the circumstances are serious, will cancel the varieties of the businesses in this city even drugs sunlight procurement platform trading qualification.

drugs ex-factory price in this city will be traceable

file points out that the city will also drive to carry out the drugs ex-factory price information traceability mechanism, collection & other; Two votes & throughout; Drug manufacturers ex-factory price in the first three years of implementation, medicine circulation enterprises sale price and & other; Two votes & throughout; After the implementation of the related prices. Price information, the comprehensive management platform, health care and medicine procurement sunshine payment platform, interconnection, strengthen with the relevant tax data sharing.

drug purchase & other; Two tickets & throughout; System, will be there to informationization means to achieve the city’s drug purchase information, invoice information, along with the electronic transfer of goods peer information, for pharmaceutical production, circulation enterprises and the public medical institutions for paper transmission, query, validate, and back, will make full use of the value-added tax invoice examination platform, authenticity check invoices at any time, for the pharmaceutical enterprises and provides some references for the public medical institutions of financial management.

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