Beijing public hospital medicine accounted for at the end of the year to 30%

Beijing youth daily reporter learned yesterday from the city planning commission, the end of this year, the city’s public medical institutions medicine than try to accounted for about 30%. At the same time, will the treatment, clinical curative effect of inadequate evidence needed drugs as & other; Monitored drugs & throughout; , all medical institutions to establish relevant directories, for three consecutive months before entering the medical institutions sell 20 monitored drugs, will be taken to limit or stop using such measures.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

monitored drugs

each hospital directory varieties of not less than 15

the city health development planning commission website on the notice to strengthen the management of medical institutions monitored drugs (hereinafter referred to as the” notice “). , who, according to the relevant person in charge of development planning commission monitored drugs main features are: the disease is not required, the clinical curative effect inadequate evidence, do not have authority disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines recommend or do not have advantage, drug economics and high dosage big or purchase amount.

this kind of medicine, medical institutions should formulate & other Monitored drugs & throughout; Directory. In institutions use amount of top 100 drugs, combining with the characteristics of this institution each department properties, according to the principle of rational drug use of safe, effective, economic, develop the agency monitored drugs directory, the directory number of varieties of not less than 15 (including chemicals, proprietary Chinese medicine and biological drugs).

the treatment of essential medicines

continuous March 20 will be stopped before a sale

for three consecutive months before entering the medical institutions sell 20 monitored drugs, take measures to keep talking, restrict the use of, or to stop selling, etc. The medical institutions should strengthen the monitor and drug selection, procurement, prescribing, dispensing and clinical application of monitoring, evaluation, further perfect the supernormal early warning mechanism is the key monitoring drug catalogue. Directory at the same time, the implementation of dynamic monitoring and adjustment, each year according to the drug use situation adjust the update and for the public.

the city health development planning commission pointed out in the “notice”, various medical institutions, the first responsible person for this agency monitored drugs management. Family planning administrative department of public health at all levels should make full use of information technology means, directory for medical institutions monitored drugs and clinical use, and so on and so forth monitoring, timely on-site supervision inspection organization. To monitor and to carry out the lack of medical institutions, drug management can take informed, rectification within a time limit, its principal heads in the commandments conversation measures such as; For serious problems and rectification implementation does not reach the designated position of medical institutions, shall be investigated for the responsibility of the relevant persons responsible to serious.

medicine accounted for

at the end of public hospitals to ten percent year-on-year drop

in the “notice” also pointed out that by the end of 2017, is an unit with administrative region, public hospital medicine proportion (excluding Chinese medicine yinpian) strive for to around 30%, and the drug should be significantly lower than the same period the total cost increase of er visits and hospital patients. North green to the reporter understands, medicine of lower mean farewell to medicine cure mechanism. According to the data released by the city health development planning commission, 2016 public hospitals in the city of medicine accounted for 40%.

on April 8, the implementation of separate medicine comprehensive reform, public medical institutions in the city of medicine than the decline gradually. Such as health care reform at two weeks, the monitoring unit 36.4%, compared with the same period last year dropped by 5.8%. The tertiary hospital medicine proportion fell to 34.9% from 40.8%, secondary hospitals fell from 47.6% to 47.6%. Health care for half a year, that is, in October this year, the city accounted for secondary and tertiary hospital medicine has dropped to 34.5% from 42.6% during the same period last year. (reporter Zhang Xiaomei)

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