Beijing taikang early rehabilitation hospital health medical practice further raise fusion of qualifications

Beijing taikang early rehabilitation hospital for health certificate

on December 20, upon the approval of the medical insurance affairs management center of Beijing, Beijing taikang early rehabilitation hospital became Beijing basic medical insurance, the medical establishment that decide a dot, ginseng protect personnel to provide service of insurance of primary medical treatment. At this point, taikang north guang rehabilitation hospital health certificate. As taikang pension PeiJian community medical institutions, health care is launched, also marks the taikang medical integration practice further step.

obtain health care, the old man go to a doctor convenient

geriatrics has high prevalence and more chronic disease, sick coexistence, much complications, condition changes rapidly, long-term disability etc, along with the aging society, & other; Medical care & throughout; , & other To see a doctor expensive & throughout; Become the main problems of old people. According to the national health development planning commission issued & other; The first time a Chinese family development track investigation & throughout; Results showed that thirty percent of older people in our country income used to see the doctor. If the disease is heavier, more cost, cannot enjoy medical insurance reimbursement, financial pressure will become the pension burden, the serious influence the quality of life of the elderly.

Beijing taikang early rehabilitation hospital medical director for research is introduced: from now on, Beijing medical insurance ginseng protect personnel to need to modify personal medical insurance fixed point hospital information, card directly to the hospital for medical treatment and other can be realized; Card real-time settlement & throughout; , eliminating the personal reimbursement procedures, can submit an expense account partial settlement is directly by the hospital and health center, greatly simplifying the reimbursement of red tape, let more convenient community elders and the surrounding residents to enjoy the high quality medical services.

strong pay, taikang building depth d a fusion model

taikang has been innovation & other; D a combination & throughout; Concept, through & other; Throughout a community, a hospital &; Mode of practice, introduce the function of medical care, rehabilitation endowment community, community PeiJian hospital to long-term health management as the goal, for gerontology center, integrate the emergency referral, long-term care, prevention, care and rehabilitation in the integration of medical health care system, and to the community of the old man set the triple line: one is the emergency safeguard; Second, slow disease management, long-term tracking, timely management, for the old man’s way of life habit, diet and health care to conduct a comprehensive intervention; Third, geriatric rehabilitation, by using a professional means of rehabilitation, the intervention among nursing process, as far as possible, slow down the ageing process of human body function, maintain the life of the elderly status and quality of life.

d keep of fusion is not the simple sum of pension community and hospital but from medical service quality, convenience, cost and so on various aspects of comprehensive promotion, integration. To this end, taikang actively introduced international advanced ideas and technology, recovery from rehabilitation equipment to are aligning with international operations management system, combined with the characteristics of taikang building implemented TKR system (taikang international standard rehabilitation system).

at the same time, taikang always actively through pay channels, not only actively join the health system, also the use of commercial insurance for docking, for retirement communities, hospitals, patients and medical insurance services for the residents. At present, taikang pension community is located in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, Hong Kong and=PeiJian hospital has been put into use, open medical about 500 beds, and have obtained the health certificate. Taikang guangdong park hospital in guangzhou as an example, yue garden community elders of guangzhou urban retired worker, cost individual pay only 20% of average outpatient service, the remaining 80% paid by medical insurance fund as a whole; Chronic disease outpatient (specified diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), with more than secondary medical certificate issued by the hospital of each person as a whole by the social security fund to pay 200 yuan a month, can choose up to three diseases. Landed, it is worth mentioning that not only health care taikang yue garden hospital retirement community also as the first pilot unit long nursing risks in guangzhou, a long guard risk appraisal qualified nursing requirements, rules within the validity period of the long guard risk results in this city administrative areas enjoy treatment of corresponding long nursing risks.

at present, taikang set up & other; + + PeiJian community rehabilitation hospital clinical diagnosis and treatment of the third class hospitals CCRC continued caring community & throughout; Three levels of medical service system. Medical fusion is the feature of taikang pension community, early next year, chengdu taikang shu garden endowment communities and hospitals will be officially opened, taikang medical fusion model be born in the southwest, for more people to provide quality of pension and health care services.

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