Beijing television “ve”, “I am a great doctor” series of another new book

on January 11, 2018, published by the phoenix containing ZhangWenHua media planning “ve taught you drop four high” and “I am a great doctor: doctor don’t say you don’t understand 3 starting at 2018 Beijing book fair here, attracted a lot of media, readers and publishing industry to be present. DetailPic

phoenix media editor-in-chief Mr SheJiangTao do the opening speech in new book release

phoenix publishing co., LTD., chief editor, deputy chief editor, deputy general manager Mr SheJiangTao BTV Li Lingtao Mr And other leaders and guests attending the launch,” ve “host” and “ve” experts on behalf of Chen FuGuoBing teacher down the screen, for coming to this event. DetailPic

Beijing TV deputy editor Li Lingtao attend the speech Mr

” ve “book” I am the doctor “series booster & other; Health throughout China &;

when it comes to publishing original intention, told reporters in Beijing TV station, deputy editor in chief Li Lingtao & other; Pointed out in the report to the party’s 19 people’s health is the important symbol of national prosperity and national rich and strong (powerful). Both show and the publication of books, is the embodiment of the we follow China’s development strategy to promote health. New appearance, also is we use light and shadow can painting, together with health China grow testimony. This time and the order of the phoenix media cooperation is a station first cross-border cooperation in the field of copyright, is true, the combination of the eye, cooperation and win-win cooperation. This book launches is phoenix publication medium group LTD and Beijing TV cross-border cooperation, integration development achievements to show, is also closely cooperation, integration development the new starting point. Jointly develop media content and business revenue development space, share the achievements of innovation and development together. Throughout the &;

contains phoenix ZhangWenHua media co., LTD. General manager Mr Yu Feixiang books planning editing production process hard

teach health knowledge authority, to their loved ones love

” ve “book” I am the doctor “series since its publication, popular with the market recognition and the reader, in each big list of best-selling books, sales record continuously. “Four high” ve taught you drop mainly talked about the general audience, readers care about most regulate & other; Four high & throughout; , the method of content covered high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high uric acid and other related knowledge and the basis of & other; Four high & throughout; Method of prevention, daily health and diet. Each topic by the host and experts, guests and on-site audience is full of interesting scenes, dialogue which leads to the case; Step by step, again by authoritative experts explain & other Four high & throughout; Appeared at the root of the, and then gives detailed solutions and easy operation, intuitive and easy to understand manner tell readers & other Four high & throughout; Way of prevention and treatment and aftercare. Words are simple, knowledge point list is clear, let the readers can quickly understand & other; Four high & throughout; Relevant knowledge, grasps the & other; Four high & throughout; The regulating principle, guide your daily life and learn to solve & other; Four high & throughout; Brings many problems.

“I am the doctor the doctor don’t say you don’t understand 3” the continuation of the previous two this fun, intuitive, practical features, the special features of “I am big doctor” the new content of TV program, combined with the concern of the people, the pursuit of comprehensive explanation for the reader, heart disease, lumbar spinal stenosis disease, high blood pressure and other common illness since the diagnosis, prevention, and diet and other health knowledge, spread scientific and accurate health medical knowledge to the reader, to protect public health. In addition, “” ve taught you drop four high” and “I am the doctor the doctor don’t say you don’t understand 3 books each chapter to add the qr code, the reader scan can directly watching the corresponding video, make it easier for readers to see read an organic whole, better learning health knowledge. DetailPic

Beijing university of Chinese medicine hospital chief physician, professor Mr FuGuoBing east field to share health tips

” ve “expert representative on the ground, small share health tips

practice while learning, learning, and practical knowledge of health and medical, the interpretation of a simple but not” ve “and” I am the doctor “the characteristic, as well as the characteristic of series of books. As a representative of the ve expert, Beijing university of Chinese medicine east hospital chief physician, professor Mr FuGuoBing also came to the scene of the conference, to share with you the three small health tips, three groups of action each hold for 10 to 20 times a day can achieve alleviate neck strain, prevent cervical spondylosis.

a coup: in his hands. Hands up slowly from side, over the head, fingers, felt able to hold up the whole sky, pause 3 seconds. The coup: arms, mass of the body. After both cross around the shoulders, with jaw joint chest, down hard, feel stretch back muscles are obvious and pause 3 seconds. Coup 3: please carry arms. Hands palms outward after the flip, arms upward at the same time, head leaned back, pause 3 seconds. Professor FuGuoBing wonderful share at the scene presented a burst of small, audience and media at the scene to learn. DetailPic

” ve “ms producer field day,” I am the doctor “producer fei-fei zhao ms site recommended book

program team from behind the scenes to the front, for a new book call

in addition to the leaders of the conference speech,” ve “producer field day teacher and” I am the doctor “producer fei-fei zhao teacher also rushed to the scene, in addition to the scene for the media and readers to reveal the story behind the creation, also specially to take this opportunity to express thanks support program for many years loyal audience. “Ve taught you drop four high” and “I am a great doctor: doctor don’t say you don’t understand 3” gathered the essence of the two show not only, but also condensed the numerous hard sweat, editing, dispersing pertains team collected many essence content, is a very dry professional health book. Which are specifically for the majority of readers and books found on television to see fascinating tidbits.

it is known that “the digest” and “I am the doctor” has been a gold medal in Beijing TV columns, as health, with a large audience in the order of the phoenix containing ZhangWenHua media planning under the building, two columns books were published “ve taught you health 100” “ve teach you the four seasons is not ill” “ve who teach you” longevity “ve taught you drop four high” and “I am the doctor the doctor don’t say you don’t understand 1, 2, 3,” a total of seven, has sold more than 500000 copies, once occupied similar book book industry rankings.
















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