Beijing temple fair mutton string sampling covering all the booths Must clearly indicate the types of meat


data diagram (for figure/visual China)

mutton string checking cover all temple fair booth

sell meat products must indicate the type of meat sugar-coated berry, freshly squeezed juice has been difficult to find food such as

report from our correspondent (reporter Li Tianji from) on February 16, downtown Beijing into two levels of the food and drug supervision law enforcement officers each big temple fair for rapid detection of food. Beijing youth daily reporter learns from the feed, food and drug administration, during the Spring Festival this year, the temple in the city of selling mutton string, string, meatballs, such as meat, chicken sampling scope of all into the food and drug regulator, for each booth at least take a sample.

on February 16, early in the morning, chaoyang park & other; International FengQingJie & throughout; Xu fei temple fairs, feed, food and drug administration law enforcement officers were randomly selected in a stall selling kebabs, weighing a catty of mutton string, along with the bamboo stick across the two clean plastic bag, seal, respectively, then into a big plastic bag sealing. & other; A sampling test samples need a kilo, will focus on testing ingredients of animal origin and clenbuterol, moisture, antibiotics, etc. Throughout the &; Xu fei said.

city food drug administration commissioner of the food market supervision, li said, according to the sampling test of the successive years meat string of adulteration phenomenon almost disappeared, temple fair last year found only two booth has a problem, these booths have been temple fair organizers repel to the market, and does not allow them to play in the future business.

li said that this year, the temple fair food safety management still require food stalls should be prominently used in the food business booth certificate; Site to produce using pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, etc of livestock and poultry products and processing products such as meat, volumes, meatball as raw materials, must obtain a quarantine certificate, certificate of inspection material, and the public in site are accurate and clear name of food, wait like shish kebab, chicken series, if it is a mix of meat, meat string, also need of the public is what kind of meat mixture. Parts of the temple fair sales of imported foods, also carried out in accordance with the raw material inspection standard and inspection of food label.

north two youth newspaper reporters yesterday in ditan, longtan temple at all see the dongcheng district food drug administration law enforcement personnel on-site inspection on the snacks stalls. Previous sugar-coated berry, cotton candy and freshly squeezed juice is not suitable for the scene to produce the food has been difficult to find, the vast majority of management regulations of the snack food stalls, each booth has food stall business card. Longtan temple fair, a & other; Sichuan bazhong snacks throughout the &; Snack stand business is booming, visitors stop to buy special hot and sour powder, Fried tofu, laozhao tangyuan. Then, the drug safety field sales processing food law enforcement personnel required to produce original health card original and copy of id card, take out communication has repeatedly, eventually the booth was without electricity, shut down.

according to the relevant person in charge of longtan park management office, the longtan temple fairs were set up in 44 snack food booth, in addition to the six own hawker stalls, 38 other all belong to investment promotion booth. During the temple fair, longtan park with food, drug safety law enforcement officers patrol work every morning, spot check in the afternoon. Once found that do not conform to the standard booth, park management will prohibit its Ms. Heaton-renshaw, power outages, until they complete, a drug approved to continue to operate.

north green newspaper reporter also learned that in addition to daily patrol, longtan temple fair of all food stalls of lampblack purification device increased the dust cover, reduce air pollution. Park staff every day will patrol the dust cover is normal use, and so on and so forth.

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