Beijing-tianjin-hebei synergy pension Beijing old man in beijing-tianjin-hebei nursing home life?


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entertainment center project is complete, can satisfy the entertainment needs of old people photography/our reporter Jiang Rejing

under the big background of the development of beijing-tianjin-hebei synergy, the city and the coordinated development of tianjin, hebei and endowment are accelerating. The old man nursing home in hebei, tianjin life in Beijing how? Recently, the Beijing youth daily reporter arrived at the hebei sanhe yan of international health city yan of golden years health care centers to visit.

98% at old man for beijing-based

hebei sanhe yan da international health city is three endowment institutions, such as civil administration signed beijing-tianjin-hebei last June, Hong Kong and the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei old-age work cooperation agreement after the first batch of pilot units. According to the agreement, the pilot institutions admitted three census register the elderly of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, in addition to enjoy pension institutions where the ministry of civil affairs door nonprofit endowment institutions beds operating subsidy policy, can be superimposed to enjoy another two for the household registration beds operating subsidies policy in the elderly.

according to yan of golden years health care centers planning manager BiLiWei introduces, at present the center in the east of the first phase of the beds have been filled, including household maintenance area and concierge maintenance area a total of 2300 beds, the former is given priority to with care old man, the latter is given priority to with half care, not care the old man. Among them, more than 1600 old people choose Beijing abetted here, accounted for 98% of the total in the old man. On the west side of the second phase, currently under construction, can provide 8000 – bed, the end of next year is expected to open in succession.

beijing-tianjin-hebei treatment into health care can be a long-distance real-time settlement

the old man endowment to hebei, tianjin, Beijing sees a doctor is the most concern of the old people. BiLiWei said, medical combination is the biggest characteristic, the maintenance center is also the biggest factor that attract Beijing old man to the endowment. On the medical resource, and between every two household type curing floor concierge maintenance station floor at each level are equipped with medical care, and equipped with professional staff, can be used to make a diagnosis and give treatment to the old man’s common diseases and at the same time for the old people health records, making health care plan is established. Medical staff for the old man a all-round free medical check-up every year, and detailed analysis of physical examination report. Within the medical nursing station, medical staff on duty 24 hours, the old man if seizures, may at any time and docking yan of the hospital. & other; The old man set in every room of the emergency call button, and next to the hospital curing floor, the fastest time, from the received a distress alert, the hospital rescue, took only five minutes. Throughout the &;

according to introducing, and maintenance area only a river between yan da hospital is in accordance with the standard level of first-class comprehensive hospital construction. Since 2014, the hospital successively with the Beijing chaoyang hospital, Beijing tiantan hospital, and first son of cooperation. At present the hospital on Monday to Sunday have authoritative medical experts from Beijing visits. Throughout 2016, chaoyang hospital experts alone for residents in hebei province to provide medical services more than 50000 people. In addition, & other; The temple of heaven yan da brain center & throughout; When completed, the original expansion and 38 beds to 162 beds.

this year on January 5, Beijing ji health direct settlement services agreement has been signed, ginseng protect personnel to Beijing yan da hospital directly open the settlement, ginseng protect patients go through the formalities of the relocated to the city, the outpatient service in an effort to direct settlement in hospital. & other; The old man can charge here for medical treatment, real-time settlement, as in hospital in Beijing. Throughout the &; BiLiWei said.

in the consumer can brush & other; Beijing tong & ndash; Endowment of assistive card & throughout;

BiLiWei introduces, at present maintenance center with a total of four dining room, which also includes a western restaurant. & other; Because of some old man will have family members and friends to visit, they want to guests in a good dining environment, so we will try to meet the needs of the old man & throughout; . On the menu, the dining room is equipped with a dietitian, according to the old man’s nutritional requirements, tie-in and different dishes every day. For the elderly diet habit and characteristics, dishes to low oil salt, element of fitting for less as far as possible, give priority to with soft and delicious, to facilitate the elderly to eat. About twenty or thirty kinds of dishes for each meal, about more than ten kinds of staple food, old people may independently choose meals, credit card settlement directly, or choose package meal, order a meal, and other forms of repast. Notable is, as long as the maintenance center in this device, & other; Beijing tong & ndash; Endowment of assistive card & throughout; Here all can use.

article/our correspondent Jiang Rejing

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hebei yan of golden years health care centers

second phase by the end of next year, 8000 beds in open

from tiananmen square, along the chang an avenue, Beijing tong expressway, tong yan high speed all the way about 38 kilometers east, across the chaobai river, turned into thinking pu LAN road less than one kilometers to the south, is yan jiao yan of golden years health care centers. Here is, as it were, in hebei province from Beijing recently at a nursing home. A towering yan da hospital especially eye-catching, rows of buildings with new curing. More than 1600 old people choose Beijing abetted here, accounted for 98% of the total in the old man.

into the maintenance center, a few old man is a small square in the sunshine, and the old man on crutches to walk on the sidewalk. In the ubiquitous pinus tabulaeformis added a bit of green for the cold winter with light grey western-style building maintenance. Center the greening rate of 50%. A 700 meters long, 60 meters wide man-made drainage through thing ribbon park, across the river, is yan da hospital.

11 points, maintenance center of the dining room open on time. Floor, tower 2, Beijing youth daily reporters at the end of the dining room on the second floor, the cafeteria is divided into two areas, one is the old food division, another area for employees. Elderly meal area, stewed three fresh of hairtail, ground, celery Fried Fried shrimp, black fungus, lotus root, chicken wings, moo shu pork and so on more than 20 dishes neatly packed on the counter, noodles, millet congee, steamed bread, rice, taro, corn, sweet potato and other staple coarse grains varied, there are many kinds of dessert, fruit for old people to choose from. Old people take a card each line up to buy rice, the orderly. Some old people choose directly dozen rice seated meals in the canteen, also some old man specially prepared lunch box packing. Dining room of a layer and the second floor there are dining area.

here is the old man’s life is rich and colorful. North green news reporter saw, the maintenance center for construction of a cultural entertainment maintenance center for the elderly, multi-function street with older university, hot spring swimming pool, sauna room, chess and card room, gym, arena, psychological consulting room, library, supermarket. Multi-function street in salon, also has the old man has his hair cut once every month can free.

at the gate of the multi-function street, a senior at the university curriculum in 2017, all kinds of recreational activities from Monday to Sunday, exercise class, tai chi, dancing, karaoke, dancing, handicraft class, poetry recitation class, photography interest group, chorus, film screenings, calligraphy salons accounted for more than 20 kinds of courses and activities such as full of every day in the afternoon, elderly people can always find something you are interested in one or more group activities.

into calligraphy studio, multi-function street their brushes neatly hung on the front desk of the pen rack in the classroom, in the air with faint mo xiang, is the old man’s calligraphy and painting on the wall. Table tennis hall, a few silver hair old man is glad to practise. Within 25 meters long lane, the water temperature is constant in 32 degrees Celsius, the old man could swim in warm water.

article/our reporter Jiang Rejing


beijing-tianjin-hebei pension pilot institutions has expanded to nine

so far, with the development of the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei pension pilot, stay in hebei, tianjin, a Beijing elderly nursing home has more than 2000 people.

last month, the civil affairs departments jointly issued by the beijing-tianjin-hebei, Hong Kong and notice, decided to add thunderbolt, senile apartment, keeping zhangjiakou zhangjiakou senile apartment, cangzhou fusion of botou city garden senile apartment, cangzhou qingxian county KTS old-age care centre, cangzhou, huabei oilfield Ren Qiu mining area endowment rehabilitation center, langfang sanhe wufu TuoLaoYuan as six endowment institutions, such as new pilot institutions. At this point, beijing-tianjin-hebei synergy pension pilot institutions have reached nine. Where the pilot institutions in addition to enjoying the ministry of civil affairs which nonprofit endowment institutions beds operating subsidies, superposition to enjoy another two places for household beds operating subsidies policy in the elderly.

the relevant person in charge of civil affairs bureau, according to the future, beijing-tianjin-hebei pension will also expand the scope of cooperation. This also means that there will be more elderly endowment to Beijing.

article/our reporter Jiang Rejing


they live here become & other The appearance of the home & throughout;

two and a half years ago, because of the nanny suddenly quit, Hu Rong and his wife xing-zhong wu was a pension from shunyi community into the maintenance center in yanjiao. Was chosen here, Hu Rong and xing-zhong wu is the most in the medical and service. Although the Beijing, arrived in hebei, but for parents, distance is not a problem, they regarded this as his new home.

because of the experiences of living abroad, Hu Rong liked American household, he specifically chose a second-oldest American decorate a style to the three rooms one hall, is the area of 130 square meters. Hu Rong home nursing home completely different and imagination, the second-oldest here became a home should be like. Hu Rong and her husband have long believed that their old age life can also have a glorious takes a person. & other; We just want to live in the present, don’t always depend on the child, and don’t get my itself as the sympathy for the weak. Should be poetically inhabit the earth. Throughout the &;

the second-oldest interests also got fully continue here. Hu Rong to participate in the choir already has more than 30 years of history, at the center of the maintenance, she found a group of like-minded friends, every week to go to the choir rehearsal. Xing-zhong wu is 87 years old this year, but he still keep at 5 p.m. every day to the swimming pool under the floor exercise for an hour. & other; Although I was too old, but I especially like the swimming, I just saw the swimming pool to be here at that time, every afternoon to go swimming, a firm. Throughout the &;

article/our correspondent Jiang Rejing

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