Beijing to crack down on illegal medical hairdressing fine of $159100 to determine 33 key supervision area

Beijing express (reporter Dai Xuan) medical hairdressing is not new, however, quite a few illegal businessmen do not have qualifications to carry out medical beauty services, frequent cases result in injury, disability or even death. Reporters today from the Beijing municipal health and family planning supervision, according to Beijing’s & other To crack down on illegal medical hairdressing & throughout; Special operation case 58, implement the administrative punishment 48, fine of $159100, and has set up a tease out 33 illegal medical monitor key areas.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

will be the key regulatory area of 33

the reporter understands from the family planning of health supervision in Beijing, in June of this year, Beijing has carried out & other To crack down on illegal medical hairdressing & throughout; During the course of the special operation, 500000 sites (pp) and related to monitor the QQ group, group of micro letter and according to the monitoring situation, on-site investigations of alleged area and mechanism and the supervision and inspection. During the special operation, Beijing filing with 58 cases of illegal medical hairdressing, 48 enforcing an administrative penalty, fines totaling 159100 yuan.

recently, Beijing focus investigation & other; Ryu no physician qualification in chaoyang city international apartment in a room to carry out the double eyelid surgery & throughout; , & other Song Renmin no physician qualification in tongzhou district new tong international garden district GuangZhen a room injection of hyaluronic acid, water, thin face needle case & throughout; , & other South the sun without the physician qualification in the town of tongzhou district yongshun, one room injection of hyaluronic acid, a district water GuangZhen case & throughout; Such as a number of typical cases.

at present, the Beijing municipal comb to determine illegal medical beauty 33 key areas, involving medical cosmetology organization, the beauty of life place 15 212. Family planning of health supervision in Beijing, deputy director of the liu introduction, the main key areas for beauty of life, in a cluster area of Chinese medicine health care, which mixed with illegal medical hairdressing. Beijing will continue to focus on these areas by family planning of health supervision, to play the law & other; Chip & throughout; For tracking trends and other illegal medical beauty.

encounter illegal medical hairdressing can call 12320 to report

which is illegal medical hairdressing? According to introducing, according to the existing law in our country, whether in noninvasive or minimally invasive plastic, as long as meet & other; Through the surgery, drugs, medical devices and other traumatic or invasive medical technology and methods is looks and human body each part of the form to the person to repair and remodeling & throughout; These elements, they belong to the category of medical hairdressing. For medical beauty the perpetrators and implementation of medical hairdressing, “medical beauty services management method” article 24 make clear a regulation, & other; Any unit or individual that has not obtained the “practice license of medical institution” and approved by the registration authority to carry out the medical cosmetic treatment course, may not conduct medical beauty services. Throughout the &;

liu told reporters, also found in the supervision, a lot of people and organizations also use substandard medicines. In addition, from the perspective of a recent investigate illegal cosmetic case analysis, illegal behavior is more hidden, main show is some illegal personnel use weibo, WeChat network instant messaging tool to attract customers, such as illegal & other; Micro plastic & throughout; Such as medical beauty services.

family planning supervision by the Beijing municipal health warns customer, any medical hairdressing project there is a certain risk, avoid by all means through advertising or others to introduce impulse to make a decision. Before medical hairdressing, can from the Beijing development planning commission’s website or by calling the city health family planning hotline 12320 query and select formal medical institutions, medical personnel and the scene to view the “physician qualification certificate” and “physicians practicing certificate”. When found to have illegal medical hairdressing, please call 12320 report to the family planning administrative department of public health.

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