Beijing tobacco paying off 200000 adult smokers

quit smoking intervention methods briefly to the city’s 190000 medical personnel training, strengthening 10 standard smoking cessation clinic, continue to quit smoking for 300 smoking volunteers to provide free services & hellip; & hellip; Recent sources from the Beijing municipal government information office held a & other Strengthen the tobacco control advocacy health throughout life press conference &; Learned that in the city since the implementation of CCDC, adult smokers has reduced 200000, this year the city will continue to launch a tobacco control & other; Combination & throughout; . DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

last year, the municipal public health supervision and law enforcement supervision and inspection of all kinds of tobacco control place 121621 HuCi, found unqualified units 6013 HuCi, total percent of pass is 95%, than at the beginning of CCDC implementation of 77% has been increased greatly. Percent of pass is high top three medical institutions, schools, and the hotel. 5359 HuCi unqualified shall be ordered to make rectification unit, punish illegal units 653, fines of up to 1.7667 million yuan; Fine punishment people, 3292 people, 3292 yuan. According to statistics, last year the city’s adults smoking rates at 22.3%, smokers, 3.99 million, was 1.1% lower than before the implementation of CCDC, smokers reduce 200000.

& other; This year the city will adopt a series of measures to strengthen services, guide specifications for smokers to kick the habit. Throughout the &; , deputy director of Beijing CDC xiao-peng zeng said, many smokers have a misunderstanding, think that smoking is just a behavior, through the willpower to quit. In fact, smoking addiction is a chronic disease, a lot of research at home and abroad, according to dry up the success rate of less than 5%. Through standardization of smoking cessation clinic, the success rate can reach 50%, even 80%. & other; The city’s existing 10 standard smoking cessation clinic, including chaoyang hospital, china-japan friendship hospital, anzhen hospital, 301 hospital, union hospital, general hospital of civil aviation and other 10 hospitals. This year the city will further strengthen the planning and construction of smoking cessation clinic. Throughout the &;

in addition, this year the city will also to brief smoking cessation methods of 190000 medical staff training, covering the whole city the first, second and tertiary medical institutions, training methods, including the way such as online. Brief intervention refers to the medical staff in the diagnosis and treatment for patients, to ask three questions, science so as to guide patients to stop smoking. Three questions are: can’t you smoke? Do you know these diseases have very big concern with smoking? Do you want to quit smoking?

& other; Such as some patients are cardiovascular diseases or respiratory diseases, and he himself is smokers, the doctor can through these problems cause his attention to the relationship between smoking and disease. Throughout the &; Municipal center for disease control and prevention health education xiu-rong liu revealed that at present, the city has in 36 health promoting hospitals to carry out the intervention measures, practice has proved that after the intervention of short, quit rate in patients with increased.

last September, the city specifically for want to quit the taxi driver provides free or preferential intervention of outpatient service, hotline, text messages and other services. A total of 149 taxi drivers in the activity, 1 month quit rate of 31%. This year also will continue to recruit 300 volunteers, to provide smoking cessation services free of charge. (reporter liu huan)

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