Beijing university introduced HIV testing kits vending machine testing package sold 37 in January

placed in tsinghua university & other; Urine anonymous HIV testing kits & throughout; Vending machines

report from our correspondent (reporter LeiJiaWang XiaoYun) hidden in ordinary drinks vending machines, anonymous purchase, anonymous query results. On November 13, tsinghua university installed & other; Urine anonymous HIV testing kits & throughout; Vending machines (hereinafter referred to as the vending machines), at this point, haidian district, has 11 colleges and universities, including Peking University, buaa installed such vending machine, Beijing language and culture university, Beijing foreign two schools this year is expected to be installed. Haidian district center for disease control and prevention said the vending machine at the end of next year will be covered in all colleges and universities.

, haidian district, according to the data provided by the centers for disease control and prevention from September 27 to November 5, more than a month of time, in addition to the tsinghua university 10 colleges and universities the vending machine sold 37 testing kits, including 14 inspection, all test results were negative (uninfected); Vending machine at tsinghua university in November 13, after installation, testing kits and temporary has been sold out.

the most densely populated areas in colleges and universities is the Beijing haidian district and even the whole country, and the young college students has been the focus of AIDS prevention and control of the crowd. To further strengthen the prevention and control, convenient people at high risk for self testing, haidian district, the centers for disease control and prevention this year began to promote & other; Urine anonymous HIV testing kits & throughout; Vending machines to enter colleges and universities.

the test package the market price of 298 yuan, but only 30 yuan in colleges and universities, it contains the instructions and urine sampler, hidden in plain when selling drinks in vending machines; Buyers to put the seal of urine samples back vending machine for box, manufacturers will see feedback, sent back and sent to officially designated professional body detection; Buyers will get a code, urine samples back to 10 days later by coding can surf the Internet query test results, the whole process is completely anonymous.

it is understood that the first installed vending machines in colleges and universities include: Peking University, tsinghua university, National People’s Congress, buaa, nongda, northern jiaotong university, in the north, Beijing normal university of science and technology, beilin large school, institute of international relations, eight dimensions; Beijing language and culture university, Beijing foreign two schools this year is expected to be installed. School area in the student apartment on installation site, usually at the entrance of boys dormitory building, only three school of Peking University installed on the door of the hospital.

in addition to the haidian district, chaoyang district of communication university of China similar installed vending machines last year. Xiamen university, southwest petroleum university, Harbin university of science and technology and other overseas colleges and universities in recent years also has similar action.

photography/our reporter Yuan Yi


vending machine: tsinghua campus in downtown unperceived

yesterday noon lunch breaks, tsinghua university students’ comprehensive services in the building was the time that is busy in a day. Inside the building adjacent to the student apartment blocks, brings together the supermarket, the post office, telecom, student card prepaid phone, barber shop, printing shop, and other student services, is therefore except canteens students most often go to place. And 13 of this month, just installed & other Urine anonymous HIV testing kits & throughout; Vending machine is here a layer of the corridor, across from the barber shop.

not know in advance if their appearance and method of use, north green news reporter is certainly can’t find the vending machine, because it looks like an ordinary drinks vending machines, is much more than the average vending machine a small & other; Sample recycling bins & throughout; . Click on the touch screen on the catalogue, the former three pages are the names of all kinds of drinks and snacks, in the last page of the catalog to appear a & other; HIV quick easy inspection & throughout; , using a mobile phone can get after payment. But when at half past twelve at noon yesterday, the goods display & other; Out of stock & throughout; . This vending machine is installed on the day before.

north green newspaper reporters waiting here for half an hour, during have students on the machine to buy drinks from time to time, but no one buy kits. North green news reporter to passing the 5 groups of students have asked if they know there are testing kits to sell, four groups all don’t know, only two in passing one of the boys said: & other; Oh I know! I look at the school of the Red Cross is introduced. Throughout the &; Then he told classmates while ha ha smiled and walked away.


& other; Colleges and universities is HIV/AIDS prevention and control of important positions throughout the &;

national health development planning commission in 2015, according to data from China’s annual new 15 to 24 years old young students in the corresponding year young people infected with HIV infection in proportion of the total population has risen from 5.77% in 2008 to 16.58% in 2014.

but of many universities in haidian district? According to Jiang Chu, director of the centers for disease control and prevention, haidian district, haidian district annual new found that the number of young students in hiv-infected people, from 2008 to 2008 increased year by year. Centre in 2016 to strengthen the of HIV/AIDS prevention and control publicity and education in colleges and universities was significantly decreased, this year is expected to continue to decline.

& other; We found that the AIDS high-risk groups generally very fear, very helpless. Throughout the &; Jiang Chu tell north green press, traditional detection methods need to detect go several detection institutions designated by the government. Detection to the public will intensify their fears, easy to cause some people to give up, this is very dangerous. Anonymous, self-help purchasing help to facilitate timely detection, detection of packages also helps to realize the potential infection early discovery, early treatment, and take measures to prevent the further spread the virus to others. & other; It is also an opportunity to young students of universal AIDS knowledge. We hope the effect of implementation is: young people tested before sex, rather than after. Throughout the &;

Jiang Chu director, said the young students on the problem of AIDS, the attitude is very important. & other; University (install vending machines) are reluctant, we can understand, but the university leaders must face up to the current youth AIDS situation throughout the &; . In the process of advancing the vending machine this year into the campus, co-operated with China agricultural university and other universities, from school to the related departments are actively assisted.


a university for one year to receive hundreds testing kits

north green news reporter interviewed a Beijing the first pilot installation vending machine of the relevant person in charge of a university, the following dialogue:

north green quote: school when to start the installation & other; Anonymous HIV antibody testing urine service pack & throughout; The vending machine?

head: in 2015 in response to a call to the relevant departments, 11 provinces and cities of the nation’s colleges and universities to carry out AIDS pilot work, is one of the pilot college of Beijing to participate in our school. In June 2016, the school hospital placed inside a & other; Anonymous HIV antibody testing urine service pack & throughout; The vending machine.

north green quote: test package to receive?

head: from June 2016 to the summer of this year, a year by selling machine by the diy kits is about more than 100 copies. As far as we know, because this kind of anonymous testing way is hidden, classmates, this is acceptable.

north green quote: vending machine operation for more than a year, what do you think there is need to improve?

head: vending machines placed inside the school hospital there are some inconvenient. The next step, we will make recommendations to the school, comprehensive consideration of the students’ acceptance and other issues, such as vending machines placed in the student dormitory people relatively densely populated place, at the same time increase the campus propaganda, and hope that the students can more accept this way, improve the recovery rate of test sample, AIDS AIDS together.

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