Beijing will work hard to improve the ability of grass-roots pediatric diagnosis and treatment


on April 13, 2017, Beijing pharmaceutical separately after comprehensive reform, people came to the dongcheng district east flower market community hospital. Figure/visual China

in April last year, the Beijing medicine separately implemented comprehensive reform, to become one of the most concern of the Beijing residents New Deal. Health care for 9 months, the effect how? Recently, the Beijing into & other; The two sessions & throughout; Time, the Beijing municipal health and family planning commission director LeiHaiChao attend NPC, he told the Beijing news in an interview, Beijing grading diagnosis and treatment effect is obvious, common disease patients gradually return to base. In a closely watched pediatric medical problems, Beijing will continue to explore training community general practitioners in pediatric related disease diagnosis and treatment, efforts to improve the ability of pediatrics common disease, frequently-occurring disease diagnosis and treatment at the grass-roots level.

[talk about health care reform]

continue to organize large hospital experts to the basic teaching

the Beijing news: Beijing health reform has been more than nine months, the current situation? What had happened to the people to see real change?

LeiHaiChao: beginning on April 8, 2017, Beijing medical reform separately. Nine months, more than 3700 of the reform of medical institutions together, concern and support from all walks of life, the relevant government departments closely together, reform general smooth and orderly, positive change, in line with expectations, the response is good. Er visits has complete door of more than 160 million people, more than 280 inpatient treatment and orderly, reform effect, has made many achievements.

the Beijing news: as the director of health and family planning commission, which one do you think of health reform brings change is the most significant?

LeiHaiChao: medicine apart after comprehensive reform, the grading system construction effect is very obvious.

after the reform, the tertiary, secondary hospitals of this visits decrease 12% and 2% respectively, level of hospital and primary care and health institutions increased by 17%, part of city community health service institutions ZhenLiaoLiang increased by about 25%. Some common disease gradually diverting to the grass-roots institutions attended, reversing a grassroots ZhenLiaoLiang decline in more than a decade or in the face of the situation, big hospitals overcrowded & other; Wartime state & throughout; Be effectively alleviated.

by price and basic medical insurance reimbursement policy guidance, secondary and tertiary hospitals in the trend also presents classification hierarchy to the patient, chief physician, deputy director of this people reduce 8.6% and 23% respectively, visible patients more carefully choose expert sees a doctor, see, the difficulty of experts had certain relief, of experts with a limited medical resources to better serve the patients with severe distress, and prolong the time of doctor-patient communication.

the Beijing news: although a lot of people choose to return to the community, but there are also people suspect somewhat to one’s current level of primary care, what do you think about this question?

LeiHaiChao: big hospital medical specialist and grass-roots of the general health is responsible for the development of health and disease of different stages, the service orientation and responsibility, service contents and methods are different, should not be compared.

after college health is responsible for the disease to a period of treatment, it is more mysterious illness, often need to use expensive medical resources, only big hospital specialist medical development is economy of any country can’t afford. And general care for health, disease, and even after college diagnosis early part of the patient’s long-term care, it handles are common health problems, in order to lower the cost of maintaining most of the people’s health, the work of general practitioners emphasize continuous, comprehensive care, emphasis on early detection and treatment, emphasize to prevent diseases and keep health.

of course, the specification and constantly improve the level of gp at the grass-roots level of diagnosis and treatment, is our long-term task.

the Beijing news: what specific measures?

LeiHaiChao: move a lot. By general practitioners and the standardization of the assistant general practitioner training, we should make college graduates into the community health station, can provide the specification of general services. By conducting community general practitioners job-transfer training () the period of one year, the original primary doctor, gradually develop into a general diagnostic skills, qualified general practitioners. To carry out the compulsory course for continuing medical education for community health workers training, update gp clinical knowledge and skills.

we also implement & other; Four batch & throughout; Personnel training, improve the professional quality of the grassroots, grassroots organization big hospital experts to bring teaching and hire retired staff in community service, arranging studying community medical staff to the big hospital, etc.

in addition, we also specification four classes, such as slow disease diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and referral, ensure medical services to the patients get norms. Sign to expand family doctor service connotation, promote grass-roots medical institutions – to occupy the home, serious illness, disability, such as the elderly’s ability to provide door-to-door service.

[about flu]

influenza virus activity will decline further

the Beijing news: winter flu situation grim, how about Beijing? How to deal with family planning department of public health?

LeiHaiChao: Beijing major strains of flu this year is different from previous years, people generally susceptible, flu outbreak from early December gradually into the relatively fast growth, to form a peak before and after the New Year’s day, is still in the stage of the winter peak.

in order to effectively control the flu outbreak, we in the primary and middle school students, the city’s census register old people aged over 60 carry on the concentration of influenza vaccine immunization, and the primary and middle school students set free flu vaccine immunization time is past nearly one month ahead of time, efforts to build a population immunity barrier, has accumulated 1.3 million influenza vaccination. We also publish to the society of the city’s 149 pediatric clinic service list of medical institutions, and guide children reasonable divergence, alleviate the pressure of the part of the departments of medical institutions, in the last three weeks, children with clinic focused on the individual hospital situation has improved markedly.

the Beijing news: what do the next step work schedule?

LeiHaiChao: in the past three weeks, Beijing more than 144 secondary hospital influenza-like cases report number and concentrated heat incident report showed a trend of declining. Popular influenza viruses antigenic gene characteristics and no obvious variation happens. As control group control efforts and strengthen the primary and secondary school kindergarten winter holiday is coming, Beijing will further reduce the flu centralized heating, influenza virus activity will continue a downward trend.

at the early stage of the consolidation on the basis of existing work performance, the relevant departments will further strengthen mechanism, give full play to the workshop, positive deployment of medical personnel and medicine material, the general public should also be aware personal protective measures, in a concerted effort to shorten epidemic peak duration, reduce the flu’s influence on public life and health.

【 about pediatric medical 】

children’s hospital is the west city location

the Beijing news: influenza, the pediatric hospital was bursting phenomenon also bring out the problems in the construction of pediatric medical team, pediatric medical resources in Beijing?

LeiHaiChao: in recent years, as the population policy adjustment, the annual births increased, it puts forward higher requirements for pediatric medical services.

Beijing has been trying to strengthen the team construction pediatrics. We require public comprehensive hospitals to set up and grow in pediatrics, got the positive response and implement, there have been 149 medical institutions can provide pediatric services. We also established the first couplet of pediatric specialist medical (five core hospital) and the first batch of pediatric remote consultation center (7 hospitals), strengthen the pediatric medical service ability.

in 2017, the capital medical university graduate student enrolled 67 (seven Dr., master of 60), also restored the department of pediatrics, undergraduate enrollment, recruited 25 undergraduate students. In order to enhance the ability of diagnosis and treatment of pediatrics at the grassroots level last year, we on 100 gp in the pediatric clinical skills training. This training according to the plan will continue for three years, 100 a year, to 2020, every rural hospitals and community health service institutions have at least 1 gp specification of children basic medical services, basic meet the demand of children’s health.

the Beijing news: in terms of strengthening pediatrics, improve the level of grassroots accepts, what are the next step will move in Beijing?

LeiHaiChao: Beijing will continue to carry out community gp after training in pediatric related disease diagnosis and treatment of pilot work, efforts to improve the ability of pediatrics common disease, frequently-occurring disease diagnosis and treatment at the local level.

Beijing children’s development needs the relevant departments of medical institutions and the concern and support from all sectors of society. Pediatric hospital development has, children’s hospital to west direction to the town center location, capital institute of pediatrics proposed location in tongzhou direction, the future form the east, and west echo and extension development pattern, in order to better to meet the needs of residents. This requires relevant departments and area to give strong support, fall to the ground as soon as possible to implement. In addition, each area should increase input in the district hospital pediatric construction, improve conditions, expand the service, to adapt to nearby residents demand for pediatric services. Titled

/Beijing news reporter Dai Xuan

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