Beijing’s elderly population has reached 3.292 million

report from our correspondent (reporter Jiang Rejing) yesterday morning, the civil affairs bureau issued “Beijing aging and pension service development report (2016-2017). , according to a report by the end of 2016, the city’s elderly aged 60 and above census register population of about 3.292 million, accounting for 24.1% of the household register population, household register population aging degree of the second in the nation. And at the same time, also at the forefront of working experience in the city’s pension is the city’s pension agency medical coverage has reached more than 90%, have a meal with old table, go out a free ride endowment assistive card can be park & hellip; & hellip; The elderly get feeling is stronger and stronger.

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net increase of 450 elderly people in the past five years every day

, according to a report by the end of 2016, the city’s elderly aged 60 and above census register population of about 3.292 million, accounting for 24.1% of the household register population, household registration population aging degree of the second in the nation. Also elderly population growth rate faster, elderly aged 60 and above census register population, from 2012 in 2.629 million, growth in 2016 to 3.292 million, the average net increase of 166000 year old people, a net gain of 450 people every day.

the characteristics of the aging is also very obvious, 80 years old and above the age of aging population, grown from 2012 in 426000 to 2016 in 595000, centenarians grow from 2012 in 544 to 2016 in 751. Proportion of elderly population, and the equilibrium between districts, fengtai with high levels of population aging, the elderly population is 29%; The lowest daxing district, the proportion of older people is 20.3%.

pension agency medical service coverage of more than 90%

with the population increase is corresponding to the aging population, the city one of the leading enterprises in the national social security level in the elderly. Over the past five years, this city town worker month per capita pension level increased from 2012 in 2510 yuan to 3770 yuan in 2017, urban and rural residents basic pension per month increased from 357.5 yuan to 610 yuan, the welfare pension benefits from growth per capita 277.5 yuan to 525 yuan per month. Rural turn super personnel per month for living subsidies from 1750 yuan in 2015 to 1950 yuan in 2016.

by the end of 2016, the city approved independent internal approved by medical insurance fixed-point medical institutions and has 76 pension institutions and the old-age care centers, the introduction of branches or medical institutions approved by the health department has 50 medical institutions, to set up the clinic is working on the 35 health permits, and the surrounding sign formal written agreement of 305 medical institutions, pension agency medical service coverage rate reached 90%.

this city since 2016 to implement & other The old courtesy card & throughout; Change & other; Beijing tong & ndash; Endowment of assistive card & throughout; Since the job, in the year to September the card number 2.46 million has been completed and the development of service of 1.5 m. By the end of last month, around 234 million old people enjoy free bus in the city, and its record high in September 45 million, the average daily 1.5 million person-time. This year 1 & ndash; In August, the city’s 65 years old and above old people into the park to enjoy free 9.372 million person-time.

half 214 public pension agencies to realize public private

in the past five years, 2012 pieces of the city’s endowment institution beds from 2012 to 2016 in 126000. As of September 2017, the city’s 278 pension institution was named star institution, accounts for 58.8% of operating endowment institutions. The city’s 214 public pension institutions, to achieve a 52.2% public private, the city’s public pension agency bed utilization rate up to 54.7% from 49.6% in the past.

in promoting community and home facilities optimal aging transformation, as of September 2017, complete the elevator installation and put into use in the city 72 units, is the construction elevator has 85 units, with another 166 elevators projects are in design, exploration or residents coordination work, plan to start working years. This city is for the elderly family economic difficulties implementing optimal aging, through construction assistive devices adaptation, transformation, equipped with facilities, improve the living environment that occupy the home of old people. By the end of September 2017, the city has 1327 economic difficulties to the old families in the optimal aging.

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