Beijing’s existing 17476 hiv-infected people and patients

30 December 1 is world AIDS day. The reporter learns yesterday from Beijing municipal planning commission, the Beijing person living and living a total of 17476 people.

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investment of 2010 yuan in 2010-2017 financial AIDS prevention and supply free medicine; 99.4% community hospitals to develop rapid HIV testing ability

Beijing news dispatch (reporter Dai Xuan) 30th December 1st is world AIDS day. The reporter learns yesterday from Beijing municipal planning commission, the Beijing person living and living a total of 17476 people.

2010-2017, Beijing has invested 200 million yuan financial prevention and control work and free in patients with drug use.

at present, Beijing set up 246 AIDS screening laboratory, 11 confirmed AIDS laboratory, 329 check points, 99.4% of the community health service center has the capability of rapid detection of AIDS, syphilis antibodies.

new report before October, people living with HIV and 3053 cases of patients with

world AIDS day is coming, yesterday afternoon, beijing-tianjin-hebei jointly launched by three & other; 2017 college students of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region debate for AIDS prevention and control publicity & throughout; In the final, from relevant government departments, folk public welfare organization, more than 500 people participated in the activities of colleges and universities.

the reporter learns from the Beijing municipal planning commission, at present, the AIDS case report digital leveled off in Beijing, the whole report the prevalence of 0.8 & permil; , the overall low epidemic levels. Since 1985 since the country’s first AIDS cases were reported, as of October 31, 2017, Beijing has reported HIV infected people and patients, a total of 25648 cases, among which 6750 were AIDS patients for, has reported 509 cases of death. New report this year October 1 – HIV and 3053 cases of patients, and down 2.62% from a year earlier. City currently existing live infected people and patients a total of 17476 people.

the city health development planning commission relevant controller introduces, the AIDS epidemic present several features in Beijing, other provinces and cities high proportion of the floating population; The primary path is HIV/AIDS transmission through sexual transmission, MSM sex groups present higher epidemic situation; Existing live patients continue to rise, rate of decline.

in order to prevention and control of AIDS, in recent years, Beijing made a series of work. From 2010 to 2017, Beijing government has invested more than 200 million yuan funds, guarantee the prevention and control work, free medication of patients.

during the twelfth five-year, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in, municipal science and technology commission also increased the AIDS project, carried out AIDS prevention and control strategy, the diagnosis and treatment for r&d, clinical diagnostic reagents and functional cure 26 study, spent nearly 36.6 million yuan.

encourage non-governmental organizations to participate in AIDS prevention and control of

the city health development planning commission, Beijing fully implementing & other; AIDS antiviral treatment referral green channel & throughout; Work, simplify the procedure of HIV/AIDS patients into the treatment group, patients found to the treatment time is shortened from 100 days in 2011 to 10.3 days, treatment coverage reached 88.2%.

Beijing took the lead in HIV/AIDS patients in group added a viral load and resistance testing, using only is given priority to with seven kinds of Chinese medicine therapy, treatment a year virus inhibition rate under 50 copies (virus) of 99% or more, in treating people dropped to 0.04%, the fatality rate of treatment effect has reached the international advanced level.

ngos also play a force. Beijing encourage private organizations to actively participate in the national AIDS prevention and control of fund application work, in 2016, Beijing, a total of 25 ngo received 4.3535 million yuan, there is the top in the country.

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