Benevolence and sell JPM medicine

the original title: benevolence and sell JPM medicine

source: the blue parker & ndash; Pharmacy managers author: summer

net selling prescription drugs are banned, medicine, electricity change!

on the evening of December 22, Renhe Pharmacy Co., Ltd issued & other; The seventh eighth interim board meeting resolution notice & throughout; , the company intends to for 66.36 million yuan to transfer company holding 60% of the shares to the original shareholders, the equity transfer is completed, the company no longer hold the equity of jingle pharmaceutical e-commerce co., LTD. DetailPic

transfer reason overlap

in September 2015, the company started 2015 non-public stock. To coincide with the 2015 non-public shares and company development strategy, the medicine FSC model development plan, meet the needs of the overall strategy system of logistics links, the company with its own funds bought jingle pharmaceutical co., LTD. 60% stake in electronic commerce.

for the transfer of events. Company said, because the subsidiary benevolence and pharmacy network (Beijing) pharmaceutical technology co., LTD. Business rapid development, its own logistics distribution system has become increasingly mature. jingle pharmaceutical e-commerce co., LTD., and its produce overlap, formation of idle resources, cannot reach the first buy the shares of the company goals. as a result, the company decided to transfer the jingle pharmaceutical co., LTD. 60% stake in electronic commerce.

, according to people familiar with the matter & other; Two years ago, Renhe Pharmacy Co., Ltd in 72.12 million yuan purchase natural person ms. Mr Xu jingle pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 60% stake in electronic commerce.

medical O2O is pseudo requirements?

net selling prescription drugs are banned, medicine, electricity seems to be completely recovered. Add this tsering events and JPM medicine the transfer of equity.

the personage inside course of study says, & other; Giving medicine O2O is a bogus demand, benevolence and jingles to send medicine get can’t raise money, the burn the drag class performance of listed companies, now exploitation can make performance is good, otherwise the price will drop to the floor, make claims has raised 300 million, if true, the money wisely! Throughout the &;

medicine O2O model has been bullish on

on September 15, pharmacy managers in the second session of the Chinese drug regulatory science congress medicine circulation learned on the BBS.

nowadays, our country Internet drug transaction services platform type three main points: B2B, B2C platform, O2O platform.

the agency have different attitudes to the three platforms, B2B platform policy encouragement, and hope to better help small business institutions to good medicine 采购关, but not a substitute for buyers of audit responsibility; Regulatory B2C platform too many questions, difficult to let go; O2O platform of drug safety is, in the future.

of course, why so, regulators also benefits from early medicine O2O enterprise operation mode and the country’s general office of the state council on further reform and improve the pharmaceutical production circulation use policy several opinions, advice notes & other Specification retail pharmacy retail services, Internet promotion & other; Net book store throughout take &; , & other Net book store send & throughout; Such as new type of distribution. Throughout the &;

medicine O2O operation pattern relative to other types of operation mode, the main advantages are five: first, on the distribution more security; Second, prescription operation easy; Third, on the pharmaceutical care more reinforcement; Fourth, consumer cognition is clear; Fifth, regulation is more convenient.

overall, medicine O2O relative to see more safe drug regulatory risk.

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