Bill Gates issued 10 years letter hope China pharmaceutical regulatory system in line with international standards

Mr And Mrs Gates at the scene of the letter issued in 2018. (the organizers for the graph/chart)

& other; We have been admitted to have optimism. Now, however, optimism seems to be very scarce. Throughout the &;

this is the world’s richest man Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. Gates 2018 annual letter (hereinafter referred to as the annual letters) in the first sentence. On February 13, 2018, the bill and Melinda gates. Gates foundation (hereinafter referred to as the gates foundation) released the gates of the tenth year letter. Unlike in previous years, the annual letter to answer & other; Ten Mr And Mrs Gates throughout most frequently asked problems &; . Years prior to the release of letter, the gates foundation was held in the Chinese media communication meeting, all from the media about global poverty and infectious disease control. The southern weekend reporter involved to bill & middot; Gates video interview, probes into the gates foundation in the process of promoting the modernization of Chinese medicine industry.

China pharmaceutical regulatory system is a challenge

in 2017, the gates foundation, the focus is to promote the modernization of Chinese medicine industry. One of the reasons is bullish on China & other; The huge potential & throughout; . Bill & middot; Gates told southern weekend reporter in the video, China not only has the formidable scientific research strength, and increase investment in basic research and related investment incentives introduced a lot of measures, & other; So China has a huge potential. Throughout the &;

gates also revealed that his foundation has formed a global health drug research and development center in Beijing, the use of government funds, including the Beijing municipal government funding, to promote the development of drugs, such as for TB drugs, etc.

but promoting the modernization of pharmaceutical industry in China faces many challenges. & other; , said challenge what, if anything, may be China’s pharmaceutical regulatory system is a, such as China’s food and drug supervision and management of administration & ndash; & ndash; This is and the United States FDA corresponding to an organization. Throughout the &; Mr Gates said.

the challenge part comes from the standard difference.

& other; Due to the different regulatory standards and international standards, we in promoting China’s innovation in the process of moving towards the world would face some complicated situation. Need to introduce, for example, the world health organization (WHO) to review the factory situation and production process. This is a choice, but tend to cost a very long time. Throughout the &; Gates told southern weekend reporter.

he further explained, if a similar situation in the United States, medicinal products only through the FDA review, can automatically obtain the who standard.

however, the challenge is the force of the foundation increase Chinese new drug research and development. Gates said, and drug safety administration of cooperation can not only help improve the quality of Chinese medicine and food, make Chinese people benefit, also can let Chinese enterprises with high-quality vaccine or drug production capacity at affordable price to supply the products to poor countries, or in commercial way into the international market.

& other; Administration of drug safety and food from a few years ago we began to carry out cooperation in this respect, the government has the job as a top priority to grasp, made progress in each aspect, this would allow China to make greater contribution to the health of the global. Throughout the &; Gates said.

necessity with the enterprise cooperation

to cooperate with the government, the gates foundation is also actively promote the cooperation with large enterprises.

as early as ten years ago, the gates foundation began to support China’s pharmaceutical enterprises development and production of vaccines. Foundation and the group cooperation of encephalitis b vaccine, now application has been conducted in many countries. In reply to questions from the southern weekend reporter, gates said, his foundation and group cooperation in research and development of bivalent polio vaccine also in advance by the world health organization recently authentication: & other; This will play an important role in the global polio eradication initiative. Throughout the &;

Melinda & middot; (hereinafter referred to as Melinda gates) in years said in the letter, the gates foundation cooperation with enterprise the reason & other; They can do other businesses could not do & throughout; .

, for example, in the development of new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines to fight the poverty caused by disease, supporting product development the basis of the study was conducted in the scientific research center and the university. But transformed into life-saving products, let the product through the test and examination and approval, production process required for professional ability, mostly in the hands of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

but Melinda also stressed that the development of drugs on the gates foundation grants will require all partners to supply a wide scale at par.

& other; We hope to actively seek more business opportunities, to meet the needs of people in developing countries. If we limited cooperation can prompt companies to find the potential of emerging markets, is a great success. Throughout the &; Melinda gates said.

interview, gates told reporters that the gates foundation in China have been the focus of the domestic: specific prevention and control of diseases and help China to eliminate extreme poverty.

foundation will also focus on promoting the transformation of the policy level, thus improve inter-departmental coordination, promote innovation and more widely used new diagnostic tools and drugs, improve the national tuberculosis person information acquisition system, and strengthen the training of health institutions.

the latter, referring to the 2017 announced a series of cooperation, including march and poverty relief office of the state council signed an agreement to carry out the policy research, promoting China’s anti-poverty experience summary and communication, to help China to further reduce the TB patients. Since 2016, the foundation will be the early stage of the pilot successful comprehensive prevention and control mode to zhejiang, jilin, and ningxia three provinces (autonomous regions), is expected to benefit 90 million people.

& other; We would like to see China’s innovation experience not only can continue to help our project in China, at the same time also can help other countries to push through the intergovernmental cooperation related to areas of improvement, the benefit of the world. So we in China mainly focus on two things: one is to help China to solve domestic problems, 2 it is to work with China to help other countries. Throughout the &; Gates told southern weekend reporter.

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