Bill Gates to support genetically modified (gm) food, “full health”

phoenix international iMarkets Beijing time on Wednesday (28 February), before the world’s richest man, Microsoft founder bill & middot; Gates said on Tuesday that he not only think of genetically modified food & other; Perfectly healthy & throughout; And think they are in their fight to reduce world hunger is a very promising tool.

gates on Tuesday in the United States website Reddit & other Ask Me Anything” (ask me any questions) link access expressed this view, he said: & other; Genetically modified food is completely healthy, if use the right way to review, this technique could reduce hunger and malnutrition. I won’t be away from the genetically modified food, but people think it is better, this is disappointing. Throughout the &;

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gates views may cause some controversy . Many people believe that genetically modified foods are dangerous. In recent years, enterprises have to non-gmo project submitted more than 35000 kinds of products, the latter is a nonprofit organization, provide certification for product does not contain genetically modified ingredients. At the same time, the genetically modified products sales are soaring, with annual sales of about $16 billion.

but gates’s point of view consistent with most of the scientists who study the subject.

the national academy of sciences, the American association for the advancement of science, institutions such as the European commission has declared that genetically modified foods are safe to eat. In 2013, a study has found no directly associated with use of genetically modified (gm) crops & other; Major hazard & throughout; .

there is another important fact that almost all of the food people eat today is to some extent after modified. Dozens of crops, from corn to watermelon, have been selectively breeding for thousands of years, just have the character of what we need, such as large amounts of sugar, and edible flesh or small seeds.

all the insulin, are made from genetically modified ingredients. Cotton is used for t-shirts are likely to be genetically modified.

some experts believe that & other; Genetically modified (gm) & throughout; Label will damage the products made from genetically modified ingredients. They believe that genetically modified process is a breeding methods – like the recent other progress in the field of agriculture.

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