“Birthday” online fundraising has been questioned Fundraising has been closed

aid-receiving students party company said misinformed didn’t check out lead to misunderstanding of the fund-raising activities closed

recently, & other; On the same day birthday & throughout; Raise money for impoverished mountainous area child this activity in the circle of friends refresh, but at the same time, suspected fraud, misinformed voice also appear on the network side. , founder of the organizers of db raise microblog responded that originally only to test the transmission rates to friends, for not detailed check information lead to misunderstanding. Beijing morning paper reporter discovery, at noon yesterday platform display system upgrade, has been unable to raise money.


false information was

& other; Heard that people born on the same day, then there will be a fate stumbles, he who is born on the same day? One yuan to help him to change his fate & throughout; . Recently, such content in the circle of friends almost refresh, just enter the birthday, there will be a corresponding birthday information such as the poor students and their families, can be directly through the WeChat money.

but soon people found that the same recipient of poor students in different name in the different birthday page, born on March 29, & other; The sensitive & throughout; And born on December 22, & other; Mandy & throughout; Is the same person; Born on May 5, & other; O hao & throughout; And born in December 26, & other; Small house & throughout; Is the same person & hellip; & hellip; In addition, by Dennis was born on February 29, 2009 the day does not exist, it makes many people call the absurd.

reporter noted that the campaign launched by db to raise. Yesterday evening, the Beijing zero db technology co., LTD on the release notice said, db raise zero db by Beijing science and technology co., LTD and shenzhen love charity foundation launched on the future, the original planning to launch this activity on December 25, forward to test the effect in the circle of friends, didn’t expect rapid fermentation on December 22. & other; Because the content is still in testing stage, there are some wrong information and the situation of the interface is not stable throughout the &; . Aid-receiving students at the same time, the founder of the db raise king explained, information released guardian authorized, but because of several children’s information is wrong and didn’t check out, so let it be produced.

fund-raising channels closed

notice said, donors are & other; By inputting tent card & throughout; & around the poor, by the other; Mastering & throughout; And & other Pairing cadres & throughout; Visit a poor information, and upload their responsible for after zero db and love on the second audit in the future. At present through one-on-one help fundraising and docking services, funding for compulsory education stage of 100 yuan/person/month; High school 200 yuan/person/month. Early days of the campaign, seven photographers with nearly a month to the town, xiong county, yunnan tour took 366 different birthday’s child, the children are all db is helping to raise children. Raised funds into the public offering foundation love charity foundation on the future account, distributed to the students recipients. Reporter discovery, love on the future is the first time & other; One yuan buy painting & throughout; Charity is one of the sponsors of the project, by the civil affairs bureau of shenzhen city’s official website inquiries, is shenzhen qualified public fundraising social organizations. DetailPic


at noon yesterday, the reporter once again click on fundraising page but found no longer continue to donate. Page displays & other; To raise 2555898 yuan, this activity has to use all the xiong county in yunnan province town of 2130 poor students a year living subsidies, in order to ensure that funds can be open and transparent and efficient implementation follow-up, decided to close down throughout the event fundraising &; . In addition, click to enter & other; Support & throughout; Page, the display system upgrade.

at present, the event raised money for temporary did not appear in love on the future of charitable foundation website & other; Donation data & throughout; In the. Reporters repeatedly call the db to raise customer service and founder of the king, did not get a reply. (reporter konka clues: Mr Chen)

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