Black market “life-saving medicine” as a good catch Add scalping form distribution chain

& other; Life-saving medicine & throughout; A way black market demand

human blood albumin called & other; Gold life-saving medicine & throughout; , frequently used clinically, patients cannot buy medicine from the hospital, so someone eyeing this, make the human blood albumin & other Black & throughout; Business.

from October 2013 to December 2014, a retired hospital nurses have Su Junjun and Lin Yipin, illegal purchases, wild dog vaccine, such as medicine, human blood albumin gets through informal channels be resold again, sales ranging from shandong, henan, jilin, Inner Mongolia, and other provinces and cities, the value involved more than 400 400 yuan. Recently, the shandong province weifang kuiwen district procuratorate prosecuted, the court sentenced to have with crime of illegal business, Su Junjun, Lin Yipin 5 people eight years to 02 months of the year fixed-term imprisonment, and impose a fine.

for figure/visual China

buy medicine to hospital? I have!

in the autumn of 2013, who lives in the weifang area Wang Mou accompanied her mother-in-law in the hospital, the unexpected finding the same ward patients were injected human blood albumin, this let Wang Mou was surprised, because she knew that human blood albumin is very short, can’t buy from the hospital, curiously she asked, her answer is bought a department, a nurse from the hospital. According to the description of each other, Wang Mou quickly found that nurses, and for the price of a bottle of 430 yuan bought 5 bottles from each other.

sell Wang Mou nurse named have human blood albumin, a few years ago, have the father is ill in the hospital, be badly in need of a large number of human blood albumin, but the hospital myrrh. In desperation, her client about purchase channels, finally passed & other; Black & throughout; Help father bought drugs, she began to occasionally people buy medicine.

in 2014, a retired Sun Lincong hospital, she enjoys a retired life should have been at home, but how also do, again out of stock at this time she learned that the hospital blood albumin, buy medicine difficult patients, long-term medical experience makes her realize that it’s a good doorway to make money, then seized with the idea of selling blood albumin.

by years of accumulating interpersonal relations, have taian soon get to know a man named Su Junjun hand someone blood albumin, the other party claims to be the sales manager of pharmaceutical companies, and ensure the selling drugs is absolutely & other; Real medicines & throughout; , but have still left a mind’s eye, she bought from Su Junjun first part of the human blood albumin, after taking medicine found no problem, she was safely from Su Junjun bulk purchases. Since then, Su Junjun became the main & have other Supplier & throughout; .

due to worked in a hospital, it is illegal to have know that selling blood albumin. In order not to be found, she is away from their place of rented a garage in a neighborhood, once Su Junjun to send human blood albumin, she secretly hidden in the garage, contact with buyers when buying, she again by Courier to each other, make a difference. In the process of selling drugs for a long time, have also summarizes several & other; Tips & throughout; Is that use a false name and avoid to meet each other. By this way, less than a year of time, have they bought a lot of human blood albumin, wild dog vaccine, such as medicine, are sold to shandong, henan and other provinces of buyers, the amount of more than 200 ten thousand yuan.

buy to sell, easy money

and have the same, who lives in linyi Lin Yipin also experienced a hospital to buy medicine, thus playing a merchant blood albumin abacus.

a few years ago, Lin Yipin coincidence with have the husband met by chance, when he knew his wife son Lin at the dry nurse at the hospital Lin Yipin note down. Shortly after, was a relative of the Lin Yipin sick need human blood albumin, myrrh and the local hospital, he would contact have, to buy the part of the human blood albumin.

in the summer of 2014, Lin Yipin suddenly got a phone call from a stranger, the other party said his family fell ill, be badly in need of a large number of human blood albumin, asked if he could help to buy, this let Lin Yipin aware of human blood albumin & other; Financial & throughout; . After I hung up, he immediately call have, for the price of a bottle of 408 yuan, to buy the 100 human blood albumin. Immediately after receiving the goods, Lin Yipin with 415 yuan price to sell them to patients in hospital.

a buy a sell, Lin Yipin was easily income 700 yuan, he tasted & other; Sweet & throughout; . Over the next few months, Lin Yipin to have purchased more than 200 human blood albumin, and for the price of each price 5 to 6 yuan sold it to a different retail.

sales demand, as people who have blood albumin, Lin Yipin and relates to a henan zhengzhou sellers (case), for the price of 390 yuan each, from the other party purchased 100 human blood albumin, sold to linyi local hospital ward. By the crime, in less than five months time, Lin Yipin through such as drug trafficking in human blood albumin illegal profits, business revenue up to more than 50 ten thousand yuan.

black market business form sales chain

Su Junjun is a pharmaceutical company in shandong a regional sales manager, his company production of human blood albumin are very shortage in the market, through normal channels is difficult to buy for hospital for this client want to buy many hospitalized patients have a high price.

at the beginning of 2014, have contact to Su Junjun through layer upon layer, please him to find a way to help to buy a batch of human blood albumin, Su Junjun know & other; This matter into make money & throughout; , but in view of the company management strict, he couldn’t get in bulk drugs as a sales manager. Coincidentally, shortly after, the manager of a pharmaceutical company in Inner Mongolia (dealt) offer Su Junjun called and said he had a batch of human blood albumin, hope to through Su Junjun channels help dispose of them. It is no doubt for Su Junjun pie in the sky, is worried he can’t get drugs, promised down immediately. Then he contact have, to show his hand there is a lot of human blood albumin, two people immediately agreed price and quantity. The next day, Su Junjun by Courier will be sent to have 500 human blood albumin. This time let Su Junjun cooperation and have small fortunes, the two men hit it off, form the long-term cooperative relations, once have human blood albumin inventory shortage, then call Su Junjun to goods, Su Junjun contact in Inner Mongolia, pharmaceutical companies to deliver goods, he will make the difference.

although knowing that selling drugs is illegal, but Su Junjun always get away with that, their buying and selling of drugs are true, not big deal, so increasing the number of drugs to resell, only sold to human blood albumin have reached more than 2000 teams, value involved nearly 800000 yuan. Su Junjun also contacted several buyers in jilin, to sell blood albumin more than 2000 hits.

life-saving medicine why black market

human blood albumin as a common clinical application, why the black market? The personage inside course of study, according to the country to protect public interests, prevent pharmaceutical companies & other; Wild speculations & throughout; , shall be implemented for the drugs price, results in the decrease of pharmaceutical companies’ profits, production enthusiasm is not high. In addition, the hospital management to the human blood albumin administration strictly, the corresponding audit limitation for treating patients, individual patient mentality of human blood albumin holds the more the better, try to buy drugs through a variety of channels. Thus some medical practitioners see & other; Business opportunities throughout the &; And, in human blood albumin by the black market for premium shall be profitable.

the prosecutor reminded, in recent years, some criminals for profiteering, eyeing a hospital to buy medicine, urgent need a large number of patients with & other; Life-saving medicine & throughout; Corners, without business qualification, the illegal distribution of drugs, disturb the order of the drug market, brought great harm to the society. Patients to buy drugs prescribed, and the formal legal hospital and pharmaceutical retail enterprise purchase, avoid by all means through illegal channels to buy drugs, sell drugs once found illegal illegal activities such as, shall be immediately reported to regulators.

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