Brazil’s two brothers for a large muscle injection of dangerous chemicals



the web comprehensive coverage 】 【 according to the British” daily mail “reported on February 8, and recently, a group of photos on the network quickly, two men in the picture biceps unusually rich, very eyes.

the photo of the hero is 49, Tony & bull; Hulk & bull; Jalal and 50 more alvaro & bull; Conan & bull; Pereira, two brothers in order to let the muscles become as large as possible, from adolescence began injecting chemical agents. Alvaro started injecting chemicals from the age of 15, Tony in witnessing drugs for elder brother’s muscle after the change, after 18 years of age began to use chemical agents. Now my brother’s biceps surrounded degree has reached staggering 28 inches (71 centimeters).


it is reported that two brothers for inspiration from Schwarzenegger shape, in addition to the regular injections, two brothers sweating in the gym every day, also has a strict diet. Two brothers, once addicted to drug injection, but now two people think they are measured.

alvaro wife and seven children are all very support him, but his brother Tony’s wife to the husband can’t agree to figure an obsession. This Tony said: & other; My wife doesn’t like me, but I like it. No matter what she I have to accept, otherwise we’re going to go their separate ways. Throughout the &; Recently,

however, the two brothers doctor asked two people to stop using chemical agents, not only because there are health concerns, but also because of their skin has been unable to continue to expand again. (internship compilation: Wu Xuyao review: zhu library)

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