British girls born heart exposed through surgery 3 times lucky to survive

Beijing, Dec. 14 (xinhua) according to & other; Cna & throughout; , a baby girl born with extremely rare symptoms, heart in vitro, but her tenacious survival will let her through three times surgery, heart smooth move back to the chest.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

the leicester city grand phil Hospital (Glenfield Hospital), said the baby Vanessa roper & middot; Hope (Vanellope Hope) heart exposed with the birth of the end of November. This rare symptoms called heterotopic heart.

the doctor Moore said Nick Moore, hope people in pediatric intensive care unit at present. Moore said: & other; She then it is a long way, but at least she currently has to future opportunities. Throughout the &;

most of baby with this condition can’t survive, but there are some cases of successful operation. Infection can bring a serious risk of these babies.

CNN (CNN) reported that the current 3 weeks of hope, on November 22, by 50 person professional medical team together baby.

the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) reported that the hospital in the hope for a few minutes after birth, according to the picture taken chest was draped in the aseptic bags, hope to keep the heart moist, reduce the risk of infection.

grand phil hospital pediatric cardiology consultant (black Frances Bu ‘Lock) said: & other; It’s 30 years have I seen this particular symptoms of 2 cases, extremely rare, Vanessa roper to battle through this surgery is the first baby. Throughout the &;

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