British scientists cooperation: iridium metal proved can destroy the cancer cells, or witness the dinosaurs

physicist network reported recently, Warwick university and sun yat-sen university in China to an international cooperative research suggests that cancer cells can be targeted by metal iridium and destruction. The blockbuster research is published in a recent issue of the journal of willy applied chemistry.

iridium was discovered for the first time in 1803, with platinum group, it is one of the world’s corrosion resistance of the metal, its melting point more than 2400 ℃, is very rare on earth, but is rich in the meteor. It more stored in the formation of about 66 million years ago, a derivative of a theory is that it came to earth as the asteroid, and an asteroid hit the earth lead to the extinction of dinosaurs.

metal iridium is the second high density on the earth. The researchers created a iridium and organic material compound, the light reaction can be directly to visible laser irradiation, is activation energy, the filling of oxygen into toxic singlet oxygen to kill cancer cells.

the researchers used the most advanced high resolution mass spectrometry, observation of the cancer cells in a variety of proteins in an unprecedented, so as to determine which protein by the iridium organic compounds. A large number of the data model analysis and found iridium organic compounds can damage of heat shock protein and glucose metabolism, stress and the two is the key molecular mechanisms of cancer role.

Peter & bull, who led the work; Professor sadler said precious metals platinum has been applied in more than 50% of the cancer chemotherapy and other precious metals, such as the potential of iridium, can provide new targeted drugs, in a whole new way to attack the cancer cells, and can be used safely, and minimal side effects. & other; International cooperation has greatly accelerated the research progress, now it is time to take advantage of the asteroid 66 million years ago sent to our metal iridium. Throughout the &;

with laser target cancer photochemotherapy is fast becoming a feasible, effective and non-invasive treatments. The tolerability of traditional therapy in patients with stronger and stronger, so it is very important to establish a new method. Critics said the & other; Very important paper & throughout; In understanding the novel iridium how to attack cancer anticancer compounds, introduced the different mechanism of action, in the aspect of solving the problem of drug resistance is a leap.

(the original title: 66 million years ago came to earth with an asteroid, or witness dinosaurs iridium metal proved to destroy cancer cells)

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