Built to receive fake medicine black industry chain 4 relatives on trial

yesterday, a four people fake drugs gangs in vallely court. Gang members, including a pair of husband and wife and their two relatives after 90. Court for figure

90 couples and after two relatives of selling drugs gangs, part of the drug was identified as counterfeit drugs; Suspected of the crime of illegal business, selling counterfeit drugs for trial

Beijing news dispatch (reporter Wang Wei) & other; I could not tell the difference between these drugs of true and false & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; White one, 24, said in court, he and his wife and two relatives, from the Internet, the acquisition of various drugs, hands above the drugs sold to need drugs to patients.

yesterday morning, the white one, four people for alleged in the crime of illegal business, selling counterfeit drugs from mentougou district courts. According to prosecutors, the white one with his wife, and so on 4 people, through self-built a fake medicine black industry chain, in less than half a year in illegal profits of more than 570000 yuan.

after 90 couples combined two relatives to fake medicine

the indictment charges: in March last year until early August, the white one, single and so on 4 people in Beijing fengtai district, mentougou district some well-know rented land, through the door pickup a logistics company sell drugs, cod, have a total of more than 570000 yuan.

at the end of April last year, white some profit for selling drugs, leasing mentougou district some well-know somewhere to hold drugs. On August 1, law enforcement officers in the seizure of detaining 20 kinds of drugs, there are four kinds of drugs identified as counterfeit drugs, value 64148 yuan, the rest of the medicine value of 14166 yuan. On August 1, the white one, four people in the police captured.

prosecutors believe that white one, single four drug permit has been obtained, such as illegal drug amount to 591387 yuan, disrupted the market order, if the circumstances are especially serious. Four selling fake drugs, the defendant shall be based on the crime of illegal business, selling counterfeit drugs shall be investigated for their criminal responsibility according to law.

Beijing news reporter noticed that four defendants in 90 after the white one with single one is the relationship, the other two of the accused to a brother-in-law and cousin.

in the process of operation, the white one and his wife, a responsible for contact with supply of goods, in WeChat group of hair medicine advertisement, fill the delivery Courier form, single one for selling drug alone to deal with bank card, charge and sales amount. Single a brother-in-law and cousin is mainly responsible for checking the number of drug, packing, handling and to pick up the goods. The single one brother-in-law sometimes responsible for contact the Courier pick up the goods.

Courier sending medicine to fill in & other; Commodity & throughout;

at nine yesterday morning, the case in vallely court. After the trial on charges of prosecutors charged four defendants said, but the white one is put forward, and the amount of its own profit and without charge as much as 570000.

the judge then asked prosecutors shows that the calculation method of profit, the public prosecutor, said the amount of calculation, including a transfer to logistics, the amount of the defendant, and amount of seized drugs on the spot, a total of more than 570000 yuan. White one immediately responded that oneself also sent other goods with the logistics, and other Not only send medicine & throughout; .

in the white one, it seems, is not only a network differential quotient group, fengtai of medicine market or some drug sold by street, is his ways to buy medicine, he at below the market price the price of medicine, add to the price is not higher than the market price will still sell drugs, and make a difference.

white a certain single and his wife said, when send by express delivery drugs, they will fill out in the express list & other; Items & throughout; Or & other; Commodity & throughout; Because they know that express drugs is not allowed.

is not the case in court.

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