Bulletin 20000 words difficult to clean Sally PuAi eye drops storm continued fermentation

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Sally PuAi advertising.

Beijing morning paper dispatch (chief reporter wang jie) Sally PuAi thought (603168), although issued the announcement of a 20000 – word from certificate & other Clean & throughout; , but still failed to restore the confidence of investors. A resumption of yesterday, Sally PuAi’s share price has been a lot of sell direct hit to drop stop, until closing.

suffered an unprecedented public opinion after the storm, Sally PuAi think officially finally in the evening of December 16. Inquiry letter for the Shanghai stock exchange and securities regulatory bureau of zhejiang province to the attention of the letter, Sally PuAi released a up to 43 pages, of nearly 20000 words reply.

announcement, the company has been started in 2016, benzyl of lysine eye drops the consistency of the evaluation work; Company will be in strict accordance with the state food and drug safety administration of zhejiang province food drug administration regulations, implement and promote consistency evaluation.

according to the contents of the advertisements, Sally PuAi says, after inspection, the company advertising accord with the related provisions on drug advertisement examination issued, the company released the contents of advertisements with the approval of the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative departments of the corresponding advertising content is consistent, not because of ads released by administrative punishment or by regulatory measures.

three quarterly reports showed that Sally PuAi, eye drops contributed most revenue for the company. From 2014 to 2017 years ago in the third quarter, Sally PuAi revenue at the eye drops, accounted for 66.35%, 72.03%, 77.03% and 72.03% respectively. In 2016 alone, Sally PuAi eye drops was sold for 28 million, annual sales of 750 million yuan, in 2016 the gross profit margin as high as 94.4%.

& other; Eye drops & throughout; Eventually caused the market. Released to the media on December 2, a since a year sells $750 million worth of brainwashing god, please let the old man in China “the article said, Sally PuAi eye drops can not really cure cataract, the so-called & other The prevention and treatment of cataract & throughout; Is & other; Brainwashed type & throughout; Marketing, & other; Man & throughout; The elderly.

a stone up! Many medical professionals also comment in succession, has questioned continuously. Sally PuAi thought though on December 3rd night issued a clarification announcement, argued that the drug is & other; Safe and effective drug cataract & throughout; , but still can’t stop to break out of question. Can’t, Sally PuAi announced on December 7, because related issues need to be further verified, stock since December 8 consecutive suspended.

Sally PuAi in the statement of the latest release of 20000 words, on the one hand, testified that sell drugs & other; Curative effect & throughout; , on the other hand, said & other; Will be on the premise of social responsibility and reduce drug advertising supply & throughout; . Market participants said: if the curative effect, why will the social responsibility and reduce advertising? Yesterday, Sally PuAi resumption of trading, the share price fall directly by massive sell sheet to drop stop, there is no suspense to vent the investors.

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