Buy necessities food consumption nearly half nuts, experts remind don’t too much

24 January, the Chinese center for disease control and prevention nutrition and health, health communication branch of Chinese preventive medical association, the Chinese nutrition society nutrition and slow disease control branch, branch letter food and nutrition information exchange center, the Chinese preventive medicine association for health promotion and education, and food and nutrition science communication alliance six institutions jointly issued in Beijing & other; Hui choose nutrition and health throughout the holidays &; & ndash; & ndash; The 2018 Spring Festival food consumption. DetailPic

Chinese center for disease control and prevention nutrition and health, director of the strong guest address

the Chinese center for disease control and prevention nutrition and health, director of the guest said, food choices, affecting the health of everyone. Published in 2017 in China “national nutrition plan (2017-2030)”, build the information sharing and exchange mechanism, promote connectivity and data sharing, and strengthen the nutrition knowledge popularization, guide the scientific consumption. In line with the national nutrition programs, based on the residents’ food consumption data, accurate for the public in a timely manner to provide scientific, operational nutritional information service, a happy, nutrition, health, the Spring Festival. Nutrition, slow disease control and prevention, health communication field six agencies jointly issued the following seven tips.

necessities of food consumption, online purchasing diversified

experts advise: food rich in diversity, collocation balanced, meals and more healthy

according to the 2015-2018 Tmall necessities section of the large data, food has always been a clothing, Spring Festival consumption, the second largest category, and the rising of consumption accounted; Types of food online purchase, the public is increasingly diversified. “Advice” prompt, food diversification is the basic way to realize a balanced diet. The Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines (2016) summary of the first article emphasizes & other; Food variety & throughout; Residents in our country, and clear suggestion should eat at least 12 kinds of food, every day a week at least 25 kinds of food to eat.

during the festival, in dietary respect should pay attention to the food variety and collocation balanced. Chinese center for disease control and prevention nutrition and health ai-ling liu researcher said: & other; Might as well with your family count each other daily food, the kinds of reference & lsquo; Chinese residents a balanced diet plate & rsquo; The recommended ratio and the daily diet should include valley potato, vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry, aquatic products, eggs, milk, dairy products, beans, nuts, etc. Throughout the &; Foods more rich, more attention should be paid to food intake, meals and snacks are also measured. Especially during the festival, to avoid overeating, don’t let intestines and stomach.

goodies for food consumption, snack nuts consumption biggest

experts advise: nuts don’t too much good, selection of plain and easy to store

big, according to data on food consumption on special purchases, snacks, nuts, consumption is the largest, proportion is as high as 47.25%. “Advice” emphasizes: nuts can be used as a meal or snack, is very good food festival, but unfavorable excessive edible should be paid attention to.

China disease prevention and control and prevention center, deputy director of nutrition and health have ai-ling liu pointed out that nuts contain a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamin E and B vitamins, eaten in moderation is healthy. At the same time, the nuts to high-energy food, recommended daily intake of about 10 g (nuts), such as excessive intake, control the total energy intake should be paid attention to. Had better choose plain nuts, because the process typically into more salt, sugar and fat, and read the nutrition labels should be paid attention to when the choose and buy. Which letter, deputy director of food and nutrition information exchange center daney recommend, can choose according to consumption of independent small packaging nuts, easy to store and control the daily intake.

on the Spring Festival & other; Hard food & throughout; ! Meat, seafood consumption lasts hot

expert advice: choose has exquisite meat, shrimp, & gt; Poultry & gt; Stupid

with the online shopping convenience and increasingly improve the perfect degree of the cold chain logistics, fresh foods in the days of goodies for the cat to go on a diet proportion in material procurement, improve year by year. Class of raw meat/meat products in fresh ripe food sales accounted for, from 16.1% in 2015, during the Spring Festival, to 19.6% over the same period in 2017.

“advice” pointed out: choice and consumption of meat, more kinds and consumption should be paid attention to. At present our country most residents consumption of meat, poultry and fish, less affected by the occurrence and development of diseases. Shrimp is low in fat and contain more unsaturated fatty acid; Poultry fat content is low, and its fatty acid composition is better than fat beasts; Followed by brutish lean meat, fat content is low, the iron content rich; Should control the fat intake. Adult ChuQinRou recommended daily intake of fish and shrimp are 40-75 grams (about one or two).

during the Spring Festival dinner is more, hun vegetable collocation should be paid attention to. Eating too much meat (proteins), easy cause metabolic burden or even lead to high uric acid, gout and other symptoms. Frozen meat, aquatic products stored for a long time can lead to water erosion, taste, and suggest that a moderate amount of purchase, don’t hoard. Eat less meat, smoked and pickled meat.

fruit, Peking man & other; Love to buy & throughout;

experts advise: fruit and vegetable fresh and colorful, half jins of fruit a kilo food

in 2017-2018 Tmall Spring Festival’s top 10 categories of products: rice, sea cucumbers, oranges, sausage, bird’s nest, frozen shrimp, apple, honey, medlar, cherries, fresh fruit monopolize three seats. Look from the consumption amount, zhejiang, guangdong, jiangsu people buy the most & other; Throughout your &; , but with goodies for provincial consumption of fruit consumption proportion/national fruit consumption accounted for, and you will find, from Beijing in spring consumption, most prefer to buy fruit, second, is in hunan province and Shanghai.

love to eat fruit, also will eat fruit. Expert proposal, the adult recommended daily intake of fruits of 200-350 grams (about half jins), 300-500 grams of vegetables (about 1 kg), and suggest that species diversity. Vegetables suggest half is dark vegetables (green, red, orange, purple, etc.), such as: red pepper, purple cabbage, spinach, etc. Drink juice than to eat fresh fruit, fruit juice sugar content is high, and the loss of the dietary fiber and other nutrients. Pickled vegetables, pickles no substitute for fresh vegetables. From the Angle of nutrition, pickles and pickled vegetables have do not belong to the vegetables category, and contains a lot of salt; Suggest eating fresh vegetables, fruits, as far as possible, if you need a gift or store, should choose the kinds of easy to long-term preservation.

rice noodle grain roll over, rice, a new fire

experts advise: the grain size distribution, mixed beans, potato is not lack of

big data showed that rice flour based food consumers such as grain and oil, always ranks the second in the goodies for food consumption, but consumers choose to upgrade performance significantly, by the past only the price, to pay more attention to quality, taste, and start to pay for the product brand, producing area. Goodies for the consumer, the consumer of rice varieties and whether particular concern for new m for the quarter, rice also hot for a time. According to the points of origin, in all rice consumption, the hometown of fish and rice & ndash; & ndash; Jiangsu rice production, more than the northeast rice, accounted for 4 into. Of which 16% are sold to guangdong, 16% sold in zhejiang.

“advice” specially tip: during the festival, should pay attention to cereal food intake, and at the same time every day to eat a mixed beans, potato food. Valley of adult recommended daily intake of 250-400 – g potato food, whole grains and the mixed beans kind of 50-150 – g, potato 50-100 – g. Compared with refined grains, whole grains contain grains all natural ingredients, more beneficial to health. Mixed beans are rich in lysine, and eat cereal is tie-in, can by complementary action plant proteins, increase grain nutritional value. Potato low fat, high in potassium, is rich in cellulose and pectin, can promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation.

domestic liquor & other; Dominate & throughout; The country, sichuan people can drink most

experts advise: tribute wine should be moderate, not vomiting-inducing toasts, not drinking

section arranged to alcohol consumption, according to data of guizhou and sichuan favourite drink, anhui, shandong, hebei, henan, not far behind. Domestic wine consumption & other; Dominate & throughout; The whole country. In provinces such as jiangsu, anhui, xinjiang, gansu, the highest domestic liquor consumption. Shandong, Beijing, Inner Mongolia and northeast, favorite beer; South and southwest, wine consumption rising steadily, love.

wine can entertain can also hurt, six institutions experts recommend special remind: holiday close together, drinking must be moderate. Highly liquor high energy, and almost does not contain other nutrients. If you want to drink alcohol, should try to drinking low-alcohol liquor, and pay attention to the right amount. The Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines (2016) suggested that male and female adults maximum daily drink no more than 25 g and 15 grams (in terms of alcohol content). In addition, pregnant women, lactating women, children, specific profession, is people, such as population should not be drinking.

sweet and salty war, regardless of north and south of only ask east

experts advise: refused to greasy taste, diet to accuse oil, salt, sugar,

big data show that Shanghai, jiangsu and xinjiang, Tibet and other places, the higher degree of preference for sweet food, and love to eat seafood in eastern coastal provinces, & other; Hot pot city & throughout; Chongqing and hainan, the love buying all kinds of salty, fresh, sauce flavor food.

“advice” tip: during the holiday season, try to avoid or control the high oil, salt, sugar and other Heavy taste & throughout; The choice of food and eat. Choosing food, should pay special attention to the content of the CPC, salt, sugar, food, for health, light diet habit. The Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines (2016), “recommended, salt less than 6 grams per day for adults; Cooking oil consumption between 25 to 30 grams. Sugar intake of no more than 50 grams per day, preferably under 25 grams.

branch letter, deputy director of food and nutrition information exchange center daney said: & other; Six professional organization was based on large data reveals the trend of food consumption, made & lsquo; Hui choose nutrition, health festival & rsquo; & ndash; & ndash; 2018 Spring Festival food consumption Suggestions, and hope that by day cat and other goodies for Internet consumption platform, to advocate the public wisdom ingredients of choose and buy, a balanced diet, moderate moderate diet, and healthy eating habits to their families. Throughout the &;

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