Canada is now 40 cases of fresh lettuce cases infected with e. coli

according to Hong Kong wen wei Po “reported 24, health Canada yesterday warned that local people infected with e. coli cases, in the past month shock doubled to 40 cases, at least one person died because of illness, the outbreak has spread.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

it is reported that due to the majority of patients are eating pathogenic Roman lettuce, authorities estimate contaminated lettuce still selling in the market, called on people to the consumption of other types of lettuce, until authorities determine the source of infection.

according to the report, this batch of patients between the ages of 4 to 85, about 73% are women, 16 people need hospital treatment. They were at home to eat the Roman lettuce, and the department stores, restaurants or fast food restaurant to eat the salad made good in advance.

outbreak allegedly has spread to Canada five eastern provinces, including Quebec and Ontario.

dalhousie university in Canada food distribution and policy researcher sand Loeb says, because most people would not have lettuce cooked, raw food easily infected with e. coli, think the food inspection bureau should be an urgent requirement to lettuce from the shelves.

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