Cancer 6 years old children’s cancer three years and hospitalizations parents to save money have not eaten breakfast

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yesterday afternoon, the little XinXin in hospital. The Beijing news reporter Peng Ziyang taken

cancer 6 years old children’s cancer and 3 years of meningitis in hospital

3 years ago with & other; Neuroblastoma & throughout; , has 50 times of chemotherapy; Today back of tuberculous meningitis, has been in a coma, father hope she survived through

6 small XinXin often play this game in a hospital bed: doll flat, back up, take a needle thorn in gently, and then tell it, & other; Do not ache, give you do a bone marrow metastasis, finished in your body is not something bad & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

XinXin put the doll as a treatment. Yesterday afternoon, before the XinXin coma bed, father XinYongJi remind of the scene, even think & other; Then how happy & throughout; .

XinXin is a & other; Neuroblastoma & throughout; Patients, 6 years old she has been struggling with cancer more than three years. On May 31, XinXin once being interviewed on the depth of the Beijing news published reports of cancer children’s books, at that time, her in a stable condition, regular chemotherapy.

just five months later, still was diagnosed with cancer treatment period of small hin tuberculous meningitis, is now in a coma for 4 days. Doctor said, in her coma period may be more than a month, can’t stand it is important to the past. This means that young XinXin, in addition to fighting with has tear at 3 years of tumors in the body, and a new & other; Deadly opponents throughout the &; .

cancer 3 years, XinYongJi fortunately, daughter, brain no perennial anesthetic injections become dull, illiterate she has called out & other proficiently; Neuroblastoma & throughout; Full name, and slowly accustomed to its presence.

just this time, and there was a new word to teach her.

girls even overwhelmed by cancer and meningitis

4 PM yesterday, tolerate XinYongJi will promote the nasogastric tube, small XinXin flip the next eyelid after open your eyes.

XinXin there is a small baldheaded, white with purple veins under the skin. She lay in the capital medical university affiliated Beijing chest hospital emergency room, dark black eye socket packed liquid. In order to prevent convulsions, the doctor gave her an injection of sedatives. Father XinYongJi red eye, & other; Estimation is effective, she felt pain, body can’t move, just tell me with their eyes. Throughout the &;

together XinYongJi up to not speak, XinXin slept again.

XinXin this year 6 years old, is a & other; Neuroblastoma & throughout; Patients, has been fighting the disease for 3 years. XinYongJi, said her daughter’s childhood was spent in cancer. She can’t read, then dad and doctors often ever say that now, already can shout out skilled & other; Neuroblastoma & throughout; Six words, occasionally also learn to the appearance of the doctor vociferate to stomach, thinking about early cure it & other; Out & throughout; .

he felt, daughter sensible, take care of her also become much easier. But unexpectedly, pain comes again.

a week ago, XinXin suddenly shouts headaches, confirmed after the hospital diagnosis, she developed & other; Tuberculous meningitis & throughout; . After XinXin almost in a coma all day long.

Beijing chest hospital doctor told XinYongJi XinXin coma period could last 1 to 3 months, after the treatment period, she can’t get back & other Will be very dangerous & throughout; .

& other; This is worse. Throughout the &; XinYongJi can only wait, my daughter wake up and wait for her in bed play games against the small bald, & other; At that time, I have to tell her, 6 characters nouns have a new to learn. Throughout the &;

with the needle as toys

XinYongJi memories, daughter diagnosis of tumor, 2014 & other; She is small, terrified after the first operation, trembling cry as soon as she entered the hospital to see a doctor. Throughout the &;

the end of the year, XinYongJi chemotherapy with XinXin came to Beijing with his wife, the couple rented house, plan to play a game of here & other; Long haul & throughout; . Settled in Beijing after XinYongJi found slowly, the number of daughter crying began to decrease, every time a doctor, she is seriously listen to, and again asked his father, his call what how to cure the disease.

father explanation may play a role. Chemotherapy, she stared at the needle into the skin, quietly told the nurse & other; Lighter & throughout; . By pain, she just close their eyes to avoid cried out, and then a face of serious said, pointing to the belly, & other; Soon I will get you the bad cells away. Throughout the &;

every 20 days, to be performed XinXin chemotherapy, 3 years, the number of XinXin chemotherapy has reached 50 times. XinYongJi said, daughter can’t go to school during the treatment, the couple have to verbally taught her to count, although the daughter can only count to 10, but the number of chemotherapy, she remember clearly.

no toys in the ward, XinXin iv as a toy. She often give & other; Throughout their &; Cure diseases and to find a doll on the bed, the needle of water absorption, infusion to it while comfort said: & other; Cooperate a doctor to cure oh, disease good, can be discharged. Throughout the &;

see daughter become optimistic, XinYongJi feel at ease many, see daughter happy, picked up the phone down. Now his mobile phone and save her daughter more than 1, two hundred & other; Bald as & throughout; . Photo, XinXin always laugh, with a mouth be sugar corrosion black teeth.

& other; External donor let me throughout until now &;

the couple week haven’t seen her daughter’s little black teeth.

XinXin coma days, XinYongJi busy contact hospital, mother and daughter to the hospital sent food, only slept for three or four hours a day. He was accustomed to this life, cure in Beijing for 3 years, except for her daughter’s illness when he have the overhead of worry for the family.

nature is the most expensive XinXin medical bills. XinYongJi told reporters that her daughter every time the cost of the chemotherapy need nearly twenty thousand yuan, in hospital, medical expenses is 3000 yuan a day. Today, XinXin treatment costs have nearly ten thousand yuan, shaving part of medical expenses, he also owes more than 20 foreign debt of $ten thousand.

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small XinXin before, she was and cancer. Respondents for figure

a XinYongJi, 3 years ago, in ningxia home open a small shop, he was outside doing construction for a living. After Beijing, in order to make medical XinYongJi had to take time to do temporary workers, and other More than 100 dollars a day, can earn just to earn. Throughout the &;

these earnings compared to a family’s spending is negligible. XinYongJi there is a small book, including: remember this family day XinXin a bowl of porridge for breakfast, 3 yuan, two instant noodles for lunch and 10 yuan, XinXin diapers, two packages of $100 a day, medical expenses, 3000 yuan.

in order to save money, XinYongJi couple haven’t eaten breakfast in three years. & other; Our plight, the most let us thank, donation is the outside world. Throughout the &; Every once in a while, he said, there will be a volunteer organization to come to visit, & other; Thousands of tens of thousands of sites often go to the us, and sent food and use a lot of people, so we until now. Throughout the &;

in addition to the outside world, in the hospital, patients’ families also gave the couple a lot of support. & other; Children use, in order to save money we husband and wife is our blood donation, but one person can only offer two times a year, other family members of patients will help to offer. Throughout the &;

XinYongJi said, pointing to the leather jackets, and other This is to deliver a roommate, socks, too. Throughout the &;

& other; Disease good want to go to the sheep & throughout;

accompany daughter & other; Cancer & throughout; Be XinYongJi this priority level in three years.

he graduated from elementary school, before I came to Beijing, can’t even use phone WeChat. & other; Every time I see her daughter uncomfortable, I want to help all half-heartedly. Throughout the &; 38 XinYongJi began to learn on the Internet, he put his daughter’s illness and symptoms a word a word into the computer, page by page, thus seeking to daughter & other; Comfortable & throughout; Methods. At present, treatment of XinYongJi has become a small expert, communication group of a dozen, & other; Drag the Sammy & throughout; , & other Carbamazepine & throughout; And other kinds of medicines can blurt out.

daughter coma after XinYongJi often turn out of her daughter’s photos. Photo XinXin dress up as a shepherd looks like himself. & other; Then I asked her, disease good after do you want to go to school. She told me that she sees a doctor to spend a lot of money, was ill and then went out to earn money. Throughout the &;

earlier this year, my daughter birthday, XinYongJi spend 12 yuan to buy a small cake for her. & other; She is very happy, I had to wipe cake in her face. Throughout the &; In the photos, XinXin face cream, eye bright smile.

after eating the cake, someone took a piece of paper, let XinXin under the picture of what you want, & other; She climbs along while, painted himself as a result, the edge around the mom and dad, grandma and grandpa. Then said to me, when I was ill, you can see them. Throughout the &;

XinYongJi in distress situation. As a father, he is never hope on this lovely daughter, in his eyes, & other; She grew up to ping an health is enough. Throughout the &; But that, he let his daughter to drew a, daughter drew a skateboard.

last winter, XinXin YiCi years home, pristine snow mountain in ningxia, naughty XinXin dragged a old tyres when skateboarding, played a happy afternoon.

XinYongJi want to send this gift to the front of her earlier.

Beijing news reporter li Ming

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