Cancer women teachers surgery 3 times in eight years Still stick to three feet platform


gui-fang shen/ZAKER nanjing giving lectures on modern express ZangXiaoSong taken

& other; Surabaya flow, bian river flow, flow to the melon continent throughout the ancient ferry &; , the ancient town melon continent in one thousand, a man named gui-fang shen teacher, she has been taught in melon continent middle school for 30 years. As an ordinary rural teacher, she has been spread sweat on rural education three feet platform, and has won & other; Yangzhou teaching throughout the weight &; The title.

in 2008, her cancer in just two months after the operation is returned to the podium. Eight years, she has three times surgery, still stick to in the teaching first line. In front of students, gui-fang shen Lou a smile forever. Indebted to their parents and their children too much, she says, & other; But I never regretted to become a teacher. Throughout the &;

in the fight against the disease

cancer just two months after the surgery, she will return to class

5 am in the morning, didn’t bright days, got up gui-fang shen. Over the past 30 years, she is almost every day get up so early. Around 6:30, she will be out on time, walk 1 km, came to the gate of HanJiang district government, then sat on the bus, has been to yangzhou south side of the river.

& other; Surabaya flow, bian river flow, flow to the melon continent throughout the ancient ferry &; , gui-fang shen work place, in the bai juyi described in the ancient town of one thousand words. Since 1998, gui-fang shen in melon continent middle school teaching. 33 years old, pregnant gui-fang shen has been sticking to take three classes, until the child is born on the same day. Some people say she is too & other; Honest & throughout; , but don’t look so gui-fang shen, & other; I would do it just the perspective-taking, willing to for others. Throughout the &;

by years of toil, starting in January 2008, gui-fang shen often pale, have a headache. Family and fellow repeatedly urging, she didn’t go to hospital for a check. Cancer, hear a diagnosis of that a moment, always love said love smile of gui-fang shen, a blank in my head: his is only 40 years old, the old father, the young children, and I love the three feet platform & hellip; & hellip;

in 2008, accepted the first operation gui-fang shen. Fortunately, the surgery was a success. Days lying in bed rest, and we have no knowledge of the students through QQ contact gui-fang shen, consult her discipline problems, gui-fang shen very reluctantly answers one by one.

two weeks after the surgery, gui-fang shen was released from the hospital. Two months later, the body hasn’t fully recovered gui-fang shen, is back in the classroom, devoting themselves to their teaching, has forgot myself or a patient. In the end, she had three classes to complete the indicators, she also represents HanJiang area high school biology teaching experience exchange in yangzhou city.

smile to the life

eight years operation three times, still don’t give up three feet platform

in front of students, gui-fang shen Lou a smile forever.

12 January morning, gui-fang shen for one class’s and grade’s students in class. She called up a classmate, & other; You talk about, can’t see? It is generous, speaking on stage. Throughout the &; Always is permeated with a smile on her face, in the interaction with the students, completed a wonderful biology class. Every week, she will make four class of 12 classes, each class is full of enthusiasm.

in fact, only one year from the first operation, accepted the second operation gui-fang shen & ndash; & ndash; In the past eight years, she has to do the surgery 3 times. Someone once asked gui-fang shen, & other; You fell down again and again and again and again stood up, each operation can be on the table with a smile, what is the strength in the support you? Throughout the &; She answered, & other; Every time I do surgery, have received a student wishes, family and colleagues are all waiting for you in the operating room, is they gave me strength. I am not afraid of death, just worry about couldn’t repay you kindness to me! Throughout the &;

melon continent of middle school vice principal Xie Bo told reporters, the modern express gui-fang shen once during the class, suddenly out of the classroom, in a short time is back, at the time the students don’t know what’s going on. & other; The fact that she is carrying out vomiting, students will be returned to the classroom, she is still smiling, she want to never leave the students a happy, brilliant smiling face. Throughout the &;

that day, gui-fang shen or faint. But medical treatment was given after the second day, she appeared in class three. Students also especially for power, she coached three class was named & other; Yangzhou city high school education advanced collective & throughout; . Every time before the operation, to the hospital to visit colleagues, her colleagues are, in turn, comfort, & other; Doctors say the operation risk is not big, you rest assured. Throughout the &;

owes family

she is a competent teacher, but not good mother

gui-fang shen is a competent teacher, but not a good mother.

her son in HanJiang high school sophomore, & other; When can good grades into the top 50, sent to 300, when & throughout; As a high school teacher of gui-fang shen, earlier in the afternoon at half past five to go off work, late until 10 o ‘clock at night, simply helping tutoring children, & other; At ordinary times to communicate with children, psychological counselling. Throughout the &;

husband in oil field work, shopping, cleaning and other chores at home, all by him & other; Contracting & throughout; . Her husband sometimes & other; Complain & throughout; Gui-fang shen, & other; Looking for you in this industry, kui big. Throughout the &;

in Shen Gui heart, & other; Owe list & throughout; There are their fathers. In 2016, after his father’s fall dementia symptoms in the hospital, gui-fang shen only took a day off, and then back to school to continue to teach. In the next 10 months, she works in the school during the day, night back to take care of his father, father died until last September. Gui-fang shen tried, but her heart still feel ashamed of myself, & other; Is brother sister-in-law in care, I care too little. Throughout the &;

Xie Bo said, gui-fang shen discipline teaching class divide, pass, proficiency comfortably advanced level in the same class, guidance of young teachers smoothly into the urban grade teacher, she also won & other; Yangzhou teaching throughout the weight &; Title, and repeatedly won the district, town, school level 3.

& other; Owe parents and their children too much, this is my heart forever of pain, & throughout; Gui-fang shen to modern express reporters, & other; But I never regretted to become a teacher. Throughout the &;

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