Obstetric women doctors miserable caesarean birth experience: colleagues all play fine operating room into 30 people onlookers


WeChat male number & other; ‘strike the sanbao & throughout;

on weekdays and boundless obstetric female doctor gave birth on Eva what style is it? Care is a colleague of spring breeze stroke of warm language? Work on leadership and considerate to water? Or production privilege blessing? “Life gate” & Mao Yangong in other Miserable & throughout; Such experiences, contracted with the & other; Throughout history the most painful documentary &; All of the punchline.

next, please welcome this big tying its debut & ndash; & ndash;

Mao Yangong/zhongnan hospital maternity women doctors, Yang, director of his strength, famous female man, obstetric prenatal still 4 surgery, even on a day until the vomiting blood (gastric cardia tear) before the delivery.

in front of the high-energy note that famous female fellow Mao Yangong doctor after she started her labor, always adhere to the natural labor of her pregnancy will have what performance or golden words?

got off, natural birth, pain to deformation, hair doctor to recognize the unintelligent & ndash; & ndash; I want to cesarean delivery! Why don’t you give me the split! Die man!

eat melons down masses & ndash; & ndash; Thought the maternity women doctors have what different operation, the original all the same!

d: MAO & other; I am a now, as long as it didn’t hurt, you let me live a year can be less! Throughout the &;

please welcome show fine colleagues/leadership play & ndash; & ndash;

director: Yang & other; Come on, let do a show. Throughout the &;

& other; Maomao is not strong, said the patient will say: ha ha ha ha & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

n: & other; Take out your regular advised patients natural labor strength. Throughout the &; (indeed as expected this sentence came)

doctor MAO pain to deformation, also don’t forget to make excuses, & other; I this pain, unlike others general pain & hellip; & hellip;

the incubation period of time will not so painful. Throughout the &;

result more ha ha ha: & other; The others have children are so painful ha ha ha ha & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

last: the head nurse strength & other; You go sit too much at ordinary times, too. Why the nurse labor progress fast? Always on the run know not to know. Throughout the &;

Yang director, don’t forget to play chicken blood & other; We commonly obstetric doctors are very strong! Throughout the &;

colleagues/leadership in ha ha tai chi, heart also advised on the doctor MAO for natural labor & other; Make a model & throughout; .

even with partial hair doctor lover’s painting style.

daughter-in-law pain to collapse, the husband a face grinning & hellip; & hellip;

then & ndash; & ndash; All gone!

until hair doctor thoroughly fry hair!

head nurse at once see the painting style not urgent ventilation tidings: & other; The Mao Yangong said you all ignore her, angry already! Throughout the &;

Nearly eighty percent of our country public identity: youth smoking prevention, single packs of cigarettes should be above 20 yuan

for figure/foreign economic and trade university, the world health organization (who) tobacco control and economic policy cooperation center

recently, China’s national tobacco taxes price first for attitude survey, by the world health organization (who) tobacco control foreign economic and trade university center in collaboration with economic policy. The report data in xianshi survey found that nearly eighty percent of respondents (78.87%) will be your lowest price for cigarette is set to 20 yuan/package or higher, in order to effectively prevent teenagers first cigarette.

& other; The price is influence and restrict people an important factor of tobacco consumption. For lack of independent income, economic ability is limited teens, the restriction role especially & throughout; . Foreign economic and trade university professor Zheng Rong said: & other; Through price leverage, young people buy more can not afford to buy cigarettes, tobacco threat, to achieve the health program for China’s 2030 tobacco control target is put forward. Throughout the &;

the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council in October 2016 officially issued by the health plan China’s 2030 explicitly put forward: & other; By 2030, more than 15 years old crowd smoking rates down to 20% throughout the &; . At present, the adult smoking rates as high as 27.7%, more than half of the more than 300 million smokers start smoking before the age of 20. Among China’s teenage smoking was 6.9%, 19.9%. The tobacco epidemic to & other; Health throughout China 2030 &; The realization of the strategic objectives put forward severe challenges.

professor Zheng Rong said: & other; Today’s teenagers should become the builders of the future health China, rather than turned out to be the prey of the tobacco industry and the victim. Throughout the &; Foreign economic and trade university, the world health organization (who) tobacco control and economic policy cooperation center of national 3000 public survey, formed the price raising taxes on cigarettes, getting away from the dangerous report.

in addition to the above cigarette lowest price setting, report data also showed that more than eighty percent (82.17%) of respondents agree that will improve the applied in tobacco prices to increase tobacco taxes, including public health and the health of the people’s livelihood; Nearly sixty percent (56.1%) of respondents agree with raising tobacco taxes help to promote & other; Health throughout China 2030 &; The realization of strategic goals; By more than eighty percent (83.6%) of respondents think that at present our country youth smoking.

& other; In our country have a smoking every 10 junior high school boys. Youth tobacco control action is imminent. Throughout the &; Chinese academy of medical sciences, institute of basic medical Wan Xia deputy researcher said: & other; Teenagers buy cigarettes both & lsquo; Convenient & rsquo; More & lsquo; Cheap & rsquo; , some sales shops and even the cigarette smoke unpacking single sale. May spend 0.15 ~ 0.25 yuan, teenagers can buy their first cigarette, and may be addictive. & other;

the world health organization’s tobacco free initiative technology official Kelvin Khow points out, & other; Higher cigarette prices and help to prevent adolescent smoking cigarette taxes. As a multinational survey, raising taxes on tobacco price is the most effective way to reduce youth tobacco use. In the United States, South Africa, the Philippines, South Korea and Chile and other countries, we see in a sharp increase tobacco taxes, lead to a drop in teenage smoking & throughout; .

the survey also shows that: the special fund is special for tobacco taxes on including public expenditure on health of the people’s livelihood projects, our country residents also showed a high level of support. & other; For adjustment of cigarette tax increases, is one of the few able to obtain public support of the tax price measures, because the tobacco tax is & lsquo; Win-win & rsquo; Characteristics, can not only increase the government’s tax revenues, and can obtain obvious health benefits. Throughout the &; Professor Zheng Rong last call way: & other; With the steady growth of the economy and national income, the relative in more cheap cigarettes, therefore, the tobacco tax price adjustment is particularly urgent for a long time. For raising taxes on tobacco price, set the lowest price, and the youth of today and tomorrow’s China. Throughout the &;


the world health organization (who) tobacco control center to promote public health and economic policy cooperation, improve people’s quality of life for the purpose of health. Through the cooperation with the world health organization (who) to promote research in the field of public health economy in our country, between the world health organization (who) and the relevant state ministries and commissions structures, communication and exchange platform, promote the greater use of economic means and price intervention tobacco consumption and the popularity of chronic and non-communicable diseases, to the public through the media policy advocacy for public knowledge popularization, economic policy and its effect to the world health organization (who), provide the related ministries and commissions of the state taxes on tobacco and health economic policy support and policy advice.

Women were mosquitoes infected with malaria in Africa Think a cold didn’t care about death in dubai

ningbo women employees suffering from cerebral malaria in dubai figure according to rescue & other; The voice of the consular & throughout;

these two days, a Chinese lady in dubai with cerebral malaria, in a critical condition is urgently in need of rescue news caused wide public concern.

it is known that malaria is hunan girl li (not his real name), now in ningbo, a food company employees, was working in Africa. Before go to dubai to attend a food, Li Naceng local by mosquitoes infected with malaria in Africa.

yesterday, the reporter understands by hangzhou city center for disease control and prevention, Beijing time around 6 PM on February 27th, although in the Chinese consulate general in dubai, with the help of local hospital to rescue, but li or died.

the correspondent YanMin TaoYuMin 27 journalists ma jiali He Yan

on February 17th, li arrived at dubai exhibition, already feel discomfort, headache, fever, thought is suffering from a cold and didn’t care.

prior to that, li na was working in Africa, but she doesn’t know is that to dubai before food show, her local were mosquito bites are infected with malaria in Africa.

6 days later, she became seriously ill, and in a coma, was rushed to hospital in dubai. After diagnosis, the disease has developed into serious cerebral malaria, although local first-class medical care, but the lack of artemisinin and other special effects of antimalarial drugs. Hangzhou CDC know the news, immediately to actively participate in emergency assistance, for the first time providing artemisinin injection, but li due to critical condition, still in the died 10 days later.

reporter learned from hangzhou city CDC experts, malaria is by anopheles bites or input with the blood of the parasite and insect-borne infectious diseases caused by infected with the parasite. Infection with human malaria parasite plasmodium falciparum malaria, vivax and p. ovale and 3 4 kinds.

& other; P. falciparum infection can rapidly develop life-threatening cerebral malaria, if not treated case fatality rate is very high. Throughout the &; Expert introduction, according to the world health organization estimates that about 207 million malaria cases, global malaria deaths, 627000, the majority of people in Africa, southeast Asia and South America, about 80% of all malaria cases are in Africa.

the reporter understands from ningbo center for disease control and prevention, ningbo in 2016 up to the malaria elimination standard, found the last case local malaria cases in 2009, after the discovery were imported cases. Due to go to Africa, southeast Asia such as malaria area infection or foreign nationals in ningbo, ningbo detection on the number of malaria cases each year about more than 10 cases.

low news more

go abroad how malaria control, the CDC experts recommend

in recent years, more and more foreign travel, business or migrant workers, go abroad, especially to Africa, southeast Asia and South America, the citizens should be how to prevent malaria? Hangzhou city CDC experts to give everybody a recruit.

1. Before going abroad, to understand the endemic situation of the target country or region; Can seek advice to local CDC understand about malaria prevention, common symptoms such as knowledge, increase awareness of malaria.

2. During the period of abroad, particularly in Africa and other countries, to avoid mosquito bites, habitat in the use of mosquito nets, screen door, screen window can apply insect repellent when going out, etc.; If you have symptoms such as chills, fever, sweating, please promptly to the hospital and the entire standard treatment.

3. After returning, if symptoms of fever, please promptly to the hospital at or above the county level, and told the doctor have go abroad can become had malaria, timely medical treatment, medicine specification, effectively reduce malaria deaths occur.

Long-distance medical real-time settlement has paid more than 2.8 billion

people club department according to the news published recently, the national long-distance medical billing system running smoothly, in the year to January, the cumulative settlement of more than 180000 person-time, fund pays 2.854 billion yuan. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

it is reported that our country has built completely unicom department, provincial, city and county level 4 countries different ground settlement system, the key to solve different long-term different living and retired personnel, long-term foreign workers, and if it meets the requirements of different treatment referral personnel costs of different ground be in hospital of four types of groups such as direct settlement problem, has been a basic implementation in all provinces, all as a whole the area, a complete coverage of major medical institutions, the main data transmission second level, social security card as the only clearing realize general across the province, carrier and networking settlement technical standards and business practices to achieve national unity.

all provincial platform, all across the country as a whole the area have been implement docking with the national long-distance medical billing systems, on the basis of the national fixed-point medical institutions across the province already had 8499, more than 90% of the three-level medical establishment that decide a dot net, has been attached more than 80% of the districts and counties at least one of the medical establishment that decide a dot can provide inter-provincial long-distance medical hospitalization medical expenses directly settlement services, including the Beijing currently has 677 medical establishment that decide a dot opening long-distance medical real-time settlement.

there are inter-provincial long-distance medical treatment demand of ginseng to keep staff, press coverage to related provisions of inter-provincial long-distance medical treatment after register put on record, can choose from the list of people club department released by the medical establishment that decide a dot, achieve inter-provincial long-distance medical hospitalization medical expenses directly and settlement. Before opening long-distance medical direct settlement services across the province have been put on record of ginseng to keep staff, please voluntarily to orgnaization of agency of ginseng to update the relevant registration information. (reporter li li)

Health care in macro-reforms recommend catalog release: clear 130 diseases should spend how many money


people club department pointed out that the catalog of medicare payments diseases for all press macro-reforms recommended directory, main disease to choose for around. Vision China data

people club department has announced by macro-reforms diseases recommended directory of medical treatment insurance, 130 kinds of diseases were included in the directory. According to the requirement, each district should determine press disease to pay no less than 100 diseases. People club department stressed that control unreasonable medical expenses growth, to ensure that the masses personal expense burden is not increased.

according to the so-called macro-reforms, is refers to by unified diagnostic classification, scientifically formulate each kind of disease of quota payment standard, social security institutions in accordance with the standards and in hospital, pay cost of hospitalization to the medical establishment that decide a dot, makes the standardization of medical resource utilization and the resource consumption of medical institutions and the number of inpatient treatment, disease intensity is proportional to the complexity and services. Is defined, in short, how much is a kind of disease, thus avoiding the abuse of medical units medical service project, repetition and decomposition projects, to prevent hospital ailment rectification, and ensure the quality of medical services.

people club department released the list of recommended a total of 130 diseases, including acute myocardial infarction (mi), cataract, tuberculosis, herpes zoster, esophageal malignant tumor, etc. The vast majority are for the surgical treatment, and only a minority of non-surgical treatment, such as children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the treatment to alleviate chemotherapy induced (initial); There are several kinds of treatment is the traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

people club department requirements, should choose therapeutic regimen and ChuRuYuan standard more clearly, diagnosis and treatment technology is mature, stable clinical pathway, comprehensive service cost difference by macro-reforms not big disease. According to the international classification of diseases coding system, operation and operation, to determine the specific diseases, mainly in hospital surgical diseases and some simple treatment program, ambulatory surgery and will be eligible outpatient service of traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment included in the scope of medical insurance fund macro-reforms. When determining pay diseases, expert reasoning mechanism, organizing experts to the name of the disease, the main treatment to carry out demonstration, to ensure effective clinical use of specification, standard, formulate scientific and reasonable.

people club department pointed out that the catalog of medicare payments diseases for all press macro-reforms recommended directory, main disease to choose for around. Around can be based on this, according to the management level of the health care and medical technology development actual situation such as reasonable pay diseases of medical insurance, but no less than 100 diseases should be determined to carry out the press disease to pay.

according to the regulation, all determined by macro-reforms payment standard, should give full consideration to the medical service cost and actual cost, insurance funds to bear ability and ginseng protect personnel to burden level and other factors, combined with the operation and the main diseases treatment way, through consultations and negotiations with medical institutions are established. To strengthen the medical cost management by macro-reforms, monitoring and analysis of individual responsibility, avoid costs, increase the individual responsibility. & have spent

(the original titled “health published in macro-reforms recommend catalog”)