Cheng: “dumbbell model” to “cure not ill”


xinhuanet Beijing on March 3 (Liu Pintong) 3, the National People’s Congress, the Chinese academy of engineering, the bo biological group President cheng at xinhua’s 2018 national annual special interview, communicate with friends online. When it comes to slow the disease prevention and control, cheng said should speed up the national popular science education, to the national power to win the slow disease control and prevention of war.

the following main content for the interview:

xinhua: we know that your proposed cure not ill & other; The dumbbell model & throughout; , can you introduce specific?

cheng: universal health & other; The dumbbell model & throughout; The dumbbell a head is an ordinary community mass major slow disease prevention and screening, the other side of the dumbbell is aimed at higher population health management requirements.

first of all, the existing treatment method is waiting for him in the past, such as diabetes, symptoms is not as obvious as a cold have a fever, many patients do not know is sick, until finally fundus diseases, diabetic foot, and so on and so forth, and came to the hospital too late. In this case, we want to change the passive to active. Because we are waiting for the patient to come and get crowd incidence data and we take the initiative to go out to cooperate with the government, the community screening to get the data, between the two is not the same. For ordinary people, sick sick is a just need, & other; Cure not ill & throughout; This kind of idea and consciousness has not yet fully formed in their minds. We should speed up the national popular science education, which needs government, medical institutions, media and other parties to the joint efforts of the, to the national power to win the slow the disease prevention and control of the war.

second, & other; The dumbbell model & throughout; The other end of the service in persons who have higher health management requirements. We have launched the personalized health management service store brand & ndash; & ndash; Kind of oratory. In & other; Cure not ill & other; Concept as the core, the integration of a variety of high-end health management resources, for the people genes, physical, emotional, mental, life style, living environment, etc., built & other; The cure not ill & throughout; And so on six big core services section, through the way of online and offline both provide personalized health management services to people in all aspects.

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