Cheng: high-tech let health care no longer rely on professional personnel


xinhuanet Beijing on March 3 (Liu Pintong) 3, the National People’s Congress, the Chinese academy of engineering, the bo biological group President cheng at xinhua’s 2018 national annual special interview, communicate with friends online. As a pathfinder in the field of biological chip, cheng said, for people engaged in biomedical engineering, always thinking about how to make health care less as far as possible depends on the professional personnel, this is inseparable from the intelligent instrument.

the following main content for the interview:

xinhua: you are a pathfinder in the field of biological chip, could you tell people what is science about the biochip?

cheng: simply put, biochip is a tiny devices, biological sample can enter the device. Adopt tip a little blood, for example, the above has an import port, a suction and went inside. All reactions in the machine automatically, given the results automatically. Such a tiny device, it is to use chip processing technology. But its object is the analysis of the object of life, is not only geared to the needs of people, can also do animals, plants can also do, also can do microbes, analyzes all kinds of indexes, it is possible that small molecules, it is possible that genes, it is possible that the protein, it is possible that the cells, we collectively known biological samples. To analyze the biological sample of micro devices, we call it biochip.

xinhua: you say so many medical innovation, how to common people sharing?

cheng: China’s large population, by a large number of medical staff to the community family, one who controls to the health of people is very difficult, at least a half will not solve. For we are engaged in biomedical engineering, we are always in want to how can make health care less as far as possible to rely on professional personnel.

we have recently developed a series of products are very focus on intelligent, as the operation of biochip. Microfluidic chip biochemical analysis system, for example, the operation of the instrument is very simple, it don’t need you to have professional training, don’t need you to be trained to study medicine, it is equivalent to household electrical appliances. When it reduces the dependence on medical personnel, medical personnel to do is when the data automatically pushed to the computer, look at the data, which is normal, which is not normal, an instruction feedback back again. Doctors are not available on site, also can undertake telemedicine. Because the demand for professional medical personnel is reduced, it can be quantity bedding face is wide spread quickly. These things at home, in the community, everywhere, even in the supermarket, we can always on health care, really want to illness is not easy.

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