Cheng: prevent aging With a good means of Chinese and western medicine


xinhuanet Beijing on March 3 (Liu Pintong) 3, the National People’s Congress, the Chinese academy of engineering, the bo biological group President cheng at xinhua’s 2018 national annual special interview, communicate with friends online. Cheng said, prevent aging, to equally use various means of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine well.

the following main content for the interview:

xinhua: you for & other; Health throughout China &; And the implementation of the healthy aging advance what kind of advice do you have?

cheng: & other; Health throughout China &; Is a big topic, involves the whole person, the whole thing. From conception to grow until the child is born, the child that to enter the prime of life, old age, to leave this world, we need to ask all the whole health. The ideal realm that a child is born without any defects, when the old man dropped out of this world.

geriatrics is specifically to 50 years old or above 55 years old, the incidence of various diseases in this age become more high frequency. For such a situation, the central very clear guidelines have been proposed, in order to prevention, community oriented, is equally for various means of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine with good, rather than one. Our country’s traditional Chinese medicine has a lot of uniqueness, especially for sub-health nursing, western medicine.

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