Chengdu, a 89 – year – old empty nester when nude model: don’t think a shame it is art

at the lyric books in wang shu, he likes singing, singing level is not high. This pictures are from surging news intern dina, & middot; In Tanzania figure

chengdu 89 – year – old empty nester when nude model, & other; Don’t think that is a shame, this is art & throughout;

& other; I like this kind of state, let me not to think about the past, also don’t want in the future, can reduce my pain. Throughout the &;

89 – year – old old people who live alone in the realm of mind do nude model for five years, be called & other; Chengdu oldest nude model & throughout; , in the face of intense opposition from the children, he insisted to do nude model is his spiritual, will walk so far.

before becoming bare die, do all his life in the realm of mind the tailor, after by low and struggle financially. In May 2012, a pure chance, try to do nude model in wang shu, after media reports, a minor celebrity, starred in a micro movie actor. Become & other; Celebrity & throughout; Later, someone teach him for the length of service, at present there are 3600 yuan per month pension, part-time model also have income, his own costs about 1000 yuan a month, will also support the economic big daughter and granddaughter of the university of reading.

in the realm of mind to surging news (, says he is not short of money now, but will insist to do nude model, until their walk, & other; I don’t think the modelling is a shameful thing, this is art & throughout; , & other; At least let me feel in need throughout the &; . DetailPic

students gave wang shu in the work, he loves, said draw much like yourself.

bare die

in the 89 – year – old wang shu is the sichuan suining people, perennial life in chengdu, in October last year moved into located in chengdu, jinjiang OuDeGong rent. February 1, and in the realm of mind, when we meet he already waiting at the gate of the village.

on the same day, wang shu, dressed in black, wearing a cap, a head silver hair stands out. Together, waiting for the elevator when wang shu eyes narrowed into a crack, above two front teeth, said the elevator can to more than 40 seconds, & other; Ba shi4 very & throughout; .

39.1 square meters of the house, one hall, a cabinet, a TV, a monthly rent, property management fee of 418 yuan, wang shu one to live, he is very satisfied, said many times & other; Ba shi4 very & throughout; .

the mouth in the realm of mind, to do nude model of the reason is simple: to make money and spend their time.

, according to wang shu in May 2012, hang out at near their home in sichuan normal university, walking past the studio, a bit like a middle-aged teacher walked out of the studio, with wang shu, & other; The big ye, you are at? Throughout the &; In the realm of mind a little bit nervous, think that the other party want to catch him go, he said he like human art, convenient for q: & other; Do you want to do model? Throughout the &;

the middle age is not a teacher, but a mannequin intermediary company boss. Home after a night, in weak and finds the middle-aged, wang shu entered a nude model.

& other; Take off your clothes for the first time, I am not shy, I seen it before. Throughout the &; Wang shu said that from the human body posture to give props, lecture teacher will asked his opinion, most of the time so long as the light right, & other; Teachers say casually, cannot hold can move, but I can insist, will remain motionless & throughout; .

cold in winter, the school will be ready for air conditioning, stove, electric blanket, etc., in the realm of mind take off clothes don’t feel cold. A student had to sketch in wang shu said that although the winter indoor heating equipment, but the large area of bare body, will still be cold, she admired wang shu’s physical quality.

& other; They (the students) all kua I good muscles. Throughout the &; Wang shu said with a smile.

when a week 2 & ndash; Periods of 3 times, once a week, five years in the realm of mind have searched nearly 20 universities in sichuan, he said he was the concept of time is very strong, never be late.

8 lessons a day, lasts from 9 am to 5 PM, a break at noon lunch break, wang shu, modelling is easy, don’t waste energy, the original dress him 70 yuan a day, don’t wear clothes, 100 yuan, respectively last year rose by 10 yuan, & other; Low for a living in the past, to do model with the extra income, greatly improve the life & throughout; .

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