Chengdu for the school to take the wrong medicine students find and confirm the body intact for 15 minutes

At 10 am 03

15 points, chengdu institute of industry received a pharmacy school for help: a silver glasses, dressed in orange ski-wear, students in the checkout mistakenly took others cephalosporin drugs, because its tell staff allergic to penicillin, such as taking could have serious consequences.


then, up and down a whole school teachers and students full big looking for SOS was launched. The school in the school each platform and all the counselor group will be released this message out, at the same time, through the SMS platform to all students a mass text messages, hoping to find the students take the wrong medicine.

in the end, 26 seconds time after 15 minutes, the students find success.

& other; After we received the news of the pharmacy reaction, 10 16 09 seconds, when the party committee propaganda department quickly get in touch with the school, student affairs office, hope that through the counselor will be released information to each class in the school, screening. Throughout the &; To introduce the relevant person in charge of the propaganda department of school.


published news content is: & other; Urgent notice 】 【 21 points at 9 this morning, our school has a student at the school gate of bear big pharmacy to buy medicine, the student is allergic to penicillin, he mistakenly took others cephalosporins, possible allergic to cephalosporins, please contact with this life, don’t take drugs, immediately to the pharmacy. The student dressed in orange ski-wear, silver glasses, boys. Throughout the &;

then, the school was to news of the propaganda department of the school’s financial work group, propaganda group, work-study group, staff service group, and other work group, the teachers are forwarded.


at the same time, the network management center and then to the school each student issued an urgent notice message.


and all-round cooperation in all the teachers and students to publish the information from 16 09 10 seconds, after 15 minutes and 26 seconds, in 10 points in 31 minutes and 35 seconds finally found this classmate, has determined the student body all right!

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