Chifeng by subordinates, director of the remedy to the case after suicide: a hospital dean testimony said two people not big contradiction

after nearly two years of time, the Inner Mongolia chifeng city, deputy director of the second hospital radiology Tian Jiwei continued to zhang, director of the water glass on the careful modulation of drugs.

was drugged and in time, zhang experienced unimaginable suffering: she found herself face turned red, leg thinner, walking boring, hair drop light, she in her work of hospital and medical university affiliated hospital of Inner Mongolia, the Chinese people’s liberation army general hospital, Peking union medical college hospital, more than 10 visits, hospital, was diagnosed with lumbar bone hyperplasia, lumbar vertebral compression fractures, 1 lumbar degeneration, ischemic necrosis of femoral head, eye cataracts, diabetic, Cushing’s syndrome with, right ovarian cyst, hysteromyoma, 20 multiple symptoms.

to the glass until zhang found Tian Jiwei remedy to the case, and mobile phone tripp remedy to the case process, the case to the truth. In the morning was taken away by the police, Tian Jiwei is still in the remedy to the case, the police found 4 bottles of modulation. Two months later, the victim zhang due to unbearable illness of body and mind, take medicine to suicide.

network has released the written judgment court second trial of criminal verdict in Inner Mongolia, reveal the influence of such a doctor to the supervisor of the story. Why Tian Jiwei for his own boss down this poisonous? What happened between two people?

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contradictions in public office, the relationship between family thought two good

comb surging news orders found that Tian Jiwei dissatisfaction with zhang in the office is open.

for motive, Tian Jiwei confession, said zhang always scold radiology department in a meeting in radiology department at ordinary times, the works of zhang, two people get along very unpleasant. Afterwards listen to zhang said his high blood sugar, allergic to hormones, they want to steal to zhang down some medicine and sugar, for a drink after aggravating illness, unable to go to work, see zhang in the unit.

chifeng city second hospital radiology department, according to the testimony of a doctor in July 2014, its work to the radiology department, the feeling in the wei zhang hotan relationship is not very good, can see Tian Jiwei discontent about zhang.

according to the victim zhang’s statement: she thinks there is no contradiction between she and Tian Jiwei, field to the poison is to let the sick, can’t go to work. But zhang statement mentioned: Tian Jiwei care much about their positions, also very care about others to their own name, sometimes in her absence, Tian Jiwei will be opened to the radiology department, director of the information.

however, the two men did not take this contradiction to their families.

Tian Jiwei wife jiang a testimony, said she knew zhang, think Tian Jiwei and zhang have a good relationship, because Tian Jiwei said no quarrel with zhang or something unpleasant happen.

zhang husband’s testimony, said zhang said radiology department, deputy director of the one called Tian Jiwei, hotan after wei said that there is nothing contradictory. Zhang previously healthy body, never suffered from any serious illness. Beginning in March and April 2014, zhang face began to get fat, mouth ulcers, insomnia, to the Chinese people’s liberation army general hospital, a hospital many times.

the court also decided that, since the beginning of march and April in 2014, Tian Jiwei repeatedly with a homemade mixing liquid, by zhang unprepared into a drinking cup or in a thermos.

the hospital organization mediation, & other; Nothing is too large contradiction & throughout;

in zhang frequent visits and hospitalization period, in the autumn of 2015, the contradiction between the two.

two chifeng city second hospital radiology technician’s testimony, said they had to work in radiology, zhang’s health, no disease, around 2014, zhang health becomes bad, facial redness, body fat, the fat is not caused by normal diet fat, should be the result of drug. & other; In the autumn of 2015, listen to the department said that zhang mou, Tian Jiwei quarreled, vacation Tian Jiwei after the quarrel, the reason why quarrel is not clear. Throughout the &;

the orders of the court, according to chifeng city second hospital, according to the testimony of the witness zhao mou & other; In the summer of 2015, I heard Tian Jiwei didn’t go to work after the holiday, in charge of the radiology department said Tian Jiwei and zhang, vice President of the contradiction. By the hospital, the survey found nothing too big contradiction between Tian Jiwei and zhang, is working on some small things, small friction, then the hospital respectively to find two people talk, has carried on the internal mediation, two of them are still in the early conference table the state department. Throughout the &;

according to multiple medical site registration data shows, chifeng city, the second hospital, founded in 1955, is a collection of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care in one of the tertiary general hospital. Hospital radiology department a total of more than ten employees, has advanced medical equipment, including the DR X-ray machine, gastrointestinal machine, perspective and mobile X-ray machine.

Tian Jiwei were arrested after the police found 4 bottles of home-made drug

Tian Jiwei in multiple medical registration according to the site, Tian Jiwei clinical medical specialty in 1995 graduated from the medical college of Inner Mongolia, in 2001, studying in baotou medical college of clinical medicine is good at through to reach a definitive diagnosis and aided diagnosis radiology equipment.

Tian Jiwei themselves suffering from disease. Testimony of his wife, according to field with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism and suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, after curing would inject insulin at ordinary times, & other; Normally carry sugar, chocolate and other habits for the treatment of disease of the drug itself. Throughout the &;

according to Tian Jiwei confessions, he used the liquid water bottles and bottles, involves the two drugs and sugar, he will be equipped with good mixing the Sprite bottles and bottles of liquid in the radiology department registration room own metal cabinet. Every time he first to carry the blue small bottle was mostly after the bottle of water with a mixture of liquid that has made full of small bottle.

according to Tian Jiwei metasomatism, he used an injection is relatively easy to get, he traded syringe, a syringe can be in a box, and another drug, is finished with the rest of the before yourself.

orders, according to the X-ray room, Tian Jiwei didn’t separate office, room reading at ordinary times in the radiology department office. Radiology department at 8 every day early meeting, he is usually not finish early after the meeting, by zhang also in the reading room, to zhang’s office, the fill pour liquid water in the cup.

until Tian Jiwei are caught, the police also from them, and he was in the office within the metal cabinet use ferret out 4 bottles of liquid preparation. Forensic identification, according to the above four bottles & other; Fresh water embellish emulsion & throughout; , & other Sprite & throughout; , & other PCR & throughout; , & other Wahaha & throughout; Detection of container, all Tian Jiwei by pathogenic drugs, and found the other two glass bottles and solid white squares, check out the sugars.

for Tian Jiwei aiming to zhang, long-term remedy to the case of the behavior, the Inner Mongolia court second trial thought constitute intentional homicide, and & other; Means bad, bad circumstances, serious consequences, shall be punished in accordance with the law & throughout; .

it all, in the victim zhang many times secretly photographed after the open mobile video mode, until the morning of March 19, 2016, police rushed to the remedy to the case of Tian Jiwei capture again.

zhang before, according to the statement after she suspected that he had been drugged, as to prevent the spread of news, she told her husband wang mou only.

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